Razors Tapes: Lost & Found (2016) by Alex Burston

Razors Tapes: Lost & Found (2016) by Alex Burstons

Our good friend, Alex Burston is heading out on an excursion into the mountains for awhile and we may not see or hear from him for a couple weeks to a couple months. He will be missed, but deep down we are all a little envious that he’ll be device free and completely cut off from this digital world.

We wish him the best on his journey and hope he comes back with some wisdom he can share with us all. Take care, brother, we will see you soon.

Before he departed on his journey, he left us with this gem – Lost and found footage from his many Razors Tapes tours. Thank you for this Alex. I’ll keep this edit on steady repeat, along with your other projects, while I eagerly await your return to the blades. Mucho love, amigo. – Geoff Acers.

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