Regardless by Brandon Negrete (2011): Full Video

Repost. RIP Brandon Negrete.

Regardless by Brandon Negrete (2011)

Starring Chris Haffey, Andrew Jacuzzi, Keaton Newsom, Erik Stokley, Erik Bailey, Kruise Sapstein, Chris Dafick, Ross Kuhn, Jeff Stockwell and Jon Jon Bolino.

Regardless cover by Austin Barrett.

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  • Anonymous

    Filming was bad, skating was good.

  • wanna know

    whats the name of the song from the keaton newsom section???????

  • Anonymous

    Seriously though – is there anyone better than Jon Bolino right now? He is the future of Rollerblading. Please make that section available on YouTube.

  • Maylo

    Whats is the name of the second song of Jeffs section?

  • kboos

    That was so fresh

  • wow

    too bad those Valo guys will be am forever. And, the new 2013 Valo pro team is (drum roll please)…the 2010 pro team. damn, what a letdown.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    we need song list

  • Nigel Thornberry

    The Growlers – Sea Lion Goth Blues

  • turtle ninja

    I thought haffey was retired but he’s still at the top of his game. Such a talented authentic skater

  • whats the outro song???

    what the outro song???

  • yorch

    Haffey profile is boriingg! Stockwell style is better with the years, most of the profiles are awesome, and the artwork is a fucking masterpiece, sick illustrations!

  • Anonymous

    dude this video kicks ass haffey andrew bolino stockwell and keaton …. sick ass music and sick tricks ssssyyyffff

  • Adrian Scoseria

    Haffey with that grind to fakie zero spin at UCI ! No one will ever do that!

  • BaBAM

    Haffey …. that was sooo coool ! but i hate all the Music :D

  • Anonymous

    “I thought haffey was retired” … you must be living under a fucking rock, right?

  • douche patrol

    haffey should have a mansion and thousand computer games called chris haffeys aggressive inline

  • bloostead

    anyone see the omen in this?

  • Anonymous

    Negrete films are top notch…He got up and went out with all of his friends and made a catalog of videos that we all watched and all got hyped to skate from. So sick of people sitting on their asses and talking shit on people actually working. RIP Brandon…dude changed my life that’s for sure.

  • Diaz

    I never understood how Jacuzzi landed that backside torque 360 top soul.. Haffey’s part and Bolino killed it !