Rene Hulgreen, the Viking

Rene Hulgreen

My name is Rene’ Hulgreen, I was born in Glostrup Denmark on the 21 of Marts 1970, my mother Lilian Hagen Hansen was a nurse and my father Knud Erik Hulgreen was working on Carlsberg, I grew up in the beach town of Greve 20 km. South of Copenhagen.

As far as I can remember I have always had Roller skates, The first pair I can remember was strap on metal skates with plastic wheels, which I had when I was very little, when I was between 7 and 10 years old I had two pairs of skates, first some yellow skates with blue stripes and yellow rubber wheels, which was a lot better then my first pair of skates. The second pair was not much different, just blue with silver stripes and blue rubber wheels. Mostly I just went down small slopes or played catch with the other kids near my home, but I learned how to skate already back then.

I also jumped trampoline in the local club and became Danish champion for team at the age of 12, but knee problems forced me to stop or I would have ended up in a wheelchair. The doctor said I could only ride bikes or swim if I wanted to do any sport, and the town of Greve had the biggest Swimming bath in Denmark, so I ended up swimming, but only for a short time. Lying there in the water I saw all the platform divers having fun and that’s how I ended up becoming a platform diver, witch didn’t really help my knee problem. […]

Check the official website of Rene Hulgreen, featuring a lot of oldschool photos of Rene and others skaters.

Rene Hulgreen was sponsored by : Roces, Cozmo wheels, Heckler Brew, 50/50, Sløjfen, Copenhagen skates, Submachine, Transpack, Timezone Clothing, LTM bearings, Red Bull, Cross over, Eastpak and Roland Göschl.

Rene Hulgreen

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  • Money212

    I remeber first (and last) time i heard of Rene, it was Hoax 3 and he was so sick in it, going to all these euro skate parks that id never seen or heard of before.

  • Victor Karlsson

    He was sponserd By Carlsberg.!!! that´s sick..!!=) hehehehe

  • mushroom

    learn how to read…he is sponsored by heckler brew….his father worked for carlsberg…

  • bino

    ughhhh rene hulgreen…..I was at that NISS finals in HB….ahhhh the memories

  • Victor Karlsson

    mushroom: fuck off.. i meet. him.. he was sponserd by Carlsberg.! ;-)

  • mike/ rando

    good one… argument after 5 posts.

  • oldman

    He is the man!!! I skated Vert with him back in 1996 and 1997 when he was often in a skatepark in munich! He is a very kind and nice person. He was sponsored by Carlsberg of corse, he had some beer sent to every contest he competed!
    Last what I heard off him was that he married a nurse who was takeing care of him in hospital. He had some serious health problems. I am not sure what it was!

    He was the sickest vert skater back then and you all know the so called Viking Flip it’s called after renes nickname The Viking and he had some other crazy tricks too.

    Go and watch Hoax 2!!!

  • Angelo Ferrer


  • http://mm mandre

    respect ofr this man

  • nice

    Really nice story.
    I wonder how he got that cut to his belly in normal life.
    Good he made it trough though!

  • ron

    Rene and Tom Fry were my first favoride skaters. Growing up in germany they were in all of the european skate mags. Rene was sick back in the day on the half. He did the crazyest spins and flips. Like when the misty flip came out back when he was one of the first people to do it all of the time. everyone was like WTF is that. He definately helped push the sport. He is one of aggressive skateings godfathers! Him, tom fry, Angie Walton, Arlo, the dude that skated for rollerblade (retired in like 97) forgot his name. All of those guys did so much. Jon Julio wasnt far behind them. When I started skating in 95 Jon Julio was on the cover of DBmag. The first aggressive skate didnt come out until like 92. In 95 CDS Detroit made soul grinds possible with their 90 degree angles that we had to screw onto our Majestic 12s or Fatties so we have more than 5mm of room on our soul. It is crazy now how much the sport progressed. Rene’ is definately one of the people who helped make everything possible

  • J Love

    Cool, this man was in the VG3 I watched last night :)

  • Ichigo

    this man was a god for me when i used to skate…

    Bercy… never forget that run when he won…

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