Remz 2012 Am Team: Josiah Blee, Mason Richard, Nils Jansons & Ryan Sibbio

Remz 2012 Am Team: Josiah Blee, Mason Richard, Nils Jansons & Ryan Sibbio

Filmed by Mike Gagliardi, Anthony Medina, Bander Saleh, Konstantins Makarovs, Edgars Krasnovs & Reinis Petersons ; edited by Fred Castro.

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  • Anonymous

    sick edit sick skating, graphics got kinda annoying after a while though

  • deubeul

    superb edit Fred


  • Mr. T

    Pro Team: Haffey and Wellsmore
    AM Team: as seen in the Edit

    would be sick!
    Am Team KILLS!

  • Give me a break

    Nils should NOT be pro… atleast not yet, he’s still a child. It’s the same cycle over and over again in this culture with 16yr old “pros” that quit at 22. Wait for him to mature and find his style. He does tricks that pros have been doing for over a decade, even though theyre difficult tricks, theyre not new. Sure I can appreciate a 360 Topsoul, but what else does he have? He has no individual style, no innovative tricks, and he has yet to do anything that hasn’t already been done. You kids are in such a rush to be “pro” instead of refining your skills and trying to push the limits of what blading can be.

  • Give me a break x2

    “Rollerblading is the only extreme sport where you have to wait till your 30 to become pro.” – Are you serious? Rollerblading is the only sport that makes 15year olds pro, then they all retire at 24.

    Rollerblading is the only sport that doesn’t have MORE 30 yr old pros, and THAT’S the problem, there aren’t enough adults representing.

  • Anonymous

    tired of watching old washed up pros doing little tricks and dressed like pirates. more young gun edits like this please. i love when Am’s embarrass pros. Remz fucked up losing their best AM CJ.

  • 3M3M

    dafaq!? nil tricks O.O

  • $L!M J!M

    RYAN SIBBIO IS AN ANIMAL! Yeah the whole AM team is dope, no doubt. But I wish half of u (who really care about rolling) Could session with him in real life! Hes one hardworking, tough dude! Class act, hes not some cocky asshole, he shows everybody love & encourages everyone around him to SKATE BETTER! We need more ppl like him in the sport! SALUTE! O-H-I-O

  • $L!M J!M

    Oh yeah…Blee got pretty damn tall since those old Hyphy clips! ;]

  • AnthonyMedina

    Nils is not 16 and yes, he’s easily the next in line to become pro. He’s been repping for years, he puts out dope edits/sections, he wins and competes hard in comps, he’s a beast…

    There’s more to being pro than simply being able to do tricks. If CJ didn’t go pro despite being ranked #1 in the world, winning numerous comps, etc…do you really think Mason, Ryan, or Josiah “should be pro”? If it was up to RN…everybody would be pro.

  • Heat Wave

    900 doesnt count. No grab and your hand was down. Quality over quanitity. DO IT AGAIN!!! You kids need to stop settling for the first clip and do that shit over & over again until it looks correct. Posers!

  • holler

    nils and blee should replace nick wood and dominik wagner on the pro team. anyone who wears a helmet street skating, should not be in an edit, or on the same team as someone who goes twice as big, twice as hard, and does not wear a helmet. sibbio is wack, and def should not even be in the same edit as nils. nils and blee for pro.

  • duder

    not too long ago I thought the remz team was looking kind of weak…

    not anymore! damn guys, that was sick!

  • jim

    this is just dumb, they should all be pro, screw your fucking head on kato

  • Anonymous

    Valo Am Team > Remz Am Team. Any day. Maybe not in the “hammer” department, but definitely in the style and tech.

  • ^^^^^^^

    Valo Am’s are gay hipsters who CANT do hammers. Let’s see how stylish and Tech the Valo team is on big obstacles. They have such small balls I’m sure a large obstacle to them is a curb.

  • Anonymous

    yo AnthonyMedina, just admit Kato fucked up by not making CJ pro. Remz lost a lot of credibility. CJ deserved it more than anyone on Remz xcept Haffey. This notion of “paying your dues” to become pro rather than “talent” is bull shit. I’t cost Remz the best skater in the world.

  • valley

    I’m pretty sure after watching this that Kato OBVIOUSLY knows what he’s doing. I’m glad dudes like him and julio are running the industry seriously.
    and if he let CJ go there might be some reasons we may never know, I don’t think picking a team is only about what tricks they can do. And he and CJ are still friends so I think so that confirms it. it’s also kind of funny how CJ can’t pick a skate after riding remz I wonder if he’s just gonna say fuck it and just ride remz again. he looked the best on them
    ILL edit by the way, props to everyone involved

  • Adrian Scoseria

    good shit!!! but no Walter Sanchez !!!!??? what the hell !?

  • pro boot

    complete balance of the rail, yes….

    there is only one.

  • AnthonyMedina

    It wasn’t about paying your dues. There’s more to being pro than simply doing hard tricks. It’s also about attitude, how you carry yourself, how you represent the brand, etc. It didn’t cost Remz the “best skater in the world”, last I checked Haffey is still there and Broskow rides for Valo. If CJ was the best in the world why didn’t another boot company snatch him up immediately the way Bambrick was snatched up when he got fired from Razors? Perhaps there is something else involved that is holding him back, we don’t know.

    Not sure why so many ppl have this attitude like…”Oh damn this guy kills rails, he should be pro”…ignoring the fact that the kid has no style, no substance to his blading, no originality, no marketability, etc.

  • pete w

    Every time Ive seen CJ the guy has been 100% professional approachable and damn fun to be around.
    yeah i still dont get your point on why CJ is not “pro material” but then again i dont know anyone in the boot industry

  • pete w

    perhaps he doesnt do enough poop jokes like nic wood

  • CJ is the Man

    bahaha Anthony Medina taking shit against CJ. CJ kills shit dude. Remz fucked up and will regret it when USD sends this this dude to comps and he dominates for the next 5 years. Broskow cant even suck his dick.

  • Anonymous

    Kato couldn’t afford to send CJ to competitions in Europe and the U.S. so CJ left. Remz is going the way of K2. When haffey retires they’re fucked. With CJ and Cudot on USD, they will win every comp for years to come, and just a matter of time till Nils joins USD since Remz isn’t doing shit for him either.

  • Anonymous

    yer but is cj on usd tho ????
    dude should just back on remz !

  • too holler

    “anyone who wears a helmet street skating, should not be in an edit”

    strange people !!! fuking groms dont no shit !!!!

  • jim

    I fucken hate this talk of “paying your dues”

    seriously how is that helping blading.
    it’s fucking disheartening that they should wait till they’re older just to be pro, clearly they are all mature about their blading and very dedicated.

    every one of these dudes in this edit have already refined their style, if you can’t see that you’re fucking blind.

  • Anonymous

    agree with Jim blading has old washed up pros and need new blood

  • truth

    why do yall care? you should skate for fun ya crackheads

  • Derek

    SUCH a legit edit. Fuck whoever said the editing was shit. Editing was on point. Perfect. Only problem I had with the editing was the 900, I wish it was a full clip rather than pieced together. Holy fuck Mason and Nils. Dudes are way too damn good, everyone in this edit has style for days minus Blee, but the kids got some unreal switch-ups that I have to give him props for. All in all, awesome dudes, awesome tricks, legit editing.

  • Flow skater

    Wow! I bet my boy Fred Castro is really happy with all this input! He puts his heart at everything he does. Sure he wouldn´t make the Remz team look bad.

    Big ups for this edit. Best thing in a long, long time! That´s the kinda shit we need for the industry!