Razors G9.1: Press Release

Spring is in the air and Razors is releasing a brand new edition of our popular Genesys skate. World renowned for its sturdiness and perfect balance between support and flex, the new G9.1 is better than ever.

It comes with a fresh white and black colour scheme, GC Featherlite frames, a replaceable grind and backslide plate and a super comfortable liner. The pre-shaped grooves of the frame and backslide are perfectly aligned making it ready to use out of the box.

Razors G9.1


– GC FLT2 frame
– Genesys liner with extra thick padding
– Durable hockey style laces
– Replaceable Soul frame
– Replaceable backslide plate
– Perfectly aligned backslide plate groove
– Oversized heel pad
– 42 mm anti-rocker wheels
– Razors tool
– ABEC 5 bearings
– Razor 56mm/90A wheels

Sizes: 6-14, plus size 10.5.

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  • quarkbottom

    the same , the same and the same but in white …. 10000 colors , 10000 different razor skate … when new models ??

  • Anonymous

    quarkbottom Says:
    March 11th, 2013 at 7:57 pm
    the same , the same and the same but in white …. 10000 colors , 10000 different razor skate … when new models ??

    true!!! razors begins to suck!!!

  • Anonymous

    how to just change the color of previous genesys and to fuck people who want to buy it ?? -> razors company !!

  • Rory.C

    Razors. Do something new for christ sake. Youre losing everyones interest.

  • Anonymous

    Remind me of something…
    Oh yeah, Genesys 4.1

    Oh and yeah, let’s call new laces an improvement that require a new model !

  • Anonymous

    be grateful, that they still support rollerblading. now they invest everything in scooters. no joke, i knew a scooter shop owner and he told me they make millions in a short time. right now it seems, that rollerblading is dead in the usa. no hate, just saying it. the european and asian people still sale skates. i would be happy, if the us-brands would invest more in the european market so we could help them out.

  • diordi

    WTF PEOPLE they made SL boots while ago and they have to create a new mold year by year ? because of what ? Did valo change beside valo light or usd classic or throne mold ? people here suck ! u dont want to buy new razors boots stfu and stay in front of your pc fokin haters !

  • Greg

    I agree with diordi, USD and other brands don’t change their models.
    Then, everybody knows that SL and genesys boots are the best that Razors can do because they are really good blades. So they change colours as the others brands. (sorry for my poor English)

  • uiso

    You can’t compare razors to usd. Razors doesn’t even bother in changing the colors, I mean, another white and black genesys? come on…
    On the other hand you gotta admit that usd right now is the most innovative brand, theyve got the biggest range of models, and also parts colors. They released 4 different models of carbon in the past few years.

  • Anonymous

    I agree that razors and genesys have been as groundbreaking as fart jokes. They could improve little details, like a new shock absorber, slightly modded souls or b/s plates etc. Instead, it smells like the same fart packed into a different asshole.

    But, maybe razors have hit a very good cost method for producing the genesys. RnD costs have been paid off long ago, and now, manufacturing gen’s probably make a larger margin.

  • Seacaptain

    The genesis were changed from the original ones, go look at a pair of the Jeff Stockwell genesis on Google. The BS plate looks similar but it was smaller, and they had a 4 piece soul system.