Remedyz True Balance

True Balance, a new generation of Remedyz, July 13. Larger Picture.

Remedyz True Balance

Grindhouse Catalog, Photo. Thanks Rastaman_dreadlock.

Remedyz True Balance

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  • Paul

    Longer I watch them more I want them… I always wanted white skates.

  • Anonymous

    I just find something interesting. In this GH catalog photo they are with simple REMZ wheels, but in REMZ.COM picture they are with grey wheels which looks like the same as in haffeys 2.2 ( they are better ).

  • damn they re sick!!!!!
  • elf

    give Remz and Kato a break. Kato clearly hasnt been selling skates as well lately, and this is what he offers us,but people keep complaining about the skates for no reason. True balance sounds like a great idea, and a step forward for remz. they look dope, everyone should buy em.


  • Kato San

    Hi All,

    I’m really sorry that I’ve been selling you all skates that haven’t been designed very well. The guy in China at the factory made a mistake with aligning the frame a few years ago, production went ahead and made 10,000 pairs so they just had to be sold regardless.

    I hope you’ll find it in your heart to forgive me and the new true balance system will mean that there is less chance of getting ankle fatigue.

    Yours sincerely

    Kato San

  • Dyed Red Troller

    “Razors has had a total of 5 molds in it’s entire run. Cults, Super Cults, genesis, SL. oh and it’s first run of the crappy skates they had Marco hintze riding when he first started skating.”

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    @ anonymous/Dyed red troller. 1. I have 3 jobs. 2. I actually know the people you talk so much shit about like Elliott and asked him personally what happened while you idiots praise shitma and talk shit about the genius behind it all. secondly Thanks for correcting my fucking name of the skates. Does that change my statement of truth. No you dipshit so I guess I did drop knowledge on here. tomato Tomato, still the same shit grow up. 5 molds in 20 years is really bad. Shit RB dropped 15 and people overlook them. Oh had he wasn’t on flats when he first started I saw him riding one that had a number on it cause I first started razors on the flats in Washington state. Why be grateful to Andy for shit they’ve done. Do you know about what’s going on with GC, I was the first to tell you idiots that 50/50 was going outta business and I’m a “Troll” get it straight. I’m one of the only people who is in this industry that will break shit down before it happens and let you know about it.
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  • Ben Harmanus

    I just ignore all the hate, but wanna make sure you guys realize that Adapt is a small rollerblader owned company by Pieter and Olga. The website will be up and running on Sunday. THIS IS A BRAND NEW BLADE. And before you start complaining give it a little chance, read what they have to say about the materials they use, how much they love what they are doing.

    Plus: Stop hating. Haffey is one of the greatest rollerbladers in blading history. All the boot companies have made good and bad decisions, but I have seen a lot of companies dying in the past 15 years – the last thing that happened was that anything got better by big blading companies going out of business.

    Rock & Roll And please. Dont start a fight again.

  • donshishi

    stop be silly Remz make good skate even better than RB, or Valo or SSM (RB are heavy, ugly and the soulplate sucks). the 2 other you are riding and paying 300$ for Majestic12 and razors street Assholes.

    But honestly if Remz wasnt here do you really think that the SSM or Valo would have this look. Do you really think than the USD Carbon will look like that. Now ok their is no evolution for the 2 or 3 past years on remz skates. but their is no evolution for the past 2 or 3 year in general. USD realese 3 new throne model a year, Valo same, SSM 1 promodel every 6 month. Xsjado same.

    Maybe razors is the same to make invoation on their boots.

    But you can hate Remz or whatever it will not change that Kato like Dustin came with innovating idea and their idea changed the point of view of rollerblading for ever. now that you like or not Remz it will not change that Remz made more for the inovation of rollerblading in the 90s (Like K2) than USD never did.

    Look K2 still has the same skates with the same names than 16 years ago. all that with a worst quality than Remz or other skates on the market.

    and finally it s good to have a good team but the most importante in an economy is to sell their product not too have 3000 employees if you sell nothing. Who are the guys in K2 team ??????

    and USD loose some pro too.

    So if you dont like Remz it s your right dont buy it. buy Valo or Usd Carbon or any more fashionable skates.

    P.S : No i m not a Remz Fan, I just like most of skates in the market except RB(ugly) and K2(worst skate i ever had).