Razor Swag: Vinny Minton (Imperial Video), 2011 Edit

2011 Repost.

dre powell brian aragon korey waikiki

This edit was made from a weekend spent in San Marcos (ca). Bts by Julian Bah and David Tikva coming soon.

Cameras: canon 5d mark II, canon 7d. Lenses: canon 16-35mm, canon 24-105mm. Support cinevate.com & glidecam.com. Song: Aether – Makeshift Sanctuary.

vinny minton

Check this tweet by Greg Yaitanes (executive producer and director of HOUSE season SEVEN). Thanks Peter D.

greg yaitanes

Visit imperial-video.com.

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  • FiveOneNine

    WOW! Can’t wait to see his BCSD edit

  • Chris


  • Wow

    Why is there so much hype around this and vinny? he’s REALLY not that good. Better than the vast majority of videographers who contribute to rollerblading but he really hasnt got that much of an artistic eye and his editing is basic. He’s just got the equipment… All those pony wedding videos he does and gets overly paid for them…

  • Brandon Andersen

    “Wow”^^^ You have got to be semi retarded. I think its you that doesn’t have the artistic eye.

  • sickEdit

    This edit was so fucking fresh god damn it. Words cannot ddescribe how happy that made me

  • Scott Wilcoxson

    “Wow”^^^ You have got to be semi retarded. -Brandon Anderson

    Well said Brandon. I think we should take Lenny(Wow) and have a public wheeling(stoning), while he tells us all the great things hes doing for rollerblading other than trolling. How the hell can you knock Vinny for getting paid and then giving back to the rolling community? Oh, thats right, your semi retarded.

  • tabascotodaeye

    Fucking Beautiful. if i ever forgot how much i loved rollerblading this just reminded me, best edit in a long time.

  • Upsidedown

    Braizl made me hate razors and vinny made me like em

  • Kristjan

    Name of the song please? Vinny you are master of filming and editing.

  • Smashin Dumplings

    Some great ricks there, Aragon’s true fish on the square single rail was amazing, and that jump tap thing that Dre did was soooooo good, love Dre Powell he has been ripping for so long and is still way ahead of most people out there today.

  • Anonymous


  • iritu

    mirzoyan go home .. vinny pownz

  • Rhys

    I just came a little bit…..

    Vinny should remake game theroy

  • Peter D

    @Wow and anyone else who thinks they know something about filming and having an “artistic eye”….

    Read this twitter post: http://twitter.com/#!/GregYaitanes

    Then look up who Greg Yaitanes is… Here is an excerpt from his IMDB profile: “Emmy Award-winning director Greg Yaitanes, 40, is one of the most respected names in television, directing and producing top shows including Damages, Lost, Prison Break, Heroes and Grey’s Anatomy.”

    So there, someone with REAL LIFE experience WHO KNOWS WHAT THEY ARE TALKING ABOUT is giving Vinny much deserved credit. So all of you little fucks who think you know what your talking about… well you don’t, you are nobody, you have not proven yourself, you have not contributed anything to rollerblading or any other industry – you will amount to NOTHING because you don’t “get it”.

  • koubis
  • Pom West

    Can’t believe people are trying to defend Brazillionaire’s shitty work. He is not a good cinematographer by any means. He poorly beat matches his footage to crap music, uses stock footage, uses slow motion as a crutch, doesn’t colour grade his work, etc.

  • http://www.google.com dss


  • Anonymous

    Best videographer in blading history

  • M.

    Rollerblading needs more people like Vinny Minton.
    Talented skater and videographer.

  • Robbie Grogan

    Nothing says aggressive inline like a baby blue helmet

  • Anonymous

    damn that video was sick. don’t blame aragon for taking a hiatus, makes shit look to easy. lievanos cameo was dope haha.

  • Dane

    The guy from seba Antony is also a killer with a steady cam ! he made some really beautiful slalom video in the same kind.. i hope he will work on something similar for aggressive, it would be dope !!!

  • haha

    i love brian aragon.