Parker Richardson (16): SSM Edit (2015)

Filmed by Dylan Montierth.
Additional filming by Jordan Williams & Filip Kostic.

Parker Richardson (16): SSM Edit (2015)

Previously: Parker Richardson (15, California): SSM Edit.

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  • Jeremy Soderburg

    thats my dog!!!

  • Kennan Scott

    way to go SSM. This is the perfect addition. Young blood slays. Hope he comes back to defend at Blade Cup….congrats Parker. Sick Fire!

  • MarcustheMaroonManatee

    what a completely dope and original edit…. can’t think of who he was trying to knock off.. o wait.. i can. maybe you should get your own style and trick setup and stop trying to be your favorite pro. besides, noone likes that long ass orange hair. you’re not jon jon so quit trying. ur foot is 2 ez and so is your trick selection

    • Trollolololernews Troll

      Well you know if you’ve got haters you are doing something right !!!

      Dope edit ! Those tricks where anything but easy. Young shredder. Support this kid he’s great !

  • Taf China

    he did it righteous.