Randy Spizer -Roadhouse- (31): 2012 Quick Shred Shesh

Known to skaters of the nineties as “Roadhouse”. Randy Spitzer has come to symbolize true street skating and longevity in a sport that tears through its star athletes.

He turned pro in 1996, at the age of sixteen and won the ASA World Champinships in 1997. For the next couple of years randy went underground.

He started a skate company, Deshi, a clothing company, Esoteric and a wheel company, Second regime, before reemerging in 2002 as a competitive force. (Asa Events).

Randy Spizer (Roadhouse)
Photos: ASA.

Bonus: Randy Spizer (13) – Videogroove III (Not A Word) Profile
Groove Productions 1996. Thanks Claudio Antonelli.

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70 Responses to “Randy Spizer -Roadhouse- (31): 2012 Quick Shred Shesh”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Yeah amazing!
    I wanna do a big come back too !!!

    But no one cares haha!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    so good to see randy again ! this dude always rulez , massive icon from the 90’s

  3. SLUGLORD Says:

    The dude still rips so hard!!!

  4. og Says:

    if there is less than 50 comments on this im gonna quit skating

    kids need to learn

    respect Randy

  5. Alp Says:

    The man !!!! Hope we ll see him skate like Luie does !! Very very happy to see him back !!
    From Istanbul Turkey !!!

  6. Ric Says:

    That was refreshing too see an OG still Killing it. Josh Petty should put an edit out this year too.

  7. Tomass Hyser Says:

    Yea Randy! Still got it brother.

  8. Scott Wilcoxson Says:

    Very good to see this morning. I wonder how many people on this site even know who Roadhouse is. Thanks for still holding it down Randy:)

  9. Carolus Says:

    wish i was that good after thous years, still remember watching his clips to juiced up before rolling, pros from Silesia man !!!!!!

  10. ninjabeat Says:

    Living legend!! Great skater, designer and fisherman :D.
    Best front fahrvs in the game.

  11. RoNAn Says:

    Sick Spizers back! Had his Senate roudhouse crayola wheels back in the day! That flared out truespin mizou full spizer!! Glad to see a return of another legend, if anyone could phone the beast Bryan Jaggers and let him know it’s his turn would be awesome :-D

  12. Trill Bill Says:

    I realized a long time ago all these dudes are much better than some of these 14 year olds who will on day be 20 put them out to be. Acid True Mizou…

    I don’t even got that on my curb whoadie son!

    HAHA!! There should be more than 50 comments if more than 50 people over the age of 22 and are LEGITIMATE OG’s, WORKING HARD, SKATING HARD, MAINTAINING HARD, and checking the page DAILY.

    I can no doubt say I was blading before ASA was even around. I’m before Senate really popped off and had distro.

    Randy is a Badass Angler too! He is much better at fishing than true fishing… See what I did thar? This dude pretty much rules at life if you haven’t noticed.

  13. Anonymous Says:

    So good to see where all these pros are now. Gotta remember our roots!

  14. og Says:

    come on guy -lets get to 50

  15. felix Says:

    he was this young upcomming kid back then ;-), still have some sets of his grindwheels. go randy!

  16. og from france Says:

    trace( “randy spizer is a legend !”);

    :) well done randy

  17. zakbuys Says:

    The legend returns… Boom!

  18. John Hepp Says:

    This made my day! Pretty much what Trill Bill said.

  19. omg Says:

    senate ads were the best

  20. J.Wilcox Says:

    John Hepp Says:

    March 23rd, 2012 at 2:04 pm
    This made my day! Pretty much what Trill Bill said.

    what they said ^

  21. Earl M Bryan Says:

    sweet deal omg miss this guy

  22. YAH ! Says:

    bump for comments !

    Roadhouse Backslide = best style ever of all time any skater ! BAM !

  23. Anonymous Says:

    The ORIGINAL ICON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    This is what style is kids!! No 450 huckfest to sloppy grinds and bad rollaways. Just clean, fast, precise blading…. still blading like a pro!

  25. micky f Says:

    hero!!! end off

  26. Sgt Hartmann Says:

    Randy was my idol when i was young and he still rock.
    I wanna have some deshi dk1 again!

  27. Puerto Rico-Hector "tato" Gonzalez Says:

    i can wait to watch a new randy section edit. legend.

  28. Priest Says:

    Pure killer!!!!!

  29. Germanyboy Says:

    L E G E N D !!!! Great to see him again!!!

  30. Anonymous Says:

    he fell of so intense. Rollerblading has no continuity, thats why it has no future

  31. Anonymous Says:

    * off

    Your comment was a bit too short. fuck off you know im right.

  32. louie Z in SD Says:

    i skated this bowl with Roadhouse a few months back. we brought a camera but forgot to film. that happens when you are having fun, like we used to. Roadhouse is the definition of LEGEND. i just followed his lead.

    louie z

  33. Angel Jaime Says:

    This shitty edit made my day :)

  34. Alex M. Says:

    LEGEND!! Roadhouse and Louie Z. always skated with so much speed and control, that as a little grom, when I got to see them skate in person, I was amazed that they fell, like the rest of is.

    Gotta love it, to watch the legends still ripping, bucking the passage of time.

  35. Carlos "B@buL" Román - Puerto Rico Says:

    Randy Spizer IS Rollerblading! Those were the years 2000-2006! That was my era of Rollerblading and I know a lot of people like that era better than Rollerblading these dayz! This man is a LEGEND so all of U gremos that don’t know your Rollerblading history have to RESPECT what Randy DID and STILL will do to Rollerblading as a way of life! Saludos desde Puerto Rico and Roll4Life! I’m and OG myself in case U don’t know… :D Yescaaaaaaaa!

  36. Nick G. Says:

    RN should have posted his Noir section, every time I hear that shitty Justin Timberlake song I think of Roadhouse and his stupid 4 tone bleach job hair saying in the most high pitched voice “we gotta sneak Charlie Ashby in the back” (which is from the end of IMYTA but whatever)

    I love Randy Spizer, he was in my top 3 favorite skaters of all time. Fuck SSM, conference send Randy some carbons after all him and Louie fucking invented the general idea of them.

  37. ChrisBray Says:

    This is bar far the best thing i have seen on this site. Made my day.

  38. YAH ! Says:

    lol didn’t he skate to “Spice Girls” in on of his sections ! lol just remembered that :)

  39. deubeul Says:

    put his millenium section!!!

  40. heck $ Says:

    roadhouse was my rolling idol while i was growing up. now he’s a pro bass fisher too. dude still rips.. keep it up randy even if it is just for fun now in days.. i just turned 27 & i’ve been rolling since ’97. never for the money, i’ve never been good enough, but i’m gonna keep going till i can’t no more.


    needs moar comments

  42. Ninjabeat Says:

    Dont forget he always skated with a smile in his face. Rollerblading has to be fun and he was one of the most important icons during the golden age of blading.

  43. Anonymous Says:

    his section in 50/50 juice is one of my all time favorites, go on the spizer

  44. GardenaMark Says:


  45. westside Says:

    that senate ad the end was so fucking good!

  46. the Truth Says:

    makes you realize just how pathetic skaters like Broski and the Kelsos are

  47. some guy Says:

    I think this is 47.. ROADHOUSE!!!!!

  48. slatkar Says:

    fuck yea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. fag oli benet Says:

    I think i got fifty and i didn’t thik this edit was good at all. every old pro skates this good. but i did love watching the VG3 section brought me back to the golden years.

  50. fag oli benet Says:

    I got fifty. ha ha. randy could have been a life long double for makali caulkin.

  51. Anonymous Says:

    dope seein him skate like he never stopped….@Nick G. him n zamora were head of deshi’s idea but the skate was already made under USD designed from the Pointer shoe and they just decided to bring randy and louie into the mix and suggested a new diff brand…just sayin…..id like to see him on some USD either way cuz i dont like ssm either

  52. Anonymous Says:

    bow down ufs kids roadhouse is in the building

  53. DJ WREKSHOP Says:

    So glad to see Roadhouse still skating!!!
    Everyone….and I mean EVERYONE wanted to be like Roadhouse back in the day.
    If anyone has his Senate “crayola” wheels for sale I will buy them right away!
    Please let me know! http://www.facebook.com/ryanlakey

  54. DarthRoller Says:


    Spizer is back. Fucking SPIZER!

    That is my day fucking MADE!!!!!

    Back of the net.

  55. Anonymous Says:

    Guy would be better if he didnt spend so much time on the xbox

  56. Lay Phyu Says:

    Poor skating, this guy isn’t good enough to get sponsered

  57. Lay Phyu Says:

    i mean just did a stall and grinded a MINI RAMP QUATER one side…is this meant to be a joke? all hyped for that? I didn’t even see one 540 kinegrind

  58. ashmilly Says:

    Im a long time lurker, but I had to post when I saw this.
    Roadhouse was such an inspiration for many of us.
    Im 27 now but I still remember having the Senate Toykillas with the Roadhouse antirockers and Scribe bullets on my first pair of TRS’ like it was yesterday. Glad to see Randy is still killin it!

  59. dah Says:

    love Randy
    suprised how solid he still is, great style is timeless
    VG3 was the 2nd video I ever got
    shit, royals were new school back then
    randy was one of the first I saw do 270 back royal and later 270 back farv, massively tech fro the day, but he also went big too
    compared to Arlo or Chris Edwards who were “adults”, but Randy was my age. Most skaters were kids at the time and while we looked up to Arlo, Tom Fry, Rene, etc, we could directly relate to Randy and that, plus him being able to roll at the highest level made him a huge star back in the days when Senate would gross $10million a year.

  60. Anonymous Says:

    people might think that his skating is weak when comparing him to the top skaters of today but believe me when I say that back in the 90s, he was as dominant as Aragon or Haffey is right now.

  61. The Real Truth Says:

    Trolls are just pretending to say he sucks to get you all mad. Don’t believe the “lack of hype” hahahah Trolls. There should be more coming anytime now,haha losers.

  62. Colin Says:

    Fucking Legit…

  63. Tökös Says:

    This made my day. I didn’t expect him to come back one day. Same energy, same style, same Roadhouse.


  64. Trill Bill Says:

    The ssm hate has to stop… I’m sorry… My homie skates Sl’s finally quit crabbing and jumped on my old montre’s… He freaked out when he got a grabbed fish first try on an ugly ledge. He not only slid faster… (probably one piece soul helped…) but was more consistent, and locked his royales perfectly.

    Now I heard Sl’s had a “perfect” royale groove… just sayin’ SSM is a great skate, and they offer great support for their skaters. Everyone should try a pair that has rolled razors back in the day. SSM has barely been out a year, and look how much Whitelodge is pumping… That is BAWSS!

  65. talent310 Says:

    twas very nice to watch

  66. Danielson Says:

    Always thought he looked like a little kid, and still do, but dude is legendary… Wish he was putting out as much as Shima and Julio does since I’ve come to realize what a douche Shima is in real life, and I think everyone has been seeing alitle too much of both Shima & Julio. No disrespect, just feel like those guys are being shoved down your throat, just because they are a couple of the only og’s left in the game. Would be awesome to see Roadhouse more often. And I really wish Deshi was still around, eventhough I did’nt skate them much. Always thought they were some of the more attractive skates on the market. I would like to get a pair of work boots that looked like the old-school deshis :) “and a pair of sneakers that look like REMZ”

  67. Anonymous Says:

    he’s 13 in this…wake is 15 and still cant skate street….rollerblading has regressed

  68. Trill Bill Says:

    Some of these people that make statements about Brian Shima, don’t know him. Shima is humble, treats everyone inside and out of blading with respect, and that is why his business model is working.

    If he was really a douche why do mad talented skaters skate with him? Think about that. His team is LEGIT, and all the gents are tops.

    I should give you shima’s number… Dude is legit.

  69. He says She Says:

    Always a free spirited dude. I remember when he skated to spice girls in the Asa 97 championships in Naples, FL. Haha…now everything is so damn serious. Yo bro, I am way more underground than you.

  70. blue Says:

    I remember being 8 years old and seeing Roadhouse in the DB and Box Mags, where i was living it was hard to get your hands on any skate video due to living on a isolated island, i saw him in on asa and was always killing it and imyta detroit and did the same, most respect to the Og pros that still love to blade, it show the true love for rollerblading