Pornstar: Funny Grindhouse Tee

Want to do a Pornstar? Come skate with me!
Grindhouse Tee (via).


quoting Fiddykenth:

I’m already over that, i’m hitting top pornstars, ya diiig?

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  • fiddykenth

    i’m already over that, i’m hitting top pornstars, ya diiig?

  • Lukas

    …grindhouse is not funny. it´s embarassing…

  • cammy

    i dont think u can handle a porn star grindhouse think thay will snap u in half av dun 1 be 4 and thay take it out u

  • not funny at all ! ugly design also

  • smoker

    und wieder einmal beweist GH, mit welch einfachen Handgriffen man rollerblading den Stempel der unerträglichen Peinlichkeit aufdrücken kann.

    Viel Dank an Throsten & seine geschmacklosen Sklaven.

  • Lukas



  • Anonymous

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    crap deluxe …

  • elnino

    Nice one

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  • dude

    high5 for smoker

  • iblade

    lulz @ grindhouse haters
    thumbs up 4 grindhouse!

  • roll4life

    @ iblade

    guess you have no insight, cause you dont know what youre saying

  • Jim

    horrible horrible horrible


    who is gonna wear that shit


  • William Wrenn Hernandez

    I say thumbs up. But, this shirt would have been better with Wanita Tan on it with her boots on, laying in some sort of dirty stripper pose.

    As for 95% of this post… Hater’s gonna hate!

  • Jens

    Im 150% rollerblader and SO proud to be BUT i wouldnt go to town with that shirt, no one would take me seriously.

    i know grindhouse does a lot for german/european rollerblading etc, but thats just cheesy

  • alpha

    WORD @ smoker !!!!!!!!!!!

  • xsjado man

    bet there next one will be wanna do an Acid come follow me.

  • Bob Mac

    don’t understand why people are not liking this,
    I think it’s funny as hell so i’ve just bought one
    sweet !

  • lgdp

    i like it.

    – jens. ouhhh people donttake you serious without the right shirt? having a little confidence problem dont we? :)

    – smoker, trottel oida – wa sll ein shirt bitte einem ganze sport fuer nen stempel aufdruecken? excusez moi – bullshit.

    – lukas, your mom is embaressing too – who cares?

    gh sells these shirts mostly to young skaters who like their stuff – i like some of the shirts too – stop whining.

  • tom fish

    shit, not funny, makes rollerbladers just look stupid haha

  • wolfgang



    I’m going to buy this shirt because i’m 28 years old and i think it’s funny so fuck you all! :D

  • ballow2

    fugg that shit!!!!! 4 reallll

  • Shayan

    id were that to school … :P

  • joeman95

    funny! anyone that thinks other is lame.

  • octavio

    i did a pornstar on a ledge. i also made sure to do another on a rail.

  • Biz

    that shit its so tight
    i would buy that

  • Kyle Guzman

    This is why I want to change the trick name “Porn Star” into something a little less indecent and embarrassing. I suggest we change it to “Tree House.” True Top Tree House. That would be ill. I’m really tired of having files related to the word “porn” stored on my hard drive.

  • ROLL$$$$

    making shit for 15 year olds is no exuse. german faggots, go die

  • madhatter


  • ADR

    it sucks so much !!

    C’est vraiment trop de la merde !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ADR

    et la couleur est super dégeu… et puis c’est vraiment pourri quoi, absolument aucune finesse, rien du tout bref c’est moisie !!!!!!

  • CRF from be-mag


    porn star’s are best on top, always.