Remz OS4 Nick Wood Edition

remz nick wood

For this latest version of its OS4 Color Series Remz inspired charismatic Pro Nick Wood [aka The Woodster] to come up with his own thing!

Renown for his positive and facetious outlook on skating the unique Woodster chose silver, or more precisely “keg silver”, because for Nick it’s always time to have a good time and enjoy skating for what it is: fun!

The OS4 Nick Wood Edition skate has all the proven features of the OS4 including Remz’s Open Shell liner providing great support & comfort, a fast lacing system, the original Remz V-cuff for optimum maneuverability and shoe-feel, reinforced straps, and a minimalist design making it one of the slimmest and lightest skate in the industry today.

remz nick wood

Features: Remz Open Shell Concept, New Remz OS liner, Silver “Party Time” parts, Remz original V-Cuff, Reinforced straps, Replaceable one-piece Soul frame, Replaceable backslide plate, 56mm-90A Remz high performance Wheels, 42mm Anti-rocker wheels, ABEC 3 bearings.

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  • Anonymous

    you’re right, comparing Nick Wood to CJ and Cudot is a joke. Nick couldn’t hold their skates, but he’s much funnier

  • robert b.

    Connor O’Brien deserves a pro model hands down!

  • Anonymous

    Remember in the end it’s up to the sponsor to decide on the criteria for sponsoring etc. Pro, in the end, just means getting paid to skate. As for getting a pro skate, personally I think it’s more than just technicality. People are always focusing on technicality – guy’s doing his own thing.

  • Anonymous

    bring a new boot out for fuck sake!

  • Rororo

    I wanna see how Nick Wood is destroying those skates

  • Rooms

    I love the Woodster.

  • Adam

    one guy wins the world rolling series = no pro skate
    one guy is funny = gets a pro skate
    Welcome to our industry

  • deubeul

    how to judge someone with a 2 minutes mini edit.
    Welcome to our industry

  • Anonymous

    the owners of these skate companies have to start thinking internationally instead of favoring their California buddies. on an International basis, Nick isn’t pro level. Remz should be jumping all over CJ’s dick.

  • danny beer

    go to any contest and tell me nick wood isn’t pro. The guy puts on a show for everyone! he skates around and talks to ANYONE in a positive way. Well deserved skate Nick, keep it up!

  • Tool pooping

    The pro cuff and the os4 is lame, but the song… It was actually funny. Props.

  • Derek Thayer

    Doesn’t he skate for GC? If so they could have came with GC frames. But anyway congrats to Nick Wood he funny as fuck!

  • Adam

    Yeah dude well all he puts out is crap, so im gonna judge him on that crap.. People are so fucking gullible its unbelievable. Whatever this is a hopeless debate, just gonna stick to skating valos

  • Robert Olson

    That was honestly one of the funniest things I’ve seen in a while. Well played.

  • Anonymous

    Nick is a nice guy, very funny, great for rollerblading – deserving a pro skate? nah. what a disrespect to CJ. I hope CJ switches to USD and teaches these fucking imbeciles a lesson.

  • Luke

    Nick Wood is amazing! You guys obviously never watched one of his sections!

  • Anonymous

    never understood why Nick Wood and Dre Powell are pro. Add Damien Wilson to the list. and CK of course.

  • dyed red deshis

    He does deserve a pro model skate and it’s funny cause over 5 years ago Kato promised him his skate before he signed Morales to Remz. which Morales came out with his first. I honestly feel that as he deserves one O’brien deserves one far more cause he’s been with kato since day 1 along with Haffey. But Congrats Nick. I’m not a huge fan but I’ve seen your sections and you’re crazy.

  • Marcus

    Adam Says:
    July 25th, 2011 at 12:18 pm

    one guy wins the world rolling series = no pro skate
    one guy is funny = gets a pro skate
    Welcome to our industry


  • 8

    this shouldve happened years ago.

    go watch some older edits of him, nick has character and mad skills.

  • badazz

    to those who don’t understand.

    being pro is not about doing the biggest hammer, the most tech. trick, the most spins, (add your stereotype of pro here), etc…

    stop being so narrow minded, it’s making other skaters look bad.

  • Danielson

    Being a marketable ” pro skater” is VERY similar to what it takes to be a star is pop music….. you need some talent, but you also have to be memorable, and have a unique look or personality. There will always be super-skilled guys without a pro sponsorship, but that just means they havn’t made a big enough name for themselves yet. I agree that there are other skaters who are technically more deserving of a pro skate… cough(Cj Wellsmore) cough… But all you guys seriously need to stop hating!!! If you own a major skate company, than you can make these desiscions. And it’s STUPID to judge this skate? skater by this clip alone. it was obviously meant to be funny. So either laugh or don’t, but dont judge how deserving he is based on this promo alone. Dumbasses.