Remz OS4 Franky Morales II

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Remz OS4 Franky Morales II

With this new version of its popular OS4 Color Series, Remz is honoring Franky Morales’s contribution to the brand by giving him a last signature product designed to his own ‘ninja’ color choice: black with purple highlights.

This new “OS4 Franky Morales Edition” features high-end GC FTL2 frames, a Remz OS liner redesigned with new high density foam for support + improved fit and anatomically shaped heel area around the ankle, as well as all the proven OS4 features including the fast lacing system, the original Remz V-cuff for optimum maneuverability and shoe-feel, reinforced straps, and the “Open Shell” minimalist lightweight design making it one of the most sought-after skate in the industry today. Match your style.

Remz OS4 Franky Morales II


– Remz Open Shell Concept
– Enhanced Remz OS liner
– Ground Control FTL 2 frames
– “Ninja” custom colorscheme by Franky Morales
– Remz original V-Cuff
– Reinforced Straps
– Replaceable One-piece Soul frame
– Replaceable Backslide plate
– 57mm-90A M1 Franky Morales wheels
– 42mm Anti-rocker wheels

Remz OS4 Franky Morales II

Quoting Kato (Remz and Franky Morales part ways):

We didn’t anticipate parting ways and there has been a common project in the works for the past few months, a second Franky OS skate, which we both decided to still release soon. […]

Remz OS4 Franky Morales II

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  • AnnularBearingEngineeringcomittee

    Rollerblading is really pathetic all round. It makes no difference what bearings you have unless your reaching speeds of over 40mph.

    All you kids do is sit around at the parks not skating, In fact does anyone actually skate anymore?

  • Blade4life

    Obvius Comment: Remz it’s letting the fans dissapointed.

  • Anonymous

    remz is owned by Andy from razors blame him Kato is cool as fuck

  • dyed red deshis

    I feel for Kato. I don’t know him as well as my friend does but I do know him a little. he’s a great guy and did what everyone else in the industry has to do to get their foot in the door. Andy just happens to have quit the inline industry. He’s the person who has the control not kato. So get off his dick. I’d expect to see the rest of the team leave as well, it’s not about the skate or the brand or Kato. It’s about power. Andy has it and he wants more through Razor scooters. Not Razor Skates. I’m sure kato would love to have another type of mold if he could afford to. question is what’s his next step.

  • Oi D

    dyed red deshis – totally agree with you there. We must not forget what Kato did for the industry the whole remedyz / freedom of feet was waaay ahead of its time. I knew letting Razors/ sunshine take control would not be good. It’s a shame. Must be awful to see a product / brand you have put a lot of love into get ruined…

  • pete

    it makes me sad to see my favorite skate company slowly starting to fold up, the same feeling I had when salomon quit :(

  • Anonymous

    Why would a pro put his name on a cheapo price point skate. The most uncomfortable torture device of a skate ever. That rivet holding the front velcro deal might as well be a rusty nail.

  • Sime

    (nice knowing you bl sawyer ya peace)

  • big shit