Razors Silhan SL & Mcleod Pro Skates

Spotted on the RW Catalog on June 26th. Here are more pictures of the Razors Mathias Silhan SL & Iain Mcleod Pro Razors Skates.

Razors Silhan SL & Mcleod Pro Skates

Larger pictures

Photos: Amall, Jeph Howard & Iain Mcleod.

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  • Anonymous

    cant wait to see this at the store

  • Anonymous

    they look sick!

    Scott Quinny next!

  • r

    ridiculous disrespect to McLeod. been eating skaters alive since before 2nd Regime.such a shame they gave Iain the worst Razor boot ever after making him wait so many years. he deserves MUCH better than an old Gen mold. been going bigger waaaaaaaay longer than either of these new baby skaters, Silhan or Burston. been going bigger and better much longer than Razors golden boy, Aragon. but since he isn’t bro/swag marketable he gets no respect.

  • Kevin Little

    ^^ Iain skates the Genesys boot more often than the SLs. What makes you think that wasn’t his choice?I agree with alot of what you say though,Iain is one of the best street skaters of all time.

  • Anonymous

    Why the hell doesnt Jeph Howard have a pro status. that dude is getting disrespected

  • Anonymous

    oops, not Anonymous..i hate that shit

    Sean Michaelson*

  • Florida Phil

    Its about time, Ian kills at street better than 99% of skaters. Way to go Ian

  • http://www.cargocollective.com/groove Marcus

    All white with black parts and another grey/white? Seriously?

  • Anonymous

    Silhan skate is seeeexxyyyyy!

  • .Fx

    Tias skate looks damn good, but it will look like a boat in any size in real life.

  • Sherwood

    Iain doesn,t need those pro skates, he already had his own deshi pro boot in the past, deshi dk1 was the shit

  • 2R

    Iain’s boot is just a marketing ploy, razors need to up sales… same as with the Yuri boot.

    Jeph howard also deserves a boot.

    not slating burston or silhan though, I enjoy both of their skating.

  • Anonymous

    I’m glad Iain is getting a genesys boot, people a lured into whats new is better bullshit every skate does the something and I know what boot Id rather skate, and if Iain pick the genesys boot to be his pro skate then I have mad respect for him. Fuck the sl boot!

  • Anonymous

    Same shit, same colors. Razors sucks!!!

  • http://www.rainymood.com/ koubis

    Official Pictures: http://imgur.com/a/BfNQq