Remz OS4 Nick Wood Edition

remz nick wood

For this latest version of its OS4 Color Series Remz inspired charismatic Pro Nick Wood [aka The Woodster] to come up with his own thing!

Renown for his positive and facetious outlook on skating the unique Woodster chose silver, or more precisely “keg silver”, because for Nick it’s always time to have a good time and enjoy skating for what it is: fun!

The OS4 Nick Wood Edition skate has all the proven features of the OS4 including Remz’s Open Shell liner providing great support & comfort, a fast lacing system, the original Remz V-cuff for optimum maneuverability and shoe-feel, reinforced straps, and a minimalist design making it one of the slimmest and lightest skate in the industry today.

remz nick wood

Features: Remz Open Shell Concept, New Remz OS liner, Silver “Party Time” parts, Remz original V-Cuff, Reinforced straps, Replaceable one-piece Soul frame, Replaceable backslide plate, 56mm-90A Remz high performance Wheels, 42mm Anti-rocker wheels, ABEC 3 bearings.

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72 Responses to “Remz OS4 Nick Wood Edition”

  1. ian belfast Says:

    bout time he got a pro model nick wood is my hero

  2. Jinks Says:

    Wow if you ever had to promote your skate you would think that it would be your best section/profile/edit or at least a little bit great.

    But ofcourse not this is rollerblading where this guy takes 10 years to get his pro skate and by the time he gets one he has fallen off skating.

    Dave Lang deserves a skate! or at least skates like he does.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Yea that dude lang is doing 1080’s on the mega ramp and busting gaps and hammers and this dude is jumping 6 stairs on a 180.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    I guess it took 10 years for his name to become “markatable” Rollerblading and capitalism don’t mix; you smarties should know that.

  5. glack Says:

    sik woods pro skate is long overdue.

  6. Ster Iotyp Says:

    ! !


    THE COOLEST THING EVER! (…fuck 1080’s my twelve year old

    sister can 1080 your balls- so what!)

    ! !

  7. roll056 Says:

    don’t juge a man on one little fucking promo edits!! he deserve it!

  8. sam street Says:

    this guy never fails to amuse me!! great work woodster and congrats

  9. wow Says:

    @ Jinks, the dude has done more with and for rollerblading than you will accomplish in your lifetime- shut your fucking mouth

  10. krusty Says:

    nick wood kicks ass, you guys are all schmucks. it was just a dick around edit he probly threw together last minute

  11. PiRi Says:

    that edit was pathetic. I know the concept was aiming at comic/fun but the tricks were sooo lame. I know a lot of you guys like him for his character, but thats textbook-bad marketing.

  12. mr. trick vocabulary Says:

    being in the right place at the right time…. seems to be how u get superstar skaters…. must live in california; been that way for ever…. this kid is week, em japan skaters r more worth watching

  13. Jason Says:

    I’d expect nothing less from the woodster… it had me laughing real hard as always. I am a little disappointed that he did not use any guns in this promo edit though.

  14. Scott Wilcoxson Says:

    That was sick Nick! I love all the keg stunt stuff and the team america song!
    Nick was doing disaster tru mizous on burl rails before you people were even skating! Wood has payed his dues and now, it beer30! By the way, if you dont put your real name when you post, are you even for real, are you ashamed of who you are?

  15. hector rodriguez Says:

    woodster has his Fester section coming out he don’t got time to make an amazing edit or section every 3 months. This is just a COMMERCIAL probably done in one day. Watch his next section and your an Idiot if you hate because of one edit. Look at his body of work spanning ten years to about a month ago when he killed it in Florida.

  16. aa Says:

    +1 for hector rodriguez.
    For sure Nick have tons of amazing profile.
    Life + , Trash 2, Filth …
    Today tons of funny clip with unique and stylish trick.
    Like his cess slide on grass (One video)

  17. goooooooo Says:

    YEEEEES!! it’s fun and it’s what it’s all about NICK!!!!

  18. goooooooo Says:

    and a Wood cuff matching a keg of beer AHAHAHAHAAH!! nice remz!!!

  19. Anonymous Says:

    sure it’s about time he gets a pro skate.

    but really what have he done the past 10 years?
    not that much like other pros that have pro skates.

    and remz seems to make wierd desitions about who they make pro.
    Juul, aint a real pro material, obrian, havent seen anythin from hom since os 3 promo, and now Wood, he aint that good to be a pro whit a pro skate.

    sorry for being such a dick

  20. loser Says:

    “teach them well” hasn’t ben out for ten years. and none of you complainers can lace Wood’s section 5 years later. nick wood is a beast, for years, and is more than deserving of a “pro model. conor obrien is w/o question a top25 skater, in the world. there’s more to skating than how often you pump out edits for groms to jerk off too.

  21. Anonymous Says:

    nick is a bad ass, wish i could say the same about his pro model!!!

  22. Disdick Says:

    Waaa waaa waaa cry somemore about it. This guy defiantly deserves a skate. Don’t hate cause you want a pro skate. But they don’t just hand tight pants emo thirteen year old that only do lil curbs skates. Grow up you whiney babies.

  23. sk Says:


  24. 562 Says:

    Word on the street is that he is part of the bladergang

  25. Bledar Says:

    Song plz ????????????????

  26. lol Says:

    how is this guy even pro much less have his own skate? c’mon man he isn’t even one of the top 100 skaters. nice guy, funny guy, but pro?

  27. very nice Says:

    Fuckin wishnockatankies bros! Reedles and kimikonkanos!!! Sepeltarfaks and Hooleybarkniches! Waazabatackii babe!

  28. Marcelo Says:

    All of that was fucking awesome… first time I watch a rollerblading ad and want to buy a skate that I wouldn’t even ride. haha well done sir

  29. LBC Says:

    Fucking WEAK. BLADER GANG NIGG!!!!

  30. jeff dalnas Says:


  31. aaron turner Says:

    wow half of the people that are hating and taking this edit too seriously??.. funny shit still.

  32. aaaaaaa Says:

    Hahahah poor nick! been on remz for so long and pretty much gets a pro cuff LOL

  33. x Phaggott x Says:

    I’m glad he got a skate, he deserves it. He might not be Haffey or Farmer, but he’s paid his dues, and I know there are a lot more skater out there who deserve a skate, but it is what it is… FUCK YEAH! lol

  34. aggroskater414 Says:

    Are you all talking about the same guy? Nick Wood is a beast on skates and still kills it to this day. They’re his pro model and the promo edit is what he wanted it to be fun and amusing. Damn why are so many bladers haters now a days, lighten the fuck up and stop taking everything so damn seriously. Skating is supposed to be fun and that is what Wood is marketing here.

  35. Anonymous Says:

    Trust me, if this edited pissed you off, then knowing Nick, he’s probably got the exact reaction he wanted out of you.

  36. Anonymous Says:

    Shit was funny. I pretty sure thats all it was meant to be…You butt holes shouldnt take this rollernews faggot site so serious. Congrats to the Woodster.

  37. Goldylocks Says:

    Well maybe
    But if you skate for fun you don’t deserve to be a pro. Don’t get me wrong he kills it, but there are people who have much better skills that should have been rewarded.

    The tricks in the edit are frankly pretty lame and safe.. I mean he could have at least done a 540 or smth..

    Anyway congrats!

  38. Anonymous Says:

    agree with statement above – clearly not a “pro” skater – paying your dues and skating a long time doesn’t mean you should be pro or get a skate. CJ Wellsmore is Remz future. He deserves a skate.
    Nick is a nice guy, the class clown of rollerblading, but shouldn’t have a skate named after him. But congrats.

  39. Anonymous Says:

    how can Remz have a Nick Wood skate and not have a CJ Wellsmore skate?

  40. Captain America Says:

    I see people making edits with 540 everything grinds all day long. But no body does what nick does. He is the woodster 100% original an a breath of fresh air in our dry rollerblading world. This man is a legend.

  41. x Phaggott x Says:

    Captain America Says:
    July 24th, 2011 at 9:45 pm
    I see people making edits with 540 everything grinds all day long. But no body does what nick does. He is the woodster 100% original an a breath of fresh air in our dry rollerblading world. This man is a legend.

    well said..

  42. Anonymous Says:

    speaking of CJ, why no comps or travelling for CJ this year?

  43. luke sheldrick Says:

    this should say pro cuff not pro skate!

  44. scott loper Says:

    you people do realize that cj would most likely get a soft boot pro model instead of an os4 with a different color scheme right? Nick is sick whether you like it or not. Bitch and moan all you want but you can’t take it back, it happened so continue on with life and stop being such pansies.

  45. kaspa Says:

    this guy needs to fucking grow up

    not brought out anything decent in years, fuck off you daft cunt

  46. Ulysses Rivera Says:

    That’s fucken’ awesome. Nick Wood is the fucken’ man! Hahaha!

  47. Anonymous Says:

    agreed, not a pro worthy skater, shouldnt have a skate named after him. reward the best skaters not guys who have “paid their dues” but arent very good. CJ should be insulted. USD kicked CK off cause he sucks and gave Cudot a skate cause hes a great skater.

  48. fartcloud Says:

    CJ isnt doing competition circuit this year because he is having surgery. They are transplanting a neck onto him and it takes a long time

    Everyone saying wood is fresh air but hes been doing same jerk off shit for years now. its not fresh
    Congrats on getting a pro cuff

  49. Man with eyes Says:

    CJ vs Woodster that’s a joke. Nick has been a PRO since CJ was sucking his mamas tit. If you want blading to go anywhere we need wood front and center. Replacing Wood with Cudot that’s a death sentence. Woodster is rollerblading.

  50. Anonymous Says:

    nickwood neeeds to put his jokes aside. and skate 4 reals!

  51. Anonymous Says:

    you’re right, comparing Nick Wood to CJ and Cudot is a joke. Nick couldn’t hold their skates, but he’s much funnier

  52. robert b. Says:

    Connor O’Brien deserves a pro model hands down!

  53. Anonymous Says:

    Remember in the end it’s up to the sponsor to decide on the criteria for sponsoring etc. Pro, in the end, just means getting paid to skate. As for getting a pro skate, personally I think it’s more than just technicality. People are always focusing on technicality – guy’s doing his own thing.

  54. Anonymous Says:

    bring a new boot out for fuck sake!

  55. Rororo Says:

    I wanna see how Nick Wood is destroying those skates

  56. Rooms Says:

    I love the Woodster.

  57. Adam Says:

    one guy wins the world rolling series = no pro skate
    one guy is funny = gets a pro skate
    Welcome to our industry

  58. deubeul Says:

    how to judge someone with a 2 minutes mini edit.
    Welcome to our industry

  59. Anonymous Says:

    the owners of these skate companies have to start thinking internationally instead of favoring their California buddies. on an International basis, Nick isn’t pro level. Remz should be jumping all over CJ’s dick.

  60. danny beer Says:

    go to any contest and tell me nick wood isn’t pro. The guy puts on a show for everyone! he skates around and talks to ANYONE in a positive way. Well deserved skate Nick, keep it up!

  61. Tool pooping Says:

    The pro cuff and the os4 is lame, but the song… It was actually funny. Props.

  62. Derek Thayer Says:

    Doesn’t he skate for GC? If so they could have came with GC frames. But anyway congrats to Nick Wood he funny as fuck!

  63. Adam Says:

    Yeah dude well all he puts out is crap, so im gonna judge him on that crap.. People are so fucking gullible its unbelievable. Whatever this is a hopeless debate, just gonna stick to skating valos

  64. Robert Olson Says:

    That was honestly one of the funniest things I’ve seen in a while. Well played.

  65. Anonymous Says:

    Nick is a nice guy, very funny, great for rollerblading – deserving a pro skate? nah. what a disrespect to CJ. I hope CJ switches to USD and teaches these fucking imbeciles a lesson.

  66. Luke Says:

    Nick Wood is amazing! You guys obviously never watched one of his sections!

  67. Anonymous Says:

    never understood why Nick Wood and Dre Powell are pro. Add Damien Wilson to the list. and CK of course.

  68. dyed red deshis Says:

    He does deserve a pro model skate and it’s funny cause over 5 years ago Kato promised him his skate before he signed Morales to Remz. which Morales came out with his first. I honestly feel that as he deserves one O’brien deserves one far more cause he’s been with kato since day 1 along with Haffey. But Congrats Nick. I’m not a huge fan but I’ve seen your sections and you’re crazy.

  69. Marcus Says:

    Adam Says:
    July 25th, 2011 at 12:18 pm

    one guy wins the world rolling series = no pro skate
    one guy is funny = gets a pro skate
    Welcome to our industry


  70. 8 Says:

    this shouldve happened years ago.

    go watch some older edits of him, nick has character and mad skills.

  71. badazz Says:

    to those who don’t understand.

    being pro is not about doing the biggest hammer, the most tech. trick, the most spins, (add your stereotype of pro here), etc…

    stop being so narrow minded, it’s making other skaters look bad.

  72. Danielson Says:

    Being a marketable ” pro skater” is VERY similar to what it takes to be a star is pop music….. you need some talent, but you also have to be memorable, and have a unique look or personality. There will always be super-skilled guys without a pro sponsorship, but that just means they havn’t made a big enough name for themselves yet. I agree that there are other skaters who are technically more deserving of a pro skate… cough(Cj Wellsmore) cough… But all you guys seriously need to stop hating!!! If you own a major skate company, than you can make these desiscions. And it’s STUPID to judge this skate? skater by this clip alone. it was obviously meant to be funny. So either laugh or don’t, but dont judge how deserving he is based on this promo alone. Dumbasses.