Pariah by Adam Johnson: Montage

Pariah by Adam Johnson: Montage

KC Roche, Adam Exline, Kruise Sapstein, Andrew Jacuzzi, David Sizemore, Chris Dafick, Travis Rhodes hold it down in this part from Pariah.

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  • dooooooder

    guize did you see what they are wearing in the video and their hair !!!

    Oh my gawd this section sucks because of their clothing :) Who would wear that guize ?

    And also did you hear Montre left SSM ? OHMIGAWDZBALLWS!

  • Anonymous

    Adam Exline is a beast – ^^^^^^^^ – I’m guessing thats probably Adam Johnsons post above cause will all know what a noob he is.

  • damn

    I wonder if anyone new will go Valo pro this year? It’s been 3 years now since Victor and Soichiro went pro, so someone must be due. I’m thinking Gav Drumm because he won Blading Cup and is from Australia, or Andrew Jacuzzi for his steez in videos. Austin has probably been waiting longest though. Oh, and I really hope Geoff Philip goes flow or even am.
    any thoughts?

  • ohlala

    that was sooooo TIGHT

  • Anonymous

    Geoff Philip goes pro for DOPE, thats all

    i really like those bum trannys in that skate video

  • Anonymous

    KC Roche is the most disgusting human on the planet. Get your nasty ginger face off my screen

  • Adam Johnson

    I post as myself on here Anon, I give zero fucks about anonymity and I think the clothes people where and the way they cut there hair is for little kids, bitch skaters, and fashionistas to discuss. After all this is a rollerblading forum, talk shit on their skating if you can.

  • bartek

    Adam ur my god of rb videos

  • Pappa Shango

    Jacuzzi is boss hoggin man! The kid is dope!!!! Want to see more from him

  • Dear AJ,

    It’s really easy to talk shit on the skating in this video 1. Because YOU rushed the shit outta editing it, and because YOU rushed it, it’s easy to talk shit on this video based on the editing alone.2. because half the people in this video aren’t even good. YOU ADVERTISED this video as all killer, no filler…yet here we see KC roche doing a fucking ally oop makio (its not like it was even switch) on a rounded curb and we are suppose to open our mouths and gasp and talk about how fucking cool he looks pumping down a fucking drainage ditch for a minute…fuck that…3. the reason people comment on what they wear is because half of the people in this video wear WOMENS CLOTHING or appear as DRUG ADDICTS, and I’m not referring to weed as a drug..some of these people literally look like they do hard drugs and it shows in their skating. plane and simple.

  • Anonymous

    @damn I agree on that, DRUMM is killer. and there’s no one like him on the team, would make a great addition. Can’t wait to see more from him

  • seanpquinn

    I LOVE VX.


  • Anonymous

    Pariah is def. not “all killer, no filler”, too many big names are missing. Skatings super solid and SUPER stylish tho! Cant wait for something like charging II, that was really awesome

  • Anonymous

    First of all, all of you fucking care about what clothes these people wear. It kills me when people like Adam try to defend that shit, claiming to be above shit like superficial aesthetics. If you really were above it, you’d probably skate in clothing that was remotely comfortable. Don’t get me wrong: a lot of the skating in here is excellent; Bolino’s profile in particular. But you all do dress like complete fucking tools. If rollerbladers want to just now start following clothing trends that dirtbag hipsters (and skateboarders) have been rocking for the past two decades or so, be my guest, but don’t be surprised when I tell you that you look like a fucking idiot. It’s not original.

    The creative aspect in rollerblading has turned into bullshit as well. Most of you shitbags are so preoccupied with one-upping the next dude by skating the weirdest shit possible, that the concept of weird or creative skating has lost all meaning. Why? Because YOU’RE ALL FUCKING DOING THE SAME SHIT. It’s not really that creative anymore. Seriously, grow up, get a job, and stop dressing like Hot Topic tweens.