Razors Iain McLeod Pro Skate

Underestimated, sometimes. Underrated, maybe. Out-skated, never. Iain McLeod has been on a professional level for what seems like forever. 2 pro skates, 3 pro frames, 3 pro wheels… and counting.

Razors Iain McLeod Pro Skate

Always a leader in both the tech and stunt aspects of blading, his ability to land some of the largest gaps, grind near impossible rails, and progress the ledge game further than few could have dreamed, continues to amaze anyone who’s seen him skate.

Razors Iain McLeod Pro Skate

When asked how he does it, he simply smiles and says ‘practice.’ Fact is, within the 16 years he’s been on blades, you can probably count the number of days Iain hasn’t skated on both hands. This kid loves blading and his skating deserves -scratch that- demands respect.

It is for these and many other reasons that we are introducing the Iain McLeod Pro Skate.

Featuring the Razors Genesys boot with all the trimmings. This steel blue boot includes replaceable 1-piece soul frames, backslide plates, Genesys liners, Ground Control FLT2 frames, and Signature Iain McLeod Undercover Wheels, all wrapped up with white/blue hockey laces and matching blue, white and black trim.

Features: GC FLT2 frame, Genesys liner with extra thick padding, McLeod Undercover ‘Duck Hunt’ Wheels (56mm/89a), Replaceable 1-piece soul frame, Replaceable backslide plate, Perfectly aligned backslide plate groove, 42 mm anti-rocker wheels, Oversized heel pad, Razors tool, ABEC 7 bearings. Sizes: 6-14, plus size 10.5

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  • chauncey

    if you guys at razors think he deserves so much respect why did you give him a genesys when he skates the SL boot?

  • wille malm

    Nice! estimated price in euros (boot-only) and full set up?
    Iain Mcleod is so tech and got mad steez!<3

  • ermahgerd

    bout fucking time

    too bad nobody skates the genesys model anymore

  • Anonymous

    bout fucking time!!!!!

    funny though because i thought he hates the genesys boot

  • Nils

    if you see all his newer Edits (on razors) he is often skating the genesys…

  • pro boot

    the greatest razor made to this date, cults too. my opinion

  • Brice

    Qu’elle évolution de la part de razors…

  • Anonymous

    same genesis. different colors. sweet

  • Anonymous


  • Tökös

    Much respect for IAIN for all his past, present, future rolling, tricks, motivation.
    I will buy a pair just to donate him those 2 Dollars he will get after every sold pair of blades.

  • Dis Dick

    Those graphics on the back of the cuff and the side are corny. Can boot companies just stop putting cartoon imagery on the fucking skates? Any artist/designer knows to “edit themselves.” This is how I know there are very few great designers in this industry… hard to find decent ones really.

  • Anonymous

    i skate the genesis. apparently razors still sells that boot enough to keep making it.

  • Trill Bill

    I find it fuckin’ hilarious that he is wearing a JUG shirt… and those Gens don’t come with Jug Liners…

    Still Iain is one of my favorite skaters. And has been dropping hammers forever.

    If I were in charge at Razors, we would have brought back out the skinned Gens like Dunkle, for Mcleod pro model. Or skins for Cult, and put Iains name on them.

  • Ramy

    Razors should stop to produce this kind of skates (genesys boots), cause they are always uglier.

  • air d

    WELL DESERVED! i cant wait for his pro sk8 edit to drop (:

  • @TrillBill

    He can wear whatever the fuck he wants hes a god damned BOSS

  • Trill Bill

    Yeah… He can wear some ripstyle shoes, and some floppy deshi’s… The point I was making for the ADVERTISEMENT, was that Razors has everyone and their mumma on JUG… Argon, Burston, Dre, Mathias, Sands, Abrate.

    Razor liners are fine… SSM liners are fine, and Valo liners are fine…

    Montre is sponsored by Jug, so is Itchy, and B-Free.

    When you rip as hard as Iain has, and you once had a Deshi pro model, it should be almost mandatory if you still rip to get pro mo out the ass. Iain doesn’t have an edit for this boot (That I am aware or… ) Nor does he need one. He is Iain.

    But it would be better for everyone if he did. And had Ripstyle liners… Haha! I don’t think ripstyle liners would be a good thing.

    I am having fun with this for the most part. Brian Aragon killed it on them Pigeon skates. Haha!

  • Anonymous

    awesome. they have four blue eye loops!! sold!!

  • Stefano

    genesys liner 100% or genesys liner with improvements? (like franky morales os4 liner and os4 standard liner)why not jug pro liner?when in grindhouse store?
    i have to support this guy, i don’t skate sl and genesys mcleod pro skate is mine!

  • Anonymous

    This reminds me of my old razors set up (obviously without the cuff and logo). Dipshit stole my skates and I can see why after looking at this.

  • max cortes

    Why did they even bother putting buckles on? Iain skates are always looser than a motherfucker hahaha

    No but seriously, it´s sick that he finally got a pro-model by Razors, he´s really high-tech and has been holding it down for years now.

  • Cole Collins

    Good!!! He deserves a pro skate and “yes”, it ISA about time!

  • rollerblading is gay

    dope that he got a skate! congrats iain!

  • Anonymous

    Are these going to be priced higher than the standard genesys?

    Are Razors planning to release a new non-pro genesys anytime soon, like G7.5 or G9.1?

    Will Razors ever sell a bootshell only so I can build my own and not have to pay for the genesys liner that I don’t like?

  • WeeeeOutHeaaaaaaaaaa

    They gave my nigga some shitty liners wtf

  • @ rollerblading is gay

    y use that name when ur name is Jeremy Soderburg? =/

  • pom

    deserves a sl!!!!

  • Anonymous

    copping these skates! iain deserves 50 skates by now

  • Answerman

    Razors is so innovative! Every time sth totaly new! Fuck yeah!

  • Dan G

    i cant wait to get this skate in my own hand!!! the skate looks so fucking sick!