Pierre Lelievre & Anthony Finocchiaro in India

Pierre Lelievre & Anthony Finocchiaro in India

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30 Responses to “Pierre Lelievre & Anthony Finocchiaro in India”

  1. Team RB Says:

    what skates are these ? the “high” skates ?

    Also when is the CJ Skate coming… never I think…

  2. Gui Gui Says:

    The seba FR-A and the Cj coming in september i heard from seba team!

    Super la video !

  3. Owl Says:

    Le 540 est énorme non?

  4. Doliprane Says:

    Franchement… Bien ! J’ai kiffé

  5. flowskate Says:

    The FR-A is the skate in this video..This skate is already out all over the world!!
    Patience for the CJ will be here soon and well worth the wait!

  6. joe harvey Says:

    airing a cow! yes

  7. JNFa Says:

    Amazing video :DD

  8. kaltik Says:

    very nice video , great and very positive showing the people of india rollerblading !

  9. Billy Says:

    I had fun watching this. That’s what matters

  10. mien Says:

    street contest with the most watchers and the less riders i’ve ever seen ;)
    ils vont vite tes patins!

  11. christmas Says:

    so much fun! cow/ox was the best part

  12. kmcgloughlin Says:

    that was really nice!

  13. WTF Says:

    Franchement parfait : vidéo, ambiance, skating…ça m’a donné envie de visiter l’Inde !

  14. NS Says:

    if someone hates on this video I’ll personally murder him. this was the best video i’ve seen this year!

  15. Adana Says:

    i usually don’t like these kind of edits,but this was sick. i like the mood of it. good music. so it was absolutely alright!!!

  16. seaboss Says:

    edit of the month! love it!

  17. arsène Says:

    boom, de très belles images. Ca va vite, y’a du tricks, le moment avec tous les indiens qui vous mattent est juste EPIC (comme on dit sur la toile). la prochaine au rwanda ?



  19. 4114N Says:

    looks a nice trip!
    nice video guys! :)

  20. awaii the wosper Says:

    pure freedom that what is about blading it make really sense here, wana try those skates a really good video merci

  21. BigKamo Says:

    Good to see something a bit different. Fun vibe to this edit!

  22. LaGoutte Says:

    C’est de loin la meilleur vidéo SEBA, bon travail et bon tricks. J’ai failli dire c’est super chaud comme colorimétrie (9000°/7500° kelvin) mais en même temps c’est l’inde sa le fait (comme disent les D’jeuns).

  23. xsjadomonkey Says:

    that was so awesome! the music, the camera work, the skating, the raw culture shown in this video is so great. one of my favorite vids of the year so far.

  24. Anonomous Says:

    Next time you travel half way round the world takes some skates you can do real tricks on please. Your skates are fucking shit!

  25. dbeer Says:

    so sick, looks like you guys had an awesome time. I’d love to blade around India, what a cool place!

  26. reminds me Says:

    of air bourne the movie, except its in india

  27. lamech Says:

    Oh oui c’est beau, ca va vite, c’est pur et ça fait voyager les yeux !!!
    Merci pour cet edit génial :-)

  28. LEON Says:

    Ohhhh yea, that’s what I’am talking about, some real skating right here.

  29. Anonymous Says:

    Billy Says (and I think the same shit) :
    April 25th, 2013 at 12:42 am
    I had fun watching this. That’s what matters

  30. Lucy Lockett Says:

    This was a brilliant watch, great editing, nice vibes and great showing the indian people rollerblading they all looked excited and looked really fun. Good feel good edit :)