Razors Fabio Enes

Update: Fabio Enes posted a new picture of his Razors Cult pro model on Instagram.

Razors Fabio Enes Pro Cult Model

Prototype (the final skates won’t be released with the SL soulplate).

Razors Fabio Enes

Photos: FliptheScript & Blade or die.

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    would buy if not owned by andy wagner.. can not support razors.. dont be a razors add.. I bet the skate is good though. will not support non supporters!

  • Fading Light

    Soooooo which one is it?

  • Anonymous

    Pure shit. Get Carbons.

  • EddieBX ETNO/LBC

    Yo seriously, the rollerblading community looks so fucking bad with all these idiots always talking shit. Just because we have the freedom of speech isn’t a free pass to spew negative criticism for pure shock value. Go look at all other sports blogs, and you never see the extent of negative feedback from their users. And plus top level skates in 2nd or 3rd world countries are way out of reach for the average persons budget. makes sense that his skate is a razor classic shell. And in case some you didn’t read it. It read, PROTOTYPE (the final skates won’t be released with the SL soulplate). Sooooo, stop complaining about the soulplates…. ah fuck it IDGAF anyways lol.


    they are not coming with the new souls because it will cost too much in brasil

  • Anonymous

    guess what idiots, USD’s first skate was A FUCKING RAZOR CULT BOOT

  • Marc

    blatez what fabio sent razors and said…can i have this. they said yeh sure great idea…but no soleplates…and you’ll have to lace them your self. just cult boot. fabio :(

  • Marc

    the cult boot should be scrapped, it is too outdated.

  • Anonymous

    looks like a skate for kids <10 years

  • josh

    I’ve never liked the cult boot and i think it’s just because they had ugly soulplates. So Although the cult boot is a little dated the SL plates are definitely the way forward.

  • Anonymous

    Congrats for the signature skate, fabulous deserves for being better than anyone here.

    Also, he can probably read ( even in English) the text under the photo stating this is a prototype and the final version WILL NOT have an SL sole. So for everyone getting excited about that…..idiots

  • razors stronger shit than ever

    oh wait i remenber to saw this skate in 96 i remenber why i never buy a razors skate always the same shit with new colours technology!!!!!!!!

  • fdgfrh


  • fdgfrh

    like the sl setup alsoo noixx mafrenn

  • Anonymous

    Rollerblading is so fucking wack now its not even funny!

  • Anonymous

    …………………..VEEERY NICEEEE………………..

  • dayz

    looking at these takes me back to when i was in 3rd grade, skating on my $40 wheels from Target.

  • throating monster be

    Congrats Fabio, you well deserve it!

  • bsiberico

    Congrats to Fabio Enes! That guy deserves it…

  • k2thiago

    Definelly Fabio deserves it. But, in my opinion, razor might release a SL for him. Fabio is far better than some Razors Pro… but ok, he will shred with this one for sure! The haters can talk shit for ever, because is whatt they do, talk shit. They just can’t do anything else.
    Parabéns Fabionho, agora VAMO TRABAIA! HAHAHAHA
    Cola ae em Floripa quando estreiar o pro model!