Razors Tattoo

Mabo shared a pic of his Razors Tattoo (Larger picture).

Razors Tattoo

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  • BeshODrom

    Sick! Nice work!

  • Nick Shand

    Do you really want us to lie to you and tell you this is a great tattoo and how ‘you will look back in 50 years and think to all the good times blading gave you’?

    Im afraid this is an awful tattoo. You may aswell get the Mcdonalds arches tattooed on you.

  • ds rules

    so iiiill…. great tattoo!

  • 2R

    nick shand is cunt, be he’s a correct cunt.

  • Anonymous

    gross. youre going to regret that.

  • Anonymous

    I’m guessing you will blade with Razors all your life…, too bad you can’t try USD,Xsjado,Valo,RB and etc…because of your tats…, I give you respect for doing tats your favorite brands!

  • Anonymous

    At least its good to read that “nick” is lovin his job at mcdonalds the same wY hes in love with blading…

    great tattoo

  • 33 and still Rollin’

    at least its and actual decent looking tattoo of a set of skates unlike some others that have popped up.

    Getting ANY tattoo is one of those thing you have think now is this a good or bad choice.

    Maybe he won’t skate till he’s 50 and still be skating Razors but maybe it will just represent part of his life that he enjoys “blading” Its always a personal choice and people will always love and hate things like this. I think its alright :D

  • but…

    that’s a decent tat, good shading and work.

    all the haters come out of the wood work on these don’t they, blah blah blah im so righteous with my high opinion about how your going to regret it……..

    how do you know that… really!how?

    and yes that perosn will remember the good time and why it was done, for the love you pompous, self loathing, egotistical morons.

    opinion on the tattoo are fine thats to be expected some like some don’t, having a go at the guy who got ti done and putting them down… well you should be put down permanently,

    you are the cancer that enshrouds the world.

  • ronin

    So glad my parents forbade me the fisherprice roller skate tatoo I wanted when I was 8 ;-)

  • Braingame


  • beno

    Adrien Anne, t’es comme le H de Hawai, tu sers Ă  rien.

    ArrĂȘtes, tu es ridicule.

  • http://Website senateboy

    Nice! i usually do not like them, but that one is legit.


  • seven

    looks awsome and well done. but id never get something like that. especially on what looks like his back?

  • damn

    I am anti tattoo but I respect the commitment this guy has, he apparently loves it so screw it, why not? As long as it makes him happy. I can’t say I would personally do that though! ha ha ha Blade on!

  • Fuckrollernews

    How can people hate on this, its a great tat. I wish some negative people who skate would just quit