Razors Fabio Enes

Update: Fabio Enes posted a new picture of his Razors Cult pro model on Instagram.

Razors Fabio Enes Pro Cult Model

Prototype (the final skates won’t be released with the SL soulplate).

Razors Fabio Enes

Photos: FliptheScript & Blade or die.

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120 Responses to “Razors Fabio Enes”

  1. Warren Hutton Says:

    a cult with wannabe SL souls. glad I’m riding USD.

  2. gobe mes boules Says:

    look nice
    Your comment was a bit too short. Please go back and try again.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    jamaica style…

  4. Anonymous Says:

    I hope it IS a cult with SL style soul/backside plate. Razors always look better with the Gen style double lace holes too.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    hahahahh wuuuut

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Pointless as fuck, Razors must be laughing re-creating the same skate over and over.

  7. Geoff acers Says:

    Fucking bootleg skates hahaha

  8. Anonymous Says:

    awful !!! what is this ? a toy ?

  9. Nate Diaz Says:

    Imagine them without the green laces & green stickers, there would be nothing at all different about them at all.

  10. Yur Boy Says:

    Quit bitching about razors doing the same thing over and over, every single company releases the same skates in different colors, its called marketing, do you expect them to make a new mold every month? Use your brain. These new soul plates look tight as fuck and its good to see razors making a price point blade with a good soul plate system and a well-deserving blader like Fabio repping them.

  11. MJ Says:

    You rollernews fucks make me sick. You are always calling for razors/usd to do something new, yet when they do, you moan. This is a pretty big update to the cult boot. You do not need a new boot mould every ten seconds, how different can a skate be!

  12. Joe Says:

    Yur boy…

    Every month? When did the razor flat shell come out like? Pretty sure it’s a little longer than a month ago.. Idiot.

  13. Joe Says:

    Hahahah cult? Can tell the people who think this is good have been skatin 5 minutes.

  14. Fabio Madruga Says:

    esse mano e zica mas que merecido Parabéns

  15. Anonymous Says:

    About time this guy gets a skate. He’s been laying down for years. Pro.

  16. Anonymous Says:

    This dude really deserves it because he’s been with Razors for quite awhile. Always entertaining to watch.

  17. vanderlei lopes Says:


  18. Anonymous Says:

    are those usd seven ??

  19. ??????? Says:

    ??, ?? ? ??????

  20. 4ekist Says:

    fuuu, wlak polneywiy ((

  21. kaspa Says:

    wonder how much imput he had on the design…

    because these are SHITTTTTTTTTT.


  22. Anonymous Says:

    Ugly as hell. Hope that’s just a photoshop mockery

  23. Anonymous Says:

    none of u idiots have an idea on how expensive it is to buy skates in brazil!!!!!! morons. its just like pianowski seven skate. big respect to fabio. he’s better then most of u

  24. Anonymous Says:

    and he doesnt need the top of the line to be better then most of u rich kids…

  25. Marcus Says:

    Epic fail, looks terrible, Enes deserves a much better skate

    These sliders looks weird, the color scheme is more of the same (c’mon if you will use an old mod at least use a diferent base color or put a damn skin on it), poor typography made for kids, the adhesive stick back on the cuff was not well applied and what is these extra holes for double laces? Seems to be unfinished…

    I liked the idea to use the cult mod but razors can be more creative than that


    You people bitching and moaning about creativity, but sound like a bunch of old people bitching about change. Until you actually touch, and ride the skate, shut the fuck up. Razors gives you a bit of change, and you shoot it down.

    Give the fucking skate a fucking chance. GEEZ.

  27. Anonymous Says:

    you all are fucking haters

  28. Anonymous Says:

    Putting those souls on my SSM’s for sure!

  29. igor Says:

    vai ser o mesmo preço do cult tradicional ?
    parabens ai mlk doido Fabio Enes !!

  30. mike Says:

    Why are this kids alwas bitching about everything???? dude if you like blading stop hating! and if you think you can do it better go ahead and come up with your own company!

  31. santa Says:

    Fabiooooo ! Congrats n awesome :)

  32. spielburgger Says:

    yea!!!!!!! Enes been killing forever!!!!!

    i think he was the first person to do 540 true fish brain, it was in a park comp

    when you put the work in, you get a great outcome!

    well deserved

  33. jr Says:

    Half the people bitching about these being old shells being re used probably skate Valo, which have the oldest shell in the history of the blading ( excluding the lights )

  34. Renan Nascimento Says:

    Parabéns Fabinhooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

  35. Renan Silva Says:

    Carai esse fico style em
    Parabens pelo pro model

  36. Morgan Reed Says:

    These are dope.

  37. MAGNETO Says:

    chora cavaco!!! BRASIL RULES!

  38. Nigel Thornberry Says:

    I mean I am all for a new skate, but c’mon Razors. The number of skates you are pumping out for people who don’t really deserve them is ridiculous.

  39. JM Says:

    Shame on Uuu ANDY !!! Enes deserves a SL PRO BOOT much more than a lot of guys who already got it.. much more than howard the useless bitch.. for example..

  40. Anonymous Says:

    never skated the cults and new souls might work out well but these look much worse than the original cults..
    give the man an SL boot and please don’t ruin the the G, Cults and Sl lines

  41. Christian Says:

    Razors have always been about performance and durability. These blades def look durable and I’m sure the performance has been enhanced quite a bit.

    You can clearly see the royale groove is deeper. Those souls look a bit bulked up too and more rounded. (Perhaps for cess slides and/or longer life?)

    Wait until a video review or introduction before you go talking nonsense just because it has green laces and a cult boot. (SSM is a cult boot, all they do is change the skin.) what’s the difference? If it’s not broke, don’t fix it.

  42. Lais Bulgarelli Says:


  43. filip Says:

    why cults? i thought SL’s were the best technology they had? so theyre just gonna tack Some SLish looking souls on some cults and not even have the low SL baseplate? whats the point?

  44. disappointed... Says:

    disappointed…it’s a shitttttttttt

  45. V Says:


  46. Justin Bailey Says:

    I think those look pretty good.

  47. Harry Potter Says:

    Well in my opinion, and you should care, its a cool skate they should just, not do green lace have them, slow down with the graphic on the back put a brazilian flag or something. and that would be a skate

  48. Anonymous Says:

    gay dumb stupid queer sily nonsence

  49. Mr.LovaLova.... Says:

    Razors=same design ever!?

  50. Anonyme Says:

    Congratulation Fabio but you desserve an SL boot!

  51. a dolphin Says:

    I met him and he is a nice guy.

  52. JamalBR Says:

    People who’ll never get a signed boot complaining about design shit.
    You want your new revolutionary design boot, with your name on it?
    Build your on company (Y)
    You still have to ride Razors, USD, or whatever.
    So shut the fuck up!

    None of you knows how’s difficult to be a rollerblader in Brazil, and we have now two brothers with signed skates for razors. That’s all that matters.
    They have been skating since they were just kids, and now they’re dream finally came true. THAT’S THE IMPORTANT THING ABOUT SIGNATURE SKATES. It was made for him, not for you bastards.

    Congrats Fabinho, and come back to Belo Horizonte!

  53. master D Says:

    the cult boot is classic and it skates well. but they should tell us more about the new souls.

  54. Carly Sanchez Says:

    For all you hater out there…. my man comes from a third world country and got a pro boot…. And the pictures arent even of the final skate….

  55. soul2roll Says:

    Owwww, that backslide looks a bit nice?? Cult boot :O Nimh/SSM better watch out if these come with a soft top.

    Gen cuffs on these too! Could be lush!!!

  56. SALT Says:

    I find it interesting haha
    It’s kind of like the Jon Elliot shells with fatter new age souls.
    Hey man I’d like to try them out because Superflat 2’s
    were my first aggressive skate and I loved those shells growing up!

  57. Anonymous Says:

    brazil is not a third world country

  58. mreid Says:

    Id skate them. I love the cult boot. Just bought a pair of shima 2s but cant skate them due to the fram bolts stabing me. This new soul might fix that. If you have skated for more than 5-6 years you probably skated these and know how good the are.

  59. Witalis Made in Poland Says:

    I had them 15 years ago, they were called Oxygen Argon at that time :)

  60. .Fx Says:

    When I said the Cult needs a reboot because they’re Razors best skate, this is obviously not what I meant.

  61. Anonymous Says:

    i’m all for innovation here guys but 9/10 of the skaters i see out here suck so much a new skate wont help

  62. Anonymous Says:

    haha seriously? these are fuck ugly but fabio shreds

  63. marzio Says:

    top pour l oldschool!!!!

  64. Anonymous Says:

    fabio skates? and bring something new to the table razors!!

  65. Anonymous Says:

    I always liked rolling the Cult boot. I wouldn’t buy these as I love my Classic Thrones too much but I’d be curious to see how it rolls.

  66. Marcelo Chaluppe Says:

    IRADO Fabinho, muita vibe mesmo!!!

    And for all those fucking haters, go get your own pro model besides talking bullshits about Fabio’s new pro model.


  67. Kev from OSO Says:

    Damn razors…contemporise man..

  68. Marcelo Chaluppe Says:

    IRADO FABINHO! Muita vibe mesmo!!!

    And for all you fucking haters, go skate and achieve pro levels to deserve a pro model as Fabio Enes deserves!!!

    BANDO DE GRINGO ZÉ RUELA…AQUI É BRASIL!!! go translate it on google translate you fags!!!

  69. Tyson W Says:

    Well I think they’re sick even though they’re not SL’s.
    All you kids need to get back to your roots and realise that skates that were designed 10-15 yrs still function.
    The new soul design looks to be an improvement and if you are bitching about the colourway go buy yourself a $1 permanent marker and colour in the green and yellow.
    That’s what i’ll be doing because a ninja price point skate is what i’ve been searching for quite a while and the bonus being its a cult boot with GC frames and a solid liner…
    Congrats to Fabio has been repping for a long time now and well deserved….

  70. Anonymous Says:

    This is why USD is now the #1 skate in the world.

  71. Phil England Says:

    I think we as the body of supporters ought to have a little more mental control to inspire our industry leaders with our constructive criticism and gratitude. At the end of the day, they are building this thing with us, not imposing it on us.
    Skate formulas that look good and work well don’t need to change. We seem to forget that, ideally, we are able to reach out to new blood, and for those new skaters, there need to be skates. People getting into the game will be reaching for the new stuff fresh from our companies, so we should give props to our companies to finding the new colors and presentations they use to keep products as fresh as possible. New molds cost thousands to manufacture, and we all know the money’s just not always there, so be grateful for the freshness we are fortunate to have.
    We ought to foster the newbies and the up and comers, and demonstrate the richness of the blading culture – we truly do have a common uniqueness that binds us, transcendent of so many societal boundaries. How many little kids who could be the next Chris Haffey would be inspired by the way we treat the brands working to keep us booted up?

  72. Anonymous Says:

    i see what razors are trying to do here.

    they are recycling the old classic boot style and updating the cuff and soul plates to match the newer SL style soul plates they have.

    good looking out. because now these plates are now compatible with…
    any SSM boots ( slight size and modifications needed). and also any of the existing classic style cult boots out there.
    for example:
    shima 3, cults 1-9 i think??, the esco zoos, the blue flats!
    the list goes on and on for those lucky enough to own a few of them.
    and can now customize these older generation skates to modern standards and also without having to create a new mold which has also been said before to cost a shit ton of money to make.

    i know you groms are too young to remember how badass the cults were and how many skaters skated them back in the day.
    but in those days the skate was regarded as one of the best skates out there and also one of the first blades to look closer to a sneaker. that is all the rage nowadays.

    and finally fabio has been repping hard for so long its nice to see another international skater get his props!

    i guess it all boils down to remaking the classics into something modern.
    i just hope the new soul plates dont suck cause the classic cults wear out too damn fast!

  73. Tiff Says:

    I’d cop a pair in a heartbeat. Old school flavor, with a new school jam.. I like!

    Congrats Fabio!

  74. jdouggie Says:

    its just mehhhh.

    never been a fan of razors, but at least they’re trying a little…

    also, why would major skate brands WANT to spend time and money developing all new skates from scratch? they know the shit they got already works, usd classic thrones, razors cults, m12s, shits been around forever. but when they even TRY something, like usd legacy, we just talk shit and don’t buy the skates. why make new shit if people will always just go back to the old shit they know and trust? entire brands have been built JUST to use a tried and true boot as their base, nimh/ssm/valo. they don’t really just pop up with something amazingly new (besides xsjado) so stop getting your hopes up

  75. Anonymous Says:

    Well done Fabio!!! You deserve it!!!!

  76. Anonymous Says:

    Bout time they redid the cult souls! Might leave Xsjados for these.. 9 years on xsjado to go back to these is telling you something…. og razors fit so well.!!

  77. Anonymous Says:

    I hope that is a new soul system… I’d love to try it on my SSMs

  78. Anonymous Says:

    Congrats Fabio! And for you haters Don’t you can do something better than just say whatever comes to your mind? Say something that can help at least…nobody here wants to read bullshits fags…

  79. Anonymous Says:

    Fabio posted a picture of this with standard cult souldplates, and then this … ??? can somebody explain with which of this souls plates do this skate comes ?

  80. Anonymous Says:

    I’m going to buy these and putting ssm souls on them. Ima support a deserving new pro, well done enes!

  81. Anonymous Says:

    These look a right cheap effort .sports direct.com

  82. Agent.UhMW Says:

    im pretty down with these new boots. im thinking the souls shouldn’t be that tall. i know some people will cut them down. but the classic razors was one of the best skates out back in the day. of course evolution makes them now one of the most basic. but nothing beats a classic. congrats fabio. should have came out sooner.

  83. Just saying Says:


  84. Joe Says:

    Wow just at shite as yesterday when I looked

  85. Dis Dick Says:

    Just when I thought Razors couldn’t make a worse looking skate…

  86. damn Says:

    want a cult like the old Shima 3 with skin ;)

  87. Anonymous Says:

    Better die than blade this !

  88. flowskate Says:

    READ THE ABOVE POST!!! Skates, when they are release, will not be released with the SL soul plates on them.

    so basically there just the cult. well gay.

  89. Salty Says:

    I like black razors.

    What I don’t like is the insoluble plastic that is made to make them.

    This type of plastic is not biodegradable and this is why there are people currently in the north pole kissing polar bears.

    Its all Razors fault.

  90. Tom Cheung Says:

    Who’s going to buy these. They fucking suck.

  91. Lazo Says:

    Why da fuk iz razor giving him a cult???? Did he choose a cult? If that was his only choice I feel bad for him. I mean why iz the best skates like razor&remz cheating there riders outa so much money? And yes I said it. Razor&remz skate the best outa any skate on the market to date!

  92. Anonymous Says:

    Because Fabio skates the cult as his main boot.

  93. Rafael Messias Says:

    congrats Fabio ! VOCÊ MERECE MEU QUERIDO !!!!

  94. Paulie Haack Says:

    congrats on the pro skate!! fucking shredder!!

  95. NICK Says:

    eugh they look like SSM without the skin…oh wait

  96. Anonymous Says:

    You all should blade more and talk shit less.

  97. Anonymous Says:

    the colourway is super homo – even tho i know south america is full of homos & trannies

  98. Anonymous Says:

    Ssm souls would be so butter with these, black em out and you’re good. I’m getting these for sure

  99. Wtfff Says:

    Just give him a all black sl with green and yellow parts

  100. Vai Brasil ! Says:

    Pode cre.. Parabens ao mano Fabio! Representa ai.. É nóis

  101. Ad Says:

    would buy if not owned by andy wagner.. can not support razors.. dont be a razors add.. I bet the skate is good though. will not support non supporters!

  102. Fading Light Says:

    Soooooo which one is it?

  103. Anonymous Says:

    Pure shit. Get Carbons.

  104. EddieBX ETNO/LBC Says:

    Yo seriously, the rollerblading community looks so fucking bad with all these idiots always talking shit. Just because we have the freedom of speech isn’t a free pass to spew negative criticism for pure shock value. Go look at all other sports blogs, and you never see the extent of negative feedback from their users. And plus top level skates in 2nd or 3rd world countries are way out of reach for the average persons budget. makes sense that his skate is a razor classic shell. And in case some you didn’t read it. It read, PROTOTYPE (the final skates won’t be released with the SL soulplate). Sooooo, stop complaining about the soulplates…. ah fuck it IDGAF anyways lol.

  105. DREW HUMPHREY Says:

    they are not coming with the new souls because it will cost too much in brasil

  106. Anonymous Says:

    guess what idiots, USD’s first skate was A FUCKING RAZOR CULT BOOT

  107. Marc Says:

    blatez what fabio sent razors and said…can i have this. they said yeh sure great idea…but no soleplates…and you’ll have to lace them your self. just cult boot. fabio :(

  108. Marc Says:

    the cult boot should be scrapped, it is too outdated.

  109. Anonymous Says:

    looks like a skate for kids <10 years

  110. josh Says:

    I’ve never liked the cult boot and i think it’s just because they had ugly soulplates. So Although the cult boot is a little dated the SL plates are definitely the way forward.

  111. Anonymous Says:

    Congrats for the signature skate, fabulous deserves for being better than anyone here.

    Also, he can probably read ( even in English) the text under the photo stating this is a prototype and the final version WILL NOT have an SL sole. So for everyone getting excited about that…..idiots

  112. razors stronger shit than ever Says:

    oh wait i remenber to saw this skate in 96 i remenber why i never buy a razors skate always the same shit with new colours technology!!!!!!!!

  113. fdgfrh Says:


  114. fdgfrh Says:

    like the sl setup alsoo noixx mafrenn

  115. Anonymous Says:

    Rollerblading is so fucking wack now its not even funny!

  116. Anonymous Says:

    …………………..VEEERY NICEEEE………………..

  117. dayz Says:

    looking at these takes me back to when i was in 3rd grade, skating on my $40 wheels from Target.

  118. throating monster be Says:

    Congrats Fabio, you well deserve it!

  119. bsiberico Says:

    Congrats to Fabio Enes! That guy deserves it…

  120. k2thiago Says:

    Definelly Fabio deserves it. But, in my opinion, razor might release a SL for him. Fabio is far better than some Razors Pro… but ok, he will shred with this one for sure! The haters can talk shit for ever, because is whatt they do, talk shit. They just can’t do anything else.
    Parabéns Fabionho, agora VAMO TRABAIA! HAHAHAHA
    Cola ae em Floripa quando estreiar o pro model!