Remz OS4 Franky Morales II

Update: More Photos & Infos.

Remz OS4 Franky Morales II

With this new version of its popular OS4 Color Series, Remz is honoring Franky Morales’s contribution to the brand by giving him a last signature product designed to his own ‘ninja’ color choice: black with purple highlights.

This new “OS4 Franky Morales Edition” features high-end GC FTL2 frames, a Remz OS liner redesigned with new high density foam for support + improved fit and anatomically shaped heel area around the ankle, as well as all the proven OS4 features including the fast lacing system, the original Remz V-cuff for optimum maneuverability and shoe-feel, reinforced straps, and the “Open Shell” minimalist lightweight design making it one of the most sought-after skate in the industry today. Match your style.

Remz OS4 Franky Morales II


- Remz Open Shell Concept
– Enhanced Remz OS liner
– Ground Control FTL 2 frames
– “Ninja” custom colorscheme by Franky Morales
– Remz original V-Cuff
– Reinforced Straps
– Replaceable One-piece Soul frame
– Replaceable Backslide plate
– 57mm-90A M1 Franky Morales wheels
– 42mm Anti-rocker wheels

Remz OS4 Franky Morales II

Quoting Kato (Remz and Franky Morales part ways):

We didn’t anticipate parting ways and there has been a common project in the works for the past few months, a second Franky OS skate, which we both decided to still release soon. […]

Remz OS4 Franky Morales II

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59 Responses to “Remz OS4 Franky Morales II”

  1. dfgdfg Says:

    lol) fuuck yeaaah

  2. dude Says:

    Another OS-skate on the market.. just what we need. Get your shit together Remz.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    =( It’s just black. I expected more. REMZ you disappointed me.

  4. Nazi Says:

    This is suck .. Come on kato .. I thing it’s better u make skate for CJ

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Really? is this just to get rid of old black parts?

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Kato sucks Haffey dick every 6 months to release a new Haffey promod

  7. Anonymous Says:

    stop hating motherfuckers Kato sucks out your money any how…so suck it and shut the F up , and have a nice day…and yes this is just to get rid of the old parts

  8. well Says:

    @Nazi, Cj isn’t on Remz anymore thus making it quite difficult for him to get a skate.

  9. LAPD Says:

    LOL, Remz is dead

  10. Daytona Says:

    Abec 3? You gotta be kidding…

  11. rollerblading is gay Says:

    wow. you kids dont know kato. he doesnt have complete control anymore. but he still does what he can. he’s always been a cool dude and has pushed this brand to what it is now. even though franky has left, he still releases the skate with franky’s name on it. idunno about you guys, but thats cool as fuck

  12. Anonymous Says:

    his eyes looks like a nose of a pig…graphic sucks.

  13. hahaha Says:

    “there has been a common project in the works for the past few months”

    I wonder how many months they had to think for putting on a OS4 a black cuff. Lol
    Anyway, with this it’s like if franky is playing on 2 boards. He will make advertising for USD, but Remz will advertise Franky pro skate… Poor Kato, he lost his best Open Shell skater.

  14. fuck you kato Says:

    will look nicer in the pro model usd Franky Morales
    Remz stinks and was left behind Cj not in Remz, this is the end of Remz

  15. V4L Says:

    it took a long time to remz to make a second franky pro skate, and the skate is just black with abec 3 and no jug liner. they could have done better.

  16. ryan d Says:

    to be honest, if i were kato i would have told franky to fuck off and give the boot to someone else after jumping ship like he did.

  17. dick mcfart Says:

    just in time…

  18. FU Says:

    USD will put more effort into his Pro UFS Throne

  19. J.311 Says:

    super lame! all black skate again? so exciting! I can understand why Franky quit remz

  20. Dis Dick Says:

    I believe Remz is a great product and Kato is someone who has made insurmountable contributions to the sport by pushing skate design forward, in fact, way forward compared to what was available during the time of the launch of Remedyz. I will say this though, throughout the years I feel like the “Freedom of feet” concept has been lost in the bulkiness of the newer designs. The new models look and feel clumsy. I’d give anything to have another pair of my 99’s, the all black with red piping. That was a beautiful, slim design and free of the complex, try hard detailing that have plagued all the models following the all black with the grey backside/toe cap area. If they were smart, given the popularity of retro sneakers, they’d go back to the old designs and try to integrate the newer technology into that without altering the skate as much as they have.

  21. DarthRoller Says:

    I like the above post.

    Would also like to see the frames centred slightly more on the skates.

    I quite liked Remz skates for a longer period than yourself.

    The 03’s
    The Haffey pro model (grey, ’04)
    The white Haffey ’05s.

    After that I felt they weren’t quite as good.

    Though the 06 2’s (black and white, Franky has them on in the Barely Dead intro) were an excellent colour scheme.

    Loved the older technology, really did.

  22. bs Says:

    but why make another pro model to franky?! when cj should be back in the team! to him and make him a pro model?!

  23. Anonymous Says:

    I love how u kids talk about technology when your relating it to the colour wave of the skate.shit don’t change but the colours. Same with any Usd skate. It’ll be the same skate just different colour. Get over yourselves and just be happy he had enough respect from remz that they’d put out a skate in honour of his contributions to the company during his time with them. That’s cool as fuck in my eyes!!

  24. some guy Says:

    Buy the OS 2s, Nick Woods, or 4s and change the colors around and u have the exact same skate… why spend that kinda money when u can just have it changed to look like a franky pro model for free at rollerwarehouse or aggressivemall… to me a pro skate features something that is unique to the skate… when franky came oout with his 1st skate with remz, that was a true pro skate. His own jug liner, his own DI CG frame, even introducing a new model of skate… but this… its just an OS 4 with frankys name stamped on it

  25. Marcus Says:

    completely fail, poor graphics, nothing innovative, same of the same…

  26. Michael Says:

    Complete FAIL. Franky was waiting what, six years for another pro OS model? And they came up with this?! That’s ridiculous. I always thought USD were ones to simply repaint skates for pros, but Remz just discovered new lows of it.

    I wasn’t expecting anything like first pro-model, because it was unique – new skate design, razors SL cuff, liners and fresh frames, but lord, i wasn’t expecting all black OS with half-assed graphics.

    Hope Franky will get pro-model from USD next year (probably Thrones?) and they’ll show Remz how it’s done.

  27. renato Says:

    All black is good! But I can produce better graphics on Paint. Make CJ Pro model plis

  28. Anonymous Says:

    Someone tell me why the hell there is yet another black OS boot?
    I mean, I’m not hating, but if people are stupid enoughg to buy a whole new boot instead of just buying the parts.
    Not just remz but loads of brands, have peoples creativity vanished?

  29. Rann West Says:

    Please fix the frame placement move it to the center of the foot. Ill go back to remz

  30. Anonymous Says:

    Kato is a lazy fuck just like the rest of these skater owned companies. An all black OS? Really? STOP BEING FUCKING LAZY AND ACTUALLY PUT SOME GOOD SHIT OUT!!!!!!!!!! ABEC 3 BEARINGS ARE YOU FUCKNIG KIDDING!?

  31. D Says:

    These are literally the same exact skates.

  32. Anonymous Says:

    its obvious to see where frankys loyalty lies.

    with the highest bidder.

    you guys hating on kato need to die. frankys the disloyal little bitch

  33. max Says:

    this is a fucking joke. An all black skate? really?
    Remz has become pure garbage imo.

    This brand is slowly dying.
    Look at the pro team.. 4 guys? including nick wood….

    I predict remz dying in max 2 years.

  34. Bruh bruh Says:

    New Lavender Technology

  35. Suck It Says:

    Remz is dying… sad because they do have a pretty good product…

    Just a lazy owner

  36. ingen Says:

    franky deserves better than this i really hope usd gives him a bitchen boot

  37. Chris A Says:

    Franky needs a pro boot from usd …… remz fuck up big time ! that boot look like all the other os out there hahahaha ….. remz step up the game its 2012….

  38. Anonymous Says:

    whoever it is from USD posting all these hate messages STFU! lol.

    for everyone else: title says OS4 and you expect this skate to NOT be an OS4?

  39. Q Says:

    boring and old looking

  40. J Says:

    they are ugly, hate all thee Open shell, plus all of them look exactly the same , just a few stickers and you got the OS 5 or 6 :D

  41. Michael Says:

    “for everyone else: title says OS4 and you expect this skate to NOT be an OS4?”

    Haha. Pro-model should have unique features like:

    -unique, appealing aesthetics
    -frame of choice of pro it’s named after
    -liner of choice of pro it’s named after
    -better parts (wheels, bearings) than normal model of the same skate

    seriously… ABEC3? I have nothing against ABEC3 bearings, as it’s more important what factory produce bearings than what label/rating it have – ABEC3 from good factory are better than ILQ7 from cheap factory in fact… but i highly doubt these have such bearings.

    These are really all black OS with poor graphics and violet grindwheels :(

  42. Anonymous Says:

    franky deserves more than this run of the mill OS piece of junk. that lame ass graphic on the back is so dumb looking.

  43. fgh Says:


    DO YOU WANT YOUR SKATES TO LOOK HIP OR SKATE LIKE YOU ALWAYS DREAMT OF….im skateing remz for years and i kniw they are the best WTF does it matter who is on the team if remz keep makeing the perfect skate. PS it could be 3289371238971238912789 flow team riders and no AM or PRO …… REMZ ar still the only skates that feel thinght on your ankle, gives it the best support AND STILL lets you fles your feet/skate (haffey+= broken akles / the rest=several)…sooo……………yea buy other shit….that right on the line….

  44. fgh Says:


    DO YOU WANT YOUR SKATES TO LOOK HIP OR SKATE LIKE YOU ALWAYS DREAMT OF….im skateing remz for years now and i know they are the best! WTF does it matter who is on the team if remz keep makeing the perfect skates. PS i could be pro or the number 3289371238971238912789 flow team rider and no AM or PRO …… REMZ are still the only skates that feel thinght on your ankle, gives you flex [paradox skates….keeps your ankles in place buts lets them move proper…….] (haffey slates does not equal broken akles / the rest=several misplaced bones……)…sooo……………yea buy REMZ shit….the other shit on the market….well…..its shit

  45. Dude. Says:

    @Dis Dick – I fully agree with you. I feel “Remz” is a completely different company to what it was when they first started. They had a unique concept, but now it’s all gone. Adapt remind of Remz when they first started. Just a thought.

  46. Gaz Says:

    Has anyone thought that it’s not only Kato that has input as to how the skate looks? It’s all the PRO’s choice as to what the skate looks like. And if you don’t believe me, take a look at the Haffey skates, he had loads of input as to how his skate came out. Same with Nick Wood’s skate, you think Kato came up with the drawings on the cuff? Nah, that was Nick. So why not for the rest of the pro’s? Franky obviously wanted the skate the way it is, and that’s how it’s come out. Don’t go hating on Remz or Kato, they fucking legit!

  47. Anonymous Says:

    lol @ all these comments. I’m sure kato, franky, julio, shima and any of these REAL dudes shit on all of you who like to come here and hate for whatever reason.

  48. Blake Kelly Says:

    looks cool to me. How can anyone possibly talk shit on Kato? I have more respect for that dude then just about anyone in the industry.

  49. Scott Wilcoxson Says:

    Good. Maybe my boy Franky will be the first pro to have two different pro boots at the same time. Epic.

  50. Anonymous Says:

    i’ve met kato, and i dont like him. just saying.. not to mention the dude is totally fronting on all his team riders. dude only cares about milking haffey for all hes worth. there is no future for remz.

  51. AnnularBearingEngineeringcomittee Says:

    Rollerblading is really pathetic all round. It makes no difference what bearings you have unless your reaching speeds of over 40mph.

    All you kids do is sit around at the parks not skating, In fact does anyone actually skate anymore?

  52. Blade4life Says:

    Obvius Comment: Remz it’s letting the fans dissapointed.

  53. Anonymous Says:

    remz is owned by Andy from razors blame him Kato is cool as fuck

  54. dyed red deshis Says:

    I feel for Kato. I don’t know him as well as my friend does but I do know him a little. he’s a great guy and did what everyone else in the industry has to do to get their foot in the door. Andy just happens to have quit the inline industry. He’s the person who has the control not kato. So get off his dick. I’d expect to see the rest of the team leave as well, it’s not about the skate or the brand or Kato. It’s about power. Andy has it and he wants more through Razor scooters. Not Razor Skates. I’m sure kato would love to have another type of mold if he could afford to. question is what’s his next step.

  55. Oi D Says:

    dyed red deshis – totally agree with you there. We must not forget what Kato did for the industry the whole remedyz / freedom of feet was waaay ahead of its time. I knew letting Razors/ sunshine take control would not be good. It’s a shame. Must be awful to see a product / brand you have put a lot of love into get ruined…

  56. pete Says:

    it makes me sad to see my favorite skate company slowly starting to fold up, the same feeling I had when salomon quit :(

  57. Anonymous Says:

    Why would a pro put his name on a cheapo price point skate. The most uncomfortable torture device of a skate ever. That rivet holding the front velcro deal might as well be a rusty nail.

  58. Sime Says:

    (nice knowing you bl sawyer ya peace)

  59. big shit Says: