Remedyz True Balance

True Balance, a new generation of Remedyz, July 13. Larger Picture.

Remedyz True Balance

Grindhouse Catalog, Photo. Thanks Rastaman_dreadlock.

Remedyz True Balance

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62 Responses to “Remedyz True Balance”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    And??? Maybe some photos)

  2. trippy Says:

    oh shiit o:!! this is pretty good, i was tlking about how some companies have to evolve a little more

  3. Anonymous Says:

    july 13 is tomorrow, just hope it won’t be a bad sign (friday 13)

  4. Anonymous Says:

    I heard its carbon remz

  5. Anonymous Says:

    It’s not carbon, they just realigned the frame in the middle of the boot. Hence the name “True Balance”

  6. kb Says:

    looks like a yoga ad..still excited to see something new though.

  7. rastaman_dreadlock Says:

    Grindhouse have already printed HR 1.2 pic in their catalogue

  8. rollerblading is gay Says:

    FINALLY. i heard about it and i hoped it would come true. maybe i can go back to remz now.

  9. Anonymous Says:

    white and blue? excited for this!!

  10. RobKellett Says:

    DOPE! Can’t Wait!!!

  11. MGIFProductions Says:

    shweeet… may straighten up the skate… no more standing in a slanted position… great skates

  12. Anonymous Says:

    i hope they go back to the old style! but with new shit! PLEASE REMZ

  13. Scheltza Mahmoud Says:

    remz might be getting some negative plates

  14. Anonymous Says:

    Yess exited!
    Woop woop

  15. Anoyiin Says:

    Well.. Remz has no money. The evolution on a new skate should be cheeeap!

  16. Anonymous Says:

    Hr1.2 white light grey toe cap and light blue highlight. True balance = centered frame & realigned soul

  17. good stuff Says:

    this makes me happy! remz is plain dope. Kato doing his thing with a skate he actually CREATED!

  18. Al@n Says:

    Will be my first Remz Skates to try…. =)

  19. Anonymous Says:

    Well in this picture it looks like that the toe area is light blue, but as you said it is light grey I hope its just a bad quality picture of them. Can’t wait for tommorow.

  20. yes!yes! Says:

    iv’e seen them irl. they look even better then in pic’s

    hope this skates sell’s well so Remz will live on

  21. Anonymous Says:

    btw those wheels are remz theme or what? I hope they put some reincarnated wheels like in haffeys 2.2

  22. GLADER BANG Says:


    Do you’re skaters a favour and end Remz. Or at the very least start investing in your people and not getting new molds made with hairline differences made to them at $10,000 costs.
    Pretty original colors on this one also, Alex Burston influenced maybe? JUST STOP ALREADY.

  23. fuck haters Says:

    this is ILL news for remz. I might even get those

  24. rob Says:

    whoever said these look like burstons I’d say if they do then these are the way the burstons should have looked like in the first place!! those remz are super clean! bad picture but they’re kinda like the remz 06-2 with the 07-1 or 2 toe piece (grey ones) and a touch of blue. and re-centered frame? sick!!

  25. B L A D E R gang Says:


  26. sionroll Says:

    hope there suitable for wide feet. skated the os4 for 2 months and gave my the biggest pain ever!!

  27. Dyed red deshis Says:

    There is no evolving factor here for REMZ. Andy has made sure to that. Moving the UFS holes over will help with negatives and all but just come up with a different mold. Maybe Andy will stop taking money out of the companies that made him rich and fucking put some more back into his core companies. Oh wait. Never mind, Razors or any of it’s sister companies won’t be around in two years anyway. Andy also makes motorized scooters now too. Here’s the worst part. Haffey had to sell his skates on ebay before getting Nitro and The Knotts jobs, Frankie left cause of Andy, Nick needs the money but it’s not that much so he’ll probably leave too. Connor is a great guy but he’d do much better on USD/Adapt as their pro. Nils will probably go to Carbons, Haffey to the best company around for him and Kato will hopefully have enough money saved up to spend time with his wife and girls and just enjoy life while Andy scooter project burns to hell. Someone from Traxart needs to pick up Woods and offer him some good money to promote their stuff.

  28. Anonymous Says:

    I’m digging those!

  29. smokey macpot Says:

    people have been asking for this for sooo long. I don’t understand the hate? people if you don’t like change then fuck it buy the old ones.

  30. soul2roll Says:

    Remz are great skates and i think this is a good step for them. I know one or two people who love the old feel of the current frame position, but i got rid of my last pair coz as much as i loved the flex on topsides they’d drive me crazy bending inward sometimes.

    The new hr’s and haffey’s do seem to last longer than the older remz ive had too, and with these souls they should be sick.

    If they have some decent negatives and still some nice big souls, these could be great!

    They should have done this a while ago tho i think?


  31. soul2roll Says:

    They should also make them Vegan!! Hemp!! :D

  32. Anonymous Says:

    Lol at dyed red deshi… no one know what “inside” industry crap u r talking about… who is andy? And why is he so broke if he owns razors?

    Also getting so sick of this rollerblading is so poor shit. Shut up and be greatful for what we have. Get a job and skate.

    Btw these look so sick. I want to buy them!

  33. Anonymous Says:

    So can anyone break down who owns what? Remz are part of razors? Adapt is part of usd?

  34. B L A D E R gang Says:

    @Dyed Red Deshis, Sucka dick nigga!

  35. R E M Z F R A U D Says:

    HAhaha, REMZ, what have you done again…you’ve centered the frame? or moved it..what revolution is that, what are you selling us here. But it seems to work, I give you that…all the people who just can’t wait…this industry is ran by a bunch of idiots…well, too much of it! Holy moly! Kato or Andy…what is the point of that.
    I believe this is all just money driven…don’t fall for it you fools out there.
    Send those fucked companies a clear signal and don’t buy their stuff and openly oppose their team policy!!! Reactions will tell how honestly they are trying to contribute or how dishonestly they exploit.

  36. Baschno Rose Says:

    i think Remz should be re sizing the sizes … size 10-11 are to big shell its same shit like razors but there you can use the trust liner but thats not possible in remz OG ….

  37. JapanGang Says:

    Why all the hate on Razors and Remz… w/o them what do we have ? USD, Valo, RB, K2, SSM…

    I think SSM is also Razors too so…

  38. MexicoGang Says:

    ^ truth is now that kato fixed what was wrong with it remz has maybe the best skate out there. either that or it’s razors. that’s probably where the hate comes from. valo and ssm are just skins and the skates are just so so (i’m selling my valo lights if someone wants them), k2 and rb are good but the companies suck, and usd just keeps trying lol.

  39. PhilippinesGang Says:

    im hungry for pancit

  40. Anonymous Says:

    remz is dying because haffey cares more about nitro circus and his ego. the truth.

  41. Sashe od Mal Paris Says:

    I hope it’s just a bad quality photo, this is white+grey+blue = clown shoes
    I hope it will be just WHITE AND BLUE

  42. rollfiend Says:

    fuck rollernews and everyone here

  43. Dyed red deshis Says:

    @ bladder gag. grow the fuck up.
    Know some people then talk that stupid shit.
    Andy has shown proof that he doesn’t care. Razors has had a total of 5 molds in it’s entire run. Cults, Super Cults, genesis, SL. oh and it’s first run of the crappy skates they had Marco hintze riding when he first started skating.

    Remz has had honestly 3 molds. The originals , the Current OS and the most famous Haffey/HR model.

    USD has roughly 8 molds that I know of. took over Xsjado and Deshi so that technically makes 10 molds but still what’s the point of backing up a company like Razor who just decided to center the frame which will take away from the positive sole space unless they add a couple of milimeters. which honestly I don’t care. I got love for Kato but none for Andy, after knowing what I know. I feel for Kato.

    Once again Bladder Gag. Fuck you. go read a book or listen to some classical music and learn something. Funny how you wanna try to take a pot shot at me when you know shit about dicks since you’re a pussy behind a keyboard.

  44. Danielson Says:

    HAFFEY IS ONLY DOING NITRO CIRCUS BECAUSE SKATING BARELY PAYS ANYTHING!! People keep talkin shit about his ego, and he must be a dick cus he’s doing the nitro shows…. He’s doing what he has to.. And it’s a GOOD THING!!! all those people thought we are nothing but losers and faggots, but he is showing them what skating is about. He’s giving us a good name again, and getting more exposure for our sport than anyone else. WHY IS THAT SO BAD??? Are you just jealous, cus you can’t get people to respect you like he does???

  45. cram Says:

    SAlomon is the best boot company.

  46. Anonymous Says:

    who runs adapt ??? is that just an indie company ? Also any skate them yet ???

    I think that or 2.0s will be my next boot.

  47. skateboardig is my life Says:

    My skateboard is 7 ply maple, T6 356 Aluminium skateboard trucks and stuff…

  48. FU Says:

    Remz needs to keep that simple look going; original pre-ufs look, 03’s, the latest Haffeys. Everything else is overcomplicated like a patchwork quilt and is unappealing.

  49. yeee Says:

    it’s july 13, are they out yet?

  50. Dis DIck Says:

    This is pretty sad. If Remz knew what was up, they’d just go back to the original mold (97/98?) when it was truly a “freedom of feet” concept. Slimmer design with that Jordan 8 kind of look but add the modern technology to it… black suede w/red piping and the elusive white suede w/red piping (too beautiful). That was an innovative skate… trace your foot to get the right size, meant to be skated sockless… best skates I ever owned. At least release those color ways, all this new cartoony, bubbly colorful shit makes me nauseous.

  51. Dyed red deshis if a fag! Says:

    HI I like to bitch and whine because I am a fag!
    why dont you cum on my face and make me swallow it?
    and slap me around like a deadbeat hooker like my mom!

  52. Paul Says:

    Longer I watch them more I want them… I always wanted white skates.

  53. Anonymous Says:

    I just find something interesting. In this GH catalog photo they are with simple REMZ wheels, but in REMZ.COM picture they are with grey wheels which looks like the same as in haffeys 2.2 ( they are better ).

  54. damn they re sick!!!!! Says:


  55. elf Says:

    give Remz and Kato a break. Kato clearly hasnt been selling skates as well lately, and this is what he offers us,but people keep complaining about the skates for no reason. True balance sounds like a great idea, and a step forward for remz. they look dope, everyone should buy em.


  56. Kato San Says:

    Hi All,

    I’m really sorry that I’ve been selling you all skates that haven’t been designed very well. The guy in China at the factory made a mistake with aligning the frame a few years ago, production went ahead and made 10,000 pairs so they just had to be sold regardless.

    I hope you’ll find it in your heart to forgive me and the new true balance system will mean that there is less chance of getting ankle fatigue.

    Yours sincerely

    Kato San

  57. Dyed Red Troller Says:

    “Razors has had a total of 5 molds in it’s entire run. Cults, Super Cults, genesis, SL. oh and it’s first run of the crappy skates they had Marco hintze riding when he first started skating.”

    Youre the cancer in this industry. FYI: The skates Hintze was riding were called Razor Flats. Then there was the Super Flats. Theres no such thing as a fucking Super Cult you moron. You try too hard to drop knowledge here. Do yourself a favor and shut the fuck up.

  58. Dyed red deshis Says:

    @ anonymous/Dyed red troller. 1. I have 3 jobs. 2. I actually know the people you talk so much shit about like Elliott and asked him personally what happened while you idiots praise shitma and talk shit about the genius behind it all. secondly Thanks for correcting my fucking name of the skates. Does that change my statement of truth. No you dipshit so I guess I did drop knowledge on here. tomato Tomato, still the same shit grow up. 5 molds in 20 years is really bad. Shit RB dropped 15 and people overlook them. Oh had he wasn’t on flats when he first started I saw him riding one that had a number on it cause I first started razors on the flats in Washington state. Why be grateful to Andy for shit they’ve done. Do you know about what’s going on with GC, I was the first to tell you idiots that 50/50 was going outta business and I’m a “Troll” get it straight. I’m one of the only people who is in this industry that will break shit down before it happens and let you know about it.
    I work 3 jobs. plus hoping to start a frame company soon as well. Don’t talk shit about someone who if you look back at all my comments I’m right on point.

    You need to get outta your mom’s basement and get a girl.

  59. Youre clearly an.... Says:

    Asshole. Shut the fuck up. See that? Thats me telling you to shut the fuck up because I cant stand your face. Shove a dick in that jaw.

  60. B L A D E R Deez Nutz Says:


  61. Ben Harmanus Says:

    I just ignore all the hate, but wanna make sure you guys realize that Adapt is a small rollerblader owned company by Pieter and Olga. The website will be up and running on Sunday. THIS IS A BRAND NEW BLADE. And before you start complaining give it a little chance, read what they have to say about the materials they use, how much they love what they are doing.

    Plus: Stop hating. Haffey is one of the greatest rollerbladers in blading history. All the boot companies have made good and bad decisions, but I have seen a lot of companies dying in the past 15 years – the last thing that happened was that anything got better by big blading companies going out of business.

    Rock & Roll And please. Dont start a fight again.

  62. donshishi Says:

    stop be silly Remz make good skate even better than RB, or Valo or SSM (RB are heavy, ugly and the soulplate sucks). the 2 other you are riding and paying 300$ for Majestic12 and razors street Assholes.

    But honestly if Remz wasnt here do you really think that the SSM or Valo would have this look. Do you really think than the USD Carbon will look like that. Now ok their is no evolution for the 2 or 3 past years on remz skates. but their is no evolution for the past 2 or 3 year in general. USD realese 3 new throne model a year, Valo same, SSM 1 promodel every 6 month. Xsjado same.

    Maybe razors is the same to make invoation on their boots.

    But you can hate Remz or whatever it will not change that Kato like Dustin came with innovating idea and their idea changed the point of view of rollerblading for ever. now that you like or not Remz it will not change that Remz made more for the inovation of rollerblading in the 90s (Like K2) than USD never did.

    Look K2 still has the same skates with the same names than 16 years ago. all that with a worst quality than Remz or other skates on the market.

    and finally it s good to have a good team but the most importante in an economy is to sell their product not too have 3000 employees if you sell nothing. Who are the guys in K2 team ??????

    and USD loose some pro too.

    So if you dont like Remz it s your right dont buy it. buy Valo or Usd Carbon or any more fashionable skates.

    P.S : No i m not a Remz Fan, I just like most of skates in the market except RB(ugly) and K2(worst skate i ever had).