Razors Uk Young Blood Team

Razors Uk Young Blood Team

Scott Quinn announced the winners for the Razors Uk Young Blood Team Contest, winning themselves a guaranteed spot on the team for the whole year.

  • Jack Mckell 15 years old from Dumbarton Scotland (video entry).
  • Brandon Young 12 years old from Chester (video entry).
  • Matty Lavelle 15 years old from Liverpool (video entry).

Video of the prize ceremony by Andy Mills

This year Razors UK looked to develop the younger generation of our future more than ever. With this in mind UK rider Scott Quinn organised the Young Blood competition.

This gave young guys 15 and under the chance to show what they could do. The response was immense and the standard of UK skating at under 15 is unbelievable.

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13 Responses to “Razors Uk Young Blood Team”

  1. George Balham Says:

    I thought Sam Brookfield won a place?

    This shit is so fixed

  2. Anonymous Says:

    ^^^^^^ true words total fix^^^^^ shame it was a good idea

  3. George Balham Says:

    Funny how the 3 are under 16 and are all better than Andy Spary and Chaz who are both on Razors.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    hahaha how was it a fix you mad men, check the entries they won for sure!

  5. Anonymous Says:

    sam brookfield is over 16

  6. Anonymous Says:

    and i could name the person who thinks it was a fix, just because his son didnt win

  7. Anonymous Says:

    well done guys!
    what a sick competition this was, this is what rollerblading needs!

  8. Pilau Says:

    Quality audio system they got there

  9. Amazing Says:

    Dam those kids must be juiced!
    thats sick

  10. Anonymous Says:


  11. George Balham Says:

    I bet you could name who said it was a fix because there father couldnt win MY ARSE

    Sam Brookfield is not over 16, he is 15. Ive seen him at the boneyard with my own eyes and ive even asked him on Facebook numerous times.

    His entry was far better than these 3.

    Ian Mcloed mentioned two of these kids names in the podcast 2 months ago, TELL ME IT WASNT A FIX THEN DICK EDDD?

  12. Anonymous Says:

    sam brookfield is under 16?

  13. Anonymous Says:

    where is this edit of sam brookfield?