Razor Swag: Vinny Minton (Imperial Video), 2011 Edit

2011 Repost.

dre powell brian aragon korey waikiki

This edit was made from a weekend spent in San Marcos (ca). Bts by Julian Bah and David Tikva coming soon.

Cameras: canon 5d mark II, canon 7d. Lenses: canon 16-35mm, canon 24-105mm. Support cinevate.com & glidecam.com. Song: Aether – Makeshift Sanctuary.

vinny minton

Check this tweet by Greg Yaitanes (executive producer and director of HOUSE season SEVEN). Thanks Peter D.

greg yaitanes

Visit imperial-video.com.

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123 Responses to “Razor Swag: Vinny Minton (Imperial Video), 2011 Edit”

  1. E. Rod Says:


  2. 31 and still Rollin' Says:

    I think this has just shown all of yawl THIS IS HOW YOU DO IT!!!!!!!!! Quality editing, QUALITY filming and JUST PLAIN QUALITY. Nice one Vinny

  3. Leave a Reply Says:

    ohhh that´s was a great start into the day

  4. Adam Says:

    sick sick sick, so much props

  5. Kevon "Biz" Thompson Says:

    Vinny minton makes skating look so good. such a good filmier.
    really dope edit
    anyone catch that murda clip? its like he’s not even trying, so sick.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Maybe vinny should of shot game theory.
    then that movie would of been done some justice.

  7. ELaban Says:

    See, now thats the kinda shit that makes me wanna go blade. Too bad its 4am and theres snow. Hecka dig this edit though.

  8. Juan Martinez Says:

    This is how you make a rollerblading edit!

    Vinny should film the next razors video for sure.

  9. kmcgloughlin Says:

    that thing where all the skaters line in a row should be called the VINNY or vinnying

    dope stuff
    well done

  10. marco s. Says:

    please compare this masterpiece with game theory and than tell me, what you think about it…

    vinny should have done the razros dvd, maybe than nobody would hate the razors team for their gangster/rihanna gay theory style!

    good work vinny!!! the music fits perfectly and the filming is the shit!!!

  11. udo Says:

    vinny > brazil

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    You are posting comments too quickly. Slow down. :(

  12. Scooby Doo Says:

    Robert Lievanos!!! Nice to see some footage

  13. wild Says:

    wanted this one to never end. didn’t ever expect to see rollerblading edit that blows me away like this. thanks Vinny !

  14. Anonymous Says:


    Best edit so far of 2011. Vinnys the best in the game as far as I’m concerned

  15. Neurosis Says:

    Who’s the one riding in white Trust’s?

    Such a nice cinematography. Accents where needed, nice colour, good sense of rythm. This guy has very good taste, no wonder he is doing so well.

  16. Simon Mulvaney Says:

    Another ridiculously sick edit from Vinny Monton! Such an inspiration to all film makers in the industry!

  17. Sim Warren Says:

    It’s videos like this that make rollerblading look incredible to those who doubt it.


  18. Drugs is good Says:

    Brazillionaire, go home, never film again

    This is how you do it

  19. Diaz Says:

    AAAh, I just can’t stop trying to figure out what video Game Theory would have been if Vinny was behind the camera.
    Don’t get me wrong, Brazil’s a great videographer, but his edits are made for another culture, basketball, football whatever, Vinny first found the sickest style in inline-skating, and now has found the sickest style in inline editing.
    The only bad note to that edit is Vinny doesn’t skate in it as well.
    Make Vinny the official edit-maker for Razors, please.

  20. thankyou. Says:

    this is how razors should be represented. no rockstar bullshit.

  21. Andy Says:

    Damn, i’m speechless….so sick

  22. Luke Says:

    Vinny Minton is on his own level! Has been skating wise and is editing wise today!!!

  23. Pedro Muniz Says:

    Oh my God!
    This is fuck AMAZING!
    Perfect image.

  24. bander Says:

    the best video on the edit

  25. Anonymous Says:

    Vinny is a true professional. All the other guys are just wannabe’s!

  26. sl. Says:

    A M A Z I N G


  27. Rodrigo Lagoa Says:

    great toys cuz!

  28. Carlo Says:

    Draaaa ! Vinny you re the best man !

  29. ramdam Says:

    Vinny: 1 – 0 : Bazil

  30. shamu Says:

    i guess his useing twixtor now!?
    professional filming with non professional equiment..gotta love vinny!

  31. Anonymous Says:

    it’s been nice knowing you Brazilionaire

    Vinny rules! You cannot pay him enough to do what he does for blading!!

  32. duder Says:

    Vinny is a great filmer and has great filming aesthetics, and good taste in music, but lets face it Brazil is a better editor. Sill would rather have Vinny edit a blade video though, why? cause his style is better than Brazils, especially muzack!

  33. 4114N Says:

    beautiful comp guys! dawn nice job!

  34. Vini Says:

    just fuckin amazing

  35. Anonymous Says:

    soo much fun watching these types of edits.. gooo vinny.. if anyone ever wants to see rollerblading. aside from showing ppl haffeys sections which i know you do… show them vinny’s videos.. this and his bcsd ( unless it was winter clash? which ever was similar to this edit) and his wedding photos and they will always be in awe

    props vinny

  36. Anonymous Says:

    I wonder why Vinny never became the filmer for Valo, since he’s from NorCal? It would have been a good move to snag him at least so Razors wouldn’t get him. Maybe his pants weren’t tight enough or something.

    Genius move by Razors, doing a Vinny collabo. I can only hope it’s permanent, but who knows, maybe VInny makes more money on his own than he would as any company’s filmer. Anyway, I LOVED this edit. Hope to see more!!!

  37. Mike Says:

    Vinny has the best edits in the game. Period.

  38. GiB Says:

    Amazing edit …. but I want to see Vinny skating also!!!!!! ;(

    Vinny show us something next time!!!

    !!!! beST

  39. Noah Neuber Says:

    That was such a sick edit !!!! Sneaky kills it, so do all the other dudes just a great edit

  40. pstewart Says:

    great edit, i loved the long continuous shots…… soo good

  41. Cata Says:

    1. “vinny should have done the razros dvd maybe than nobody would hate the razors team for their gangster/rihanna gay theory style!”

    2. “Robert Lievanos!!! Nice to see some footage”

    3. “anyone catch that murda clip? its like he’s not even trying”


  42. Anonymous Says:

    Aragon is the man! Always was killin’ it and STILL killin’ it till’ today… His style gets 50 times better in every new edit that i see him.. GO PRINCE ARAGON!

  43. jose fuentes Says:


    Such a sick edit man, keep that shit going!

  44. stevo Says:

    best way to start a day off damn that was amazing time for the day

  45. SHADE Says:

    Damn I did not know that vinny’s production was as good as his skating

  46. dyed red deshis Says:

    Here’s the thing Vinny is the shit. Brazil shouldn’t have to really edit a freaking Pro Team clip. Did you see any pauses in the action with Vinny. nope.

  47. steveig Says:

    Nice job, i want more mike murda clips ;-)

  48. @ Andy Wegener Says:

    go pay Vinny, fire that brazil fagggg

  49. hoax34 Says:

    No Hate! Vinny > Rollernews!

  50. BartenderT Says:

    This is why i downloaded Gay Theory! Vinny can do way better than fucking “wannabe an MTV film maker” brazillionaire!

    BTW good to watch sneaky shreding, long time i haven’t seen him in an edit, this kid is dope!!

  51. Anonymous Says:

    @hoax34 yes vinny is the best website ever! wait

  52. nekokrew Says:

    that murda clip did my day! i would love to see vinny shot edit by AJ…

  53. Anonymous Says:

    vinny you are god thank you for this edit

  54. x Phaggotz x Says:

    I was happy to be able to watch this on my Evo this morning at work, it made the last hour of work worthwhile. Good job Vinny..

  55. Adrien Anne Says:

    Nice quality, Vinny for the next Razors dvd?

  56. vinylhead Says:

    my only complaint is that i was hoping to see one clip of vinny…but shit was still amazing regardless, nice work.

  57. brazillionaire Says:

    razors was startin to look like bunique…this is much better

    how is Dre Powell pro? he sucks

  58. Q Says:

    to how dre powell is still pro is beyond me when kids like Jeph Howard are am’s Vinny Minton is def ontop of the filming scene right now crispy clean

  59. Anonymous Says:

    non stop action scenes were just great!

  60. nik mackey Says:

    so sick. made me proud.

  61. Dave Shaw Says:

    sick, would have a been even better if vinny threw in one of his top soyals

  62. Anonymous Says:

    I watch the umpteenth time, and still i can’t take my mouth from keyboard.

  63. phil Says:

    1. amazing. 2. Murda… that one clip is enough to explain why ur my second fave behind aragon. toooo much style.

  64. w. cruz Says:

    damn, replay that shit 1,000 times.

  65. Anonymous Says:

    WOW, Best edit i’ve seen in years congrats to Vinny and The Razors Boys for making skating look the way it really is………….FUN!!!!!! Vinny Definitely should have filmed Game Theory Nor Cal REPRESENT

  66. Mario Mlakar Says:

    Something taught someone a lesson here!

  67. Mario Mlakar Says:

    I meant SOMEBODY taught someone a lesson here !

  68. dooby Says:

    This is a remarkable edit! I really enjoyed it. It is pretty interesting how they managed to get some many tricks/skaters into one shot. Keep it up! That’s how it’s done!!

  69. yup Says:

    Good job Vinny!

  70. Anonymous Says:

    Vinny should not have filmed Game Theory. He should never make a video with this kind of filming, because it would get old. If he only releases 2 or 3 edits a year like this, it keeps it fresh and youll appreciate it that much more when you see it. Hes got a great thing going with these edits but 45 minutes of this would be too much, and Im sure even he knows that. Besides hes busy filming shit that actually makes him money, unlike skate videos.

  71. Addicted Says:


    Vinny should make a new rollerblading movie, like Hyphy, but in his new style!! I would buy it for 50 euro’s without doubt

  72. Anonymous Says:

    sneaky just showed dre up

  73. Anthony Maik Says:

    Vinny’s a legend in rollerblading and has been paying dues sense day one and is one of the best videographers and cinematographers in the blade game hands down, check the record hyphys 1 – 3 ( all amazing ) plus other videos i cant name right now, what im saying is he has alot more respect and alot more experience with videos then brazil does, but even if the razors team offered i think he wouldnt except although i love the idea, hes actually doing this that will make $ but major ups tho vinny cant wait to see your edit for BCSD its going to be amazing as always

    p.s. brazil is a fag

  74. Cary Thomas Says:

    best edit ive seen in sooooo long. vinny is the real deal fellers

  75. BartenderT Says:

    Where can I download Game Theory?

  76. Jacob ford Says:

    ^ yah i wanna know too?

  77. shane Says:

    “I wonder why Vinny never became the filmer for Valo, since he’s from NorCal? It would have been a good move to snag him at least so Razors wouldn’t get him.”

    Maybe because Ivan is the shit. have you not seen 4life top notch man. i like his stuff a lot better than vinny

  78. real Says:

    game theory for download on http://www.freestyleculture.com

    awesome edit

  79. your mom Says:

    holy shitttt. damn, now i wanna go skate. that was like a total eyegasm. speechless.
    powell was killing it, damn.

  80. Anonymous Says:

    freestyleculture.com can download game theory there.

  81. brink Says:

    They should have called this Game Theory minus 2 years of bullshit.

  82. OG Bobby Johnson Says:

    Wicked edit. Why all the hate toward Dre and Brazil? So Vinny is a better videographer, we know this. But show some class and don’t hate the other man’s hustle. You kids on here talking smack for no reason are poison. Dre has been putting in work for years in an industry that has continually failed to look after the older vets. We owe him the respect he deserves. Think Rob G on Rollerblade. Of course there are better rollers than Rob G, but he’s a vet and has been working hard for years. Props to him and Hyser for hooking him up. Dre is good, and deserves and be pro, as does Murda. You punks with too much time should look at other action sports sponsors and learn a thing or two.

  83. Brandon Andersen Says:

    Bobby Johnson Just spoke the truth.

  84. aaron turner Says:

    dont know what to say speechless. anyone know the tune to that edit?

  85. mr. wilson Says:

    i just ejaculated in my britches … that was some fine rollerskating those young men were doing .. wooooweeeee.. ill be goddamned

  86. VM Says:

    i appreciate the love from everyone, but want it to be clear.. i didn’t make this to compare to the razor video or to brazil skills.. i love brazils hustle, he is a good friend and actually taught me some things back n the day.. and as far as the dude who said dre sucks.. you need to re-watch game theory or watch it if you haven’t seen it.. dre is DOPE!!! and he’s really good people person, who actually sits and chops it up with all the kids on tours….

  87. Anonymous Says:

    i dont get these adults acting like 18 year old jocks with mom buying them new cars for school…

    this attitude is weeiirddd

    not a fan of razors ppl. i miss don.. he rept razors in a realistic matter…

    as a rollerblader

    not a rich surfer bro with bodacious bling and a swweeet cardigan


    oh and Vinny is the fucking man

    oh and before you little children say it all us “haters” know that these guys can out skate any of us… that has nothing to do with this.

    im forcing you to continue to read..


  88. www.myspace.com/djwrekshopmusic Says:

    I can’t stop watching this, its truly amazing! Aragon’s landing on that crazy rodeo flip thing at 3:18 was as perfect as could be, straight up stomped! Everyone killed it and Vinny’s skills are top notch.

    Thanks for making those points Vinny, most kids on here are clueless.

    Vinny and Brazil are both great and both deserve respect for all that they have done for rollerblading. Dre has been killing it lately! His section in Game Theory is just as good or better than his old stuff from 5 or 6 years ago, and that as we old schoolers out there know is not easy to do.

  89. Anonymous Says:

    Props to Vinny for commenting. Bobby brown is talking the truth right here!

    Yeah, sneaky is probably on a level with dre now, but so are many other kids, can’t just go kicking people off teams just because someones been killing it for a couple of years, where’s the respect in that?
    You guys must have forgot that dre and murda have been killing it for nearly a decade, and not only that it’s not just down to skating, it’s how you represent your team. (I don’t like dres style) but Many people do, and if he’s out there chatting to the kids and repping our sport then that’s why he’s pro.

    No wonder this sports not popular, as soon as someone hasn’t made a section in a few months the kids on here are calling for them to be kicked off their team! That’s just weak. The young guns time will come eventually

  90. dirtycuff Says:

    song anyone?
    props Vinny, amazing once again, i love the flow of this clip, truly remarkable

  91. Anonymous Says:

    Maybe because Ivan is the shit. have you not seen 4life top notch man. i like his stuff a lot better than vinny

    seen it once. same with STYD. Too much talking and way too long. Vinny’s edits just pull me in and show how cool rollerblading can be, not how cool rollerbladers think they are. there is a MAJOR difference.

  92. aaron turner Says:

    bruv for the people is cussing on dre powell you need to see his old vids and people can see why hes pro trust

  93. Hell yeahhh Says:

    They all try really hard, but none has done what rollerblading needs, neighter razors, remz, valo, or nimh, it´s all still just skate videos, nobody talks to outsiders, no rollerblading media is aimed at making fresh skaters, it´s all FUBU = For us by us, nothing is done to change the face of blading in the worldwide community, we are still considered posers and a cheap copy of skateboarding by everyone else, and that will never change, until companies start doing something real, and investing real money,Delivering the job to some REAL post production or production studio, instead of paying some dude here and there to make a video on his own…Who am I? 20 years into skating, Brazillian, 10 years studying english… 8 years into motion graphics, compositing, and video post-production, and if you “look up in the sky” every major extreme sports has better media than rollerblading.

    Enough said.

  94. Anonymous Says:

    gotta agree with Hell Yeahhh….no efforts to attract new skaters….no efforts to bring in young kids….no efforts to organize competition and get it on TV – we just watch ourselves skate

  95. Anonymous Says:

    Amazing edit,I love rollerblading.

  96. sean W Says:

    to all the kids who hate on dre or murda i wana see a edit from yall i both know Dre and Murda and they will shit on you

  97. henk Says:

    heel erg vet!

    Your comment was a bit too short. Please go back and try again.

  98. DougieK Says:


    so rarely do you see one skater after another hitting tricks like that in one follow shot.

    Massively refreshing, awesome skating, Vinnie is the man!

  99. Scott Wilcoxson Says:

    Well done Vinny! Hows your knee? You are constatly evolving for the better. Props to all the old and new heads making rolling look good. The reason Dre is pro is because he was killing it when you were an itch in your daddys pants, and still kills it! Like someone else said hes also a really nice guy who talks to everyone like their his hommie(key personality trait missing from alot of the pros).

  100. k2thiago Says:

    Few months ago i saw some comments telling bullshit about one scene that’s Minton has made for a hollywood film. In that scene, he filmed a skater girl. What that haters say now? This is the best edit, with the best photography i seen so far. Vinny has developed his talents on filming and editing without prejudgement, and this long way lead him to this level of quality and professionalism. This is what is missing on the inline skate industry/community.
    Congratulations Vinny! Keep the amazing job!

  101. FiveOneNine Says:

    WOW! Can’t wait to see his BCSD edit

  102. Chris Says:


  103. Wow Says:

    Why is there so much hype around this and vinny? he’s REALLY not that good. Better than the vast majority of videographers who contribute to rollerblading but he really hasnt got that much of an artistic eye and his editing is basic. He’s just got the equipment… All those pony wedding videos he does and gets overly paid for them…

  104. Brandon Andersen Says:

    “Wow”^^^ You have got to be semi retarded. I think its you that doesn’t have the artistic eye.

  105. sickEdit Says:

    This edit was so fucking fresh god damn it. Words cannot ddescribe how happy that made me

  106. Scott Wilcoxson Says:

    “Wow”^^^ You have got to be semi retarded. -Brandon Anderson

    Well said Brandon. I think we should take Lenny(Wow) and have a public wheeling(stoning), while he tells us all the great things hes doing for rollerblading other than trolling. How the hell can you knock Vinny for getting paid and then giving back to the rolling community? Oh, thats right, your semi retarded.

  107. tabascotodaeye Says:

    Fucking Beautiful. if i ever forgot how much i loved rollerblading this just reminded me, best edit in a long time.

  108. Upsidedown Says:

    Braizl made me hate razors and vinny made me like em

  109. Kristjan Says:

    Name of the song please? Vinny you are master of filming and editing.

  110. Smashin Dumplings Says:

    Some great ricks there, Aragon’s true fish on the square single rail was amazing, and that jump tap thing that Dre did was soooooo good, love Dre Powell he has been ripping for so long and is still way ahead of most people out there today.

  111. Anonymous Says:


  112. iritu Says:

    mirzoyan go home .. vinny pownz

  113. Rhys Says:

    I just came a little bit…..

    Vinny should remake game theroy

  114. Peter D Says:

    @Wow and anyone else who thinks they know something about filming and having an “artistic eye”….

    Read this twitter post: http://twitter.com/#!/GregYaitanes

    Then look up who Greg Yaitanes is… Here is an excerpt from his IMDB profile: “Emmy Award-winning director Greg Yaitanes, 40, is one of the most respected names in television, directing and producing top shows including Damages, Lost, Prison Break, Heroes and Grey’s Anatomy.”

    So there, someone with REAL LIFE experience WHO KNOWS WHAT THEY ARE TALKING ABOUT is giving Vinny much deserved credit. So all of you little fucks who think you know what your talking about… well you don’t, you are nobody, you have not proven yourself, you have not contributed anything to rollerblading or any other industry – you will amount to NOTHING because you don’t “get it”.

  115. koubis Says:

    @Peter D: direct link

  116. Pom West Says:

    Can’t believe people are trying to defend Brazillionaire’s shitty work. He is not a good cinematographer by any means. He poorly beat matches his footage to crap music, uses stock footage, uses slow motion as a crutch, doesn’t colour grade his work, etc.

  117. dss Says:


  118. Anonymous Says:

    Best videographer in blading history

  119. M. Says:

    Rollerblading needs more people like Vinny Minton.
    Talented skater and videographer.

  120. Robbie Grogan Says:

    Nothing says aggressive inline like a baby blue helmet

  121. Anonymous Says:

    damn that video was sick. don’t blame aragon for taking a hiatus, makes shit look to easy. lievanos cameo was dope haha.

  122. Dane Says:

    The guy from seba Antony is also a killer with a steady cam ! he made some really beautiful slalom video in the same kind.. i hope he will work on something similar for aggressive, it would be dope !!!

  123. haha Says:

    i love brian aragon.