Pat Lennen: 4×4, Leading the Blind Section

Pat Lennen: 4x4, Leading the Blind Section

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  • Anonymous

    this has got to be one of my favourite edits of all time!

  • Swagg


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  • SA Roller

    This edit is what should be played to the general public when they ask what type of rollerblading we do. Pat Lennon is so underrated its ridiculous. Wouldnt mind seeing some more recent stuff.

  • Anonymous

    best section ever

  • Gdog

    They don’t make ’em like this anymore! Sick ass fuck that dude! True stuntmen…

  • Hello!

    This isn’t what “WE” do, this is what Pat Lennen does and only him! Also, Pat Lennen isn’t underated, he’s been around for years, rolled for Medium, was on 4×4, this being his first section, he’s had a pro skate and wheels,has been interviewed in all the major mags and had a VG profile!

  • Warrior

    This dude is/was super crazy. I’ll pay someone to try the shit he did in this edit.Super dope.

  • brooooo

    Hell yeah Lennon, always killing it in the k2’s

  • RyanCza

    Definitely a shining example of some good blading. Pat Lennen is a legend.

  • Ito

    One of the best sections ever.

  • laf

    what a fucking monster, ridiculous

  • Anonymous

    I really didn’t appreciate Pat Lennon until I bought this video.

  • tehLOLz

    that was so epic i think my ass is shining

  • Yann Superserieux

    Seriously, one of the best part ever.
    Thank you Mr Lennen.

  • Scott Wilcoxson

    Pretty much one of my all time favorite sections. This is the bar for amplitude in blading very few will ever reach. Thanks Pat.

  • Alex M.

    That bio at the 2:00 mark is one of the sickest things I have ever seen. One of my favorite sections ever.

  • T B

    This section is so epic. The whole video is, of course.
    Every section another burner, but for me Pat really stood out.

    He’s so versatile and inventive on blades… there seems to be hammer time all the time… it’s just such a good watch.

    Thanx for sharing, Jan!

  • Robbins

    imo probably the most underrated skater. at one time he may have gotten the respect he deserved but then that kinda fell off but this section was just as good or better than its counterparts in this video. PL kills…