Picture of the day: Pechmaneerat Pradit

Pechmaneerat Pradit

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33 Responses to “Picture of the day: Pechmaneerat Pradit”

  1. Dwight Says:


  2. deubeul Says:

    nice setup.

    your clothes are a bit too long. please wear shorter ones and try again.

  3. 2R Says:

    So, Picture of the day is a girl doing an average trick… and it gets posted, because it a girl.

    I guess it’ll give the teenagers that use this site something to do instead of moan about good skating…

    rollernews aka rollerjoke

  4. Anonymous Says:


  5. Anonymous Says:

    2R it was posted cause we get to see her booobs!

  6. ronin Says:

    Let me dream that this is indeed a 360 makio

  7. Anonymous Says:

    2R = Buzz Killington

  8. Anonymous Says:

    so a makio STALL is a picture of the day…I get it how sport pcitures are all about the photo, and not so much the trick difficulty but…I mean its soooo obvious it was picked because of the boobs.

  9. ekap Says:

    what skates is she using

  10. all need to wake up Says:

    more hot little asian girls should do makio stalls
    we are looking at a good thing


  11. Anonymous Says:


  12. F.I.D Says:

    Shred The Gnarrrrrr
    I mean cleavage


  13. Schwuler Seehund Says:

    i would like it .. if she would be naked!

  14. JIVE Says:

    the future of rolling is in the legs of the asian chikitas ~D

  15. Anonymous Says:


  16. Anonymous Says:

    Nice set up (.)(.)

  17. filip Says:

    id shred that Your comment was a bit too short. Please go back and try again.

  18. kobe bryant Says:

    there remz! u dumb fucks

  19. Anonymous Says:

    all girls need to skate in booty shorts !


  20. kobe bryant Says:

    to the fuckers complaining about shes only here cuz of her boobs a little shorts…u must be GAY! that pic is clean. good style and a fucken HOTTIE!

  21. ermahgerd Says:



  22. loco Says:

    Would SIIHB on the reg

  23. Terror Says:

    I didn’t know rollernews had so many homos, this is by far the most pathetic blog of comments I have ever seen in this site, bunch of homos complaining about a girl with nice tits and shorts skating.

  24. steve Says:

    lol agreed with Terror

  25. Jurijs Says:

    what Terror said:

    I didn’t know rollernews had so many homos, this is by far the most pathetic blog of comments I have ever seen in this site, bunch of homos complaining about a girl with nice tits and shorts skating.

  26. Nick shand Says:

    I think it’s clear who’s underage here, not who’s a homo:

    “OMG, never seen boobs before, I need a rollerblading site to get porn”

  27. Kamonluck K. Says:

    Nice! picture Sista 1 ..

  28. ronin Says:

    Stop criticising my new desktop wallpaper !!!

  29. Anonymous Says:

    I love when we can gather in the spirit of misogyny and degrade women in unison.

  30. donshishi Says:

    you are never happy. you have farmer vids its gay, you have some other guys the level is too low. you have a nice pics of girl you are complaining and even she did 540 fishbrain you will complain. go outside, start to skate or buy yourself a life instead hating continuatly on this site.

    2R honestly i prefere has a nice girl doing makio has pics of the days than your monkey face doing anything.

    Nick : if you call it porn you have a real sexual probleme and go to a specialist should help you.

  31. donshishi Says:

    No but finally the image of rollerblading is an xtreme alternative sport, where everybody is peace and openmind. but between the insults to french, girls and most of guys. this sport is just doing be ayatollah \? or the kkk ? ok for you to be pleaseant and merit to be in roller news you need to be a blond white american guy wearing baggys.? o0 are you retarded, stupid or gay ? oh no sorry just too much american.

  32. Marselis Says:

    Awwww shit. Come at me fakie baby.

  33. fuckrollerblading Says:

    Its a good pic, plus its a chick that actually uses her skates . You can tell she’s a decent bladder from this pic. 2R you really gonna complain ? Have you seen pariah? Talk about average, except kuhn, ariais and farmer .