Richie Eisler & Dustin Werbeski Skitchin’ Marrakesh

December 2012 Repost.

Richie Eisler & Dustin Werbeski Skitchin' Marrakesh

Previously: Beijing Sessions (China) by Richie Eisler.

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  • Anonymous

    Do these globetrotters come from money or something?

  • Tom Cheung

    ^^^I believe so but either way, that was tiiiggght! Camera work was solid and I liked the colour correction. Skitching is way fun, also.

  • Diaz

    Great vibe as always for an Eisler-Werbeski collaboration, but still specially entertaining to watch !

  • Anonymous

    so out of this world ahahahahha nice!

  • bballog

    a proper use of of powerblading frames, going fast as fuck on brick streets.

  • flowskate

    bballdog…love how you are the one that defines ‘how a freeskate frame’ should be used.


  • Cody Sagona

    Nice travel guide! Interesting to watch but I think I won’t go to Marrakesh! So backwards! Donkeys?

  • Dbeer

    So sick, can’t wait to blade over there some day. Great coverage guys, keep it up!

  • Anonymous

    His is like the best vacation video ever!
    do thiy in every town you travel too (cause you guys travel a lot) and you gonna have some.serious cool shit to show around as a grandfather, despite throwing down hammers;)

  • Joe

    Wow, Dustin and Richie just might be the best combo in blading! Two of the most inspiring people. Edit was perfect. More.

  • .blood

    i wish i could live richie eisler’s life

  • douche patrol

    wow best thing i ever saw they were skating fast through the streets i mean wow and the donkeys wow perfect camerawork wow wow wow
    nothing special in my opinion

  • Swagblader

    They were hauling ass

  • MikeB

    nice edit, is great to watch


  • Dis Dick

    Included in every Eisler edit is the quintessential skate vibe.

  • dwerb

    Clutchy Hopkins & Shawn Lee-Indian Burn

    ps. passion, not money.

  • k2thiago

    This edit makes me remember Jet Set Radio…hahaha
    Nice city trip!

  • smoker

    ITS ENOUGH NOW, STOP BRINGING UP OLD EDITS – its like yesterdays news. nobody cares

  • rasdoerty

    i was about to say exactly the same like smoker …..

    but fuck it richie and dustin are great

    alwasy nice to see edits from them

    so fuck it and watch it again everybody !

  • parooooooo

    Great edit- Feels like the SEBA India edit on a budget though!!

  • BallsDeep

    It’s so cool skate through the developing world. Really insightful and interesting, it was nice.

  • Anonymous

    dwerb Says:
    December 21st, 2012 at 9:55 pm
    Clutchy Hopkins & Shawn Lee-Indian Burn

    ps. passion, not money.


    Too bad most are only passionate about money.

  • Anonymous

    piece of shit
    shit shit shit shit shit shit shit
    where are performances

  • Anonymous

    i think I’m wrong. but richies skates looked like the seba cj’s i don’t know shit about usd so I’m sure they are just USD’s anyways sick edit. id do him

  • Peter Bexley

    Bloody hipppies

  • SA Blade

    Powerblades with some swiss bearings. Your fucking missing out if you don’t have a set.

  • Mr.LovaLova….

    whata nice couple!!