Randy ‘Roadhouse’ Spizer (13): VG 3, Not A Word (1996)

March 2012 Repost.

Randy Roadhouse Spizer

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  • Bruzi

    OMG there is no HD!!!:O:O:O

    Fuck man, this is OLDSCHOOL :)!

  • lyod banks

    this dude is a looser, I can do any of the tricks switch and with more style and those stupid pants: “oh look at me Im tryin to look like oldschool loosers”


  • denzsiner

    Looser? this guy?
    Know your history kids, I suggest you to read Chris Haffey’s interviews, maybe you learn who this guy is.

  • ronin

    “this dude is a looser” LOOOOOLLL !! I don’t even need to answer that.

    I remember this video like if it was yesterday.
    I was so eager to see VG3 after I saw Spizer ride at the Bercy contest.
    I think Randy Spizer is the first skater I saw doing Royales and Backslides.

    Definitely in my top 10 with Latimer, Feinberg, etc

  • Really

    Roadhouse was the first real rollerblader!

  • Ross

    the advert at the end is comedy genius

  • Anonymous

    Dont feed lloyd banks troll, i lnow this guy, he s a dumbass prick

  • ninjabeat

    LEGEND! Still my favourite pro blader. Best front fahrvs ever.
    Even Julio said that was sick :D

  • ronin

    I can’t find it in good quality but a perfect video to go along with this one would be the Spizer vs Zamora part in “Night of The String”.

  • Still there

    good to see this again… but he was 16 not 13..

  • Anonymous

    Best section of all time

  • Salt

    Was that Julio at 2:20?

  • Anonymous

    Yes, it’s him ;)

  • Anonymous

    Nils was better at 13

  • arsène

    yes, but blading was not a this level at this time, it was the beginning.
    I can’t believe that people split on roadhouse. You’re out dirty teen.

  • fucking cunty newbies

    1 Time makes everything have progression.
    2 Spizer was pro before 720 &540 were being done.
    3 he still will kill you all at skate. Just come to lbc.
    4 he is the reason that Eisler undercover color wheels were made and are so popular.
    5. Wake is great, but if wake was as round during that time which before his birth no one would like him cause he’d have to compete with matty mantz and Spizer then Feinberg. Wake is still next generation. 1440 only known rider to pull it off. Spizer’s fav trick which he made popular was backslide. With no wax, still a very hard trick to hold

  • Anonymous

    Roadhouse fo lyphe ?

    Where is Matt Mantz?

  • Fordayz

    Long hair don’t care roadhousssse

  • Bill

    That was awesome – you need to be old school to get the significance of these videos. Spizer was a game changer back in the day.

  • “shiftyroyalenowthatsahardtrick”

    one of the most pivotal sections in rollerblade history!

    know your roots or shut your face

  • http://www.myspace.com/djwrekshopmusic DJ WREKSHOP

    LOL @ the Senate ad at the end of this.

    Roadhouse was no doubt one of the best rollerbladers in the late 90s and of all time. I remember looking up to him because unlike most rollerbladers back then he was around my age or maybe even a little younger so he was a little easier to relate to. Everyone wanted to be like him.