Razors Don Bambrick

razors bambrick

Don Bambrick’s first pro model is a special skate. Not only because of its unique denim blue color but because of it’s amazing skating characteristics: Without a doubt, the Bambrick is the fastest sliding skate right out of the box.

Being much closer to the soul because of the baseless skate concept, offers better balance through a lower center of gravity and makes it much easier to lock onto soul tricks. Alley op topsides feel way less of a chore than in traditional skates and it feels as if the soul is the exact bottom of your foot.

The combination of the perfectly grooved backslide plate and Ground Control’s Featherlite frame create the perfect balance point for groove tricks, making it way easier to hold one footers like backslides and torques for longer more controlled grinds.

The oversized heel pad decreases road shock and protects knees and ankles from impact pains during sessions. Other great features are its surprisingly light weight and the almost legendary durability and strength which provide full support even after months of skating.


  • Baseless boot concept
  • Replaceable soul frame, backslide plate and sliders
  • Razors liner with tongue retention system and oversized high density padding
  • Jug Gel Pad
  • Razors 56/90A wheels
  • GC Featherlite frame
  • ABEC 5 bearings

Sizes: 6-13, and 10.5. MSRP: 279.90.

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42 Responses to “Razors Don Bambrick”

  1. Mike/rando Says:

    Maybe they needed to take a few more photos to get the colour right.

  2. Johnny Droog Says:

    featherlight 1’s? such great skates with such a bad frame. Razors should put some FTL 2’s on them

  3. ajossf Says:

    thought that bambrick`s are blue )
    in description it`s “denim blue color ” ))
    they probably forgot what color to set on this “New Skates”

    Razors+Traders = Trazors

    razros is a good company with quality product, but for what this custom games, don`t understand.

  4. Hirby Says:

    I want see a Razors with Skin again ;) ! maybe Dre Powell ???

  5. traducer Says:

    these skates look so clean

  6. Xak Says:

    On the pic the look EXACTLY the same as the Icons 2…

  7. DarthRoller Says:

    Is there a better photo?

    Or is this the final colour scheme and the blue has been rejected?

    This looks like an Icon 2 with “Don” on it.

  8. carlos Says:

    why bother with descriptions, its the same skate as before…

  9. felix Says:

    well deserved, but we all want to see more clips of you don, promote your skate more, make a tour with dayly, weekly clips to promote it!
    good skates, nothing to say more!

  10. smoker Says:

    hella boring

    Your comment was too true. Please go back and try again.

  11. JIMaica Says:

    still not convinced by these new razors, i cant see them looking good in any way :/ its a shame coz concepts behind the boot age good.
    i think its the toe i dont like, and the soulplates not that nice and the cuff should be taller and start lower down.
    and why the razor liners? :s

  12. Salt Says:

    Ya wtf happened with the blue shell that were kinda like the
    flats color scheme that shit was mad ill. this just looks like
    another icon.

  13. BP Says:

    Anybody else want to cry about the color…Skates look nice and the price point is better without the jug liners that’s why there in there. So they can market a Cheaper skate than there already current two Aragon skates on the market now.

  14. jimmy Says:

    yep they’re razors all right. nothing new to see here people move along.

  15. Marcus Says:

    not a razor fan but a like a lot this aragon 3 blue version

  16. Laam Says:

    Soooo is it the same backslide plate as the A3 and Icon??? cos that is one of the worst backslide plates ive used in ages!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    better for backslide tricks my arse!!! i wen straight back to gens… BOOM!!!

  17. Chris Johnston Says:

    whoever said they look like a blue aragon is an idiot. its the same mold nig nog. of course it looks the same.

  18. hoax34 Says:

    As pro models go, I don’t think this is very ‘pro.’ Fair enough it’s a nice blue colour, but no Trust liner and no (not even fake) Street Artist wheels? Seems a bit of a shame for such a deserving skater to not get their actual setup even if it is cheaper this way. Maybe the Bambrick 2’s will do better.

  19. al dolega Says:

    This picture is off, the skate is a navy blue.

    There isn’t a Jug liner in it because Don skates for Trust. Razors & Trust couldn’t get the pricing to work out to have a Trust liner in the skate at a reasonable price, so it’s a Razors liner instead…. a pretty damned good Razors liner at that- it’s basically the A3 liner with different logos.

    Why FLT1’s instead of 2’s? I dunno.

    There isn’t a Street Artist wheel on the skate because STAR’s new wheels are very expensive and would have driven the price of the skate way up. And AJ is too smart to license his graphic for printing on a crappy stock wheel.

  20. Grigore The Awesome Says:

    So , I really think that this shit is …shit
    The superlight mold is an Aragon trademark , when you see a superlight skate , you go ” Yo ,look , aragons ! ”

    Probably , when I`ll see these skates , I`ll go , ” Look , Blue aragons !”

    So , my ideea is : “NEW FUCKING MOLDS !!” ( yes , I know it’s stupid , but you had to consider this happening when you released Aragon 1 first , and theeen Icons 2. )

  21. Pretty Says:

    JIMaica’s comment is right. I waited for this Don Bambrick’s model for about a month but now, when it is shown, I am very disappinted. I thought that the GC FTL 1, the Razors’ liner and these cheap wheels could make these skates more cheaper and for my pocket. But when I saw the price I thought “OOH MY GOD!!!!!” – 270E and 280$. I didn’t expect that price. Razors give inferior skates but the price is very big. So I am probably going to buy one Valo pair.
    Would you tell me – are Valos good ?

  22. newyorkmane! Says:

    no, no no no no no no no no no!

  23. Anonymous Says:

    the sk8 suks!!!!!razors is falling off…we need sum skates like the shima 6s again or the red le or w.e…….it looks like a sk8 that a fag with tight pants would were

  24. Bob Sled Says:

    When is Perkett getting his own skate?

  25. dave Says:

    @Anonymous, I understand that you don’t like these, after all, those skates are not for people under age of 10 who aren’t even capable of typing words such as “some” or “wear” correctly.

  26. neddy Says:

    wow you can now get razor sl’s in black,white,gray and blue really pushing the boat out there for individuality and the unique attraction of skating there razors!!

  27. WTF? Says:

    first off why is this faggot getting a pro skate when Eric Perkket isnt pro? secondly this skate is the icon 2 with Bitchbricks name on it

  28. Pretty Says:

    Waoul you tell me – Are Valos good skates ?

  29. Anonymous Says:

    PEOPLE! its the same mold, but then again… all the gen molds are the same, just different colors and no one complains… weirdos.

  30. ffdfdf Says:

    picture is fucked up color is perfect

  31. Goku aka Tiff Says:

    stop bitching about it, you know you’re gonna buy the skate anyway..

  32. Tom Fry Says:

    always the same, just different colors

  33. LMAO Says:

    Razor liners? FTL1’s? I’d rather get some used Aragon2’s or some ICONS2’s for like 60 bucks. Then hook them up with some FTL2’s and some Trust :p

  34. adobsnc Says:

    not a fan of razors anymore. powell 2’s would be dope tho.

  35. jack Says:

    Dont like them really in this pic any way,i wanted the blue to be stronger,from this pic they just look like icons really,with crap stock wheels that will wear down in about 2 weeks of street and Flt1 frames which in my opinion are pretty bad frames that snap to easy.

  36. Spary Says:

    The blue colour doesn’t look as strong in this photo. They are undoubtably the best looking skate razors have produced in some time.

  37. skitmatik Says:

    this just shows why usd is always on top!.

  38. Jens Says:

    if you dislike razors – like i do – just stop buying their shit

  39. adobsnc Says:

    they are sort of blue, same color as the stockwells


  40. Bob Mac Says:

    yeh the colour on this photos is pish, need to see them in real life to see how nice they look

  41. edymoney Says:

    holy crap all these haters need to get a big box of tampons. and quit crying half of these fools are little bitches. this is razors sl mold and thats it its not aragons specific mold. i would like to see half of these retards come up with a company, or wait get a pro skate! nope wont happen cuz your retarded attitude will never get you any were in life. razors is one of the pioneers so support is all we can give if you dont like em fuck you.

  42. connor Says:

    i have seen chaz sands and scott quin skating these at unit 23 and they are the best looking razor skate ever. and will most likely perform as good as they look…. amazing! and why leave comments saying that you dont like them???…. NO BODY CARES!!!