Pariah by Adam Johnson? Grab Yo Dick!

Pariah by Adam Johnson

That’s right, fucking grab it, not your cuff, your dick. While you’re at it pick up a copy of the Dvd.

Pariah, an Adam Johnson Digiflick. Featuring John Bolino, Alex Broskow, Montre Livingston, Chris Farmer, Ross Kuhn, Paul John, Michael Garlinghouse, Erik Stokley, Marc Moreno, Brian Freeman, Dylan Davis, Nick Labarre.

Also featuring footage of Chris Haffey, Don Bambrick, Billy O’Neill, Victor Arias, Adam Exline, KC Roche, Kruise Sapstein, Jeph Howard, Chris Dafick, David Sizemore & Andrew Jacuzzi.


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  • happy black jesus

    no ones taking it serious, its just stupid and a waste of our time, thats the problem

  • kaspa

    Adam Johnson, why are you actually trying to piss people off on rollernews, is your life that insignificant that you get kicks out of making rollerbladers on forums argue, do you think its good for the industry? stop being in denial of what your doing, how old are you, like 25? grow up mate.

  • Anonymous

    Hmmmmmmm….. just saying seems similar.

  • FUCK YES!!!

    AJ is my fucking hero haha, fuck yeah dood, these comments made the edit that much better, getting some money and ordering Pariah asap. Thanks for entertaining me.

  • AJ is the Real Deal you PUNKS

    He’s not specifically trying to piss anyone off. This little edit you think you’re entitled to, to watch pro skaters FOR FREE, was a multiple message edit.

    1) Online edits are trash. Thats the difference in generations. Theres those before the internet, and after. If you want to rep blading for real, then buy some fuckin DVDs you little pricks that have full sections of your favorite pros and put some $$ in their pockets. Thats what AJ is providing for himself and his team. Just enough $$ to keep doing what they love.

    2) Dont take this shit too serious. The best bladers in the world obviously dont, so why should you? AJ pointed out all of you insecure little judgemental Facebookers with a quick grab your dick edit for fun. Its sad how easy that was.

    3) Adam Johnson has a sick crew of dedicated bladers supporting him. He makes sick blade videos by driving across the country with smelly pros who eat doritos and fart beer all day and night. He doesnt get nearly as much in return for his efforts from you little pricks, why? Because its his love. Love for the culture and sport. Not for the approval of you tween-agers who dont know a damn thing about this sport and its roots.

  • Anonymous

    his video doesn’t help rollerblading to be taken serious in our society ………..

    UGLY AND NOT FUNNY . shame


    ok, so I guess I missed the joke. do a tick and grab your dick…and that’s funny? EPIC FAIL

  • Youre just Dumb ^



  • hah

    That was fuckin stupid.

  • Lee

    Ok, so, my long winded opinion,

    I dont mind a quick intro of something that’s funny like this. All crews have their little inside joke things, and that’s great. But what you have to realize is this, while being entertaining for a short while, is not as entertaining to the rest of the world. I like almost every final project AJ puts out. They all kill it in terms of their skating.

    But let’s face it, AJ and his gang are not rocket scientists. I really don’t care for all this face-time all these “too cool for school” losers are getting. Stick to what you’re good at, skating, leave the talking to those who have something reasonable to say. Because all this edit says to me is “We’re too cool to do real tricks in our trailer”. And let me tell you, that is not the case. No one on here cares about you because we think you’re cool. They care because you skate well.

    The irony of all of this is that if you keep up this approach to life and skating, you will end up being the only ones who are still on “yo dicks”,

  • Anonymous

    I will still buy the video, but this makes me want it less, not more. Not all publicity is good publicity.

    I hope Europe comes out with something respectable soon cause I really don’t want to be associated with these clowns.

  • Anonymous

    The point lee, is that the good skating is in the DVD, you have to pay for the goodness

    Seriously Rollerblading needs to stop being so fucking serious, just blade with your friends and have a good time, if you want to be serious and make money get a job in a bank and play a team sport

    If you blade because it’s fun, grab your dick

  • Anonymous

    Rollerblading needs something like this Valo vs ssm vs razors vs usd would be sick

  • Anonymous

    This is bullshit….BRET URBAS grabs his dick way better than any of these guys. BRET URBAS could fakie 1440 dick grab to topsoul on a 666ft rail. BRET URBAS won bittercold, winterclash, asa, niss, gravity games, and the japaneese death course. BRET URBAS.

  • tim

    I couldn’t careless (besides the fact that i clicked play) that a bunch of nobodies dressed like gays have “fun” grabbing their dick like whoohoo we’re so cool and we don’t give a fuuuuck because we’re having so much fuuuun! grabbing our dick!! yeaaaaa!!!

    anyway what’s really bad is that Montre is in there being a dumb ass puppet for AJ as well!! serious??? I’m done supporting this gu[a]y that’s for damn sure. Notice how none of the real pros are in this piece of shit edit…

    you want to grab your dick with your friends do it but DON’T get that up on the internet you dumb AJ.
    not buying this video and I feel sorry for the ones who gave money to this guy.

  • Anonymous

    So stupid. So much hate. We should all put our money where our mouths are and boycott this stupidity before we see more of it.

  • Anonymous

    what tim said ^

    and Bolino, O’Neil too.. WTF

    and what’s up with the first dude in this edit? check out his outfit with holes on his jeans and valos with the gay leopard pattern on them.. SERIOUSLY?????

  • J8ed

    these assholes just want to seem like theyre having fun but really theyre so stuck up and tight assed in their image of being aloof, counter culture and ultra cool that they cant drop it and put out any good material. that would be too serious for them.

  • YourMom

    I don’t care what lifestyle you choose, I’ll always love you!

  • haha

    anyone who thought this was funny in anyways im sure has not graduated highschool… or graduated in the american south or midwest.

  • Adam Self

    Ohhh, graduated change what its funny or not?
    Cool… nice school dude… They really changed your ass.

  • Anonymous

    ^^^^ HAHA holy fuck. Where did you graduate from? Sure did nail everything in that sentence.

  • Anonymous

    “anyone who thought this was funny in anyways im sure has not graduated highschool” <This dude should wear a helmet all the time, not just for skating.

  • America

    buncha dumb fucks

  • saa

    I was pretty amazed to see an AJ clip at the end.

    Alot of fun this edit was, and it looked like they were having a good time.

    For the people who keep saying “this is why people dont take rollerblading serious” get the fuck out! Since when is rollerblading serious, its all about having a good time and doing something that you love. Remember rollerblading is all about “freedom of feet, no coach there to tell you how to do it”

    Stupid dumbfuck rollernews kids.

  • the rock


    Your comment was a bit too short. Please go back and try again.

  • the rock

    aj know ur roll and shut your mouth wen am i getin my copy of urbas

  • haha

    I do apologize, I did not realize that this was an academic forum. I thought that if I had used proper english prose and grammar my comment may have gone over the heads of some of those who do not have the benefits of high levels of literacy (the same individuals at whom my previous comment was directed). What I had meant to say, is that the humour displayed in this edit was grossly immature, and appeals to those with lesser intelligence. High school education may not have been a priority for these people, or perhaps they were simply a by product of one of the worlds poorest public education systems. I hope this clarifies.

  • Rawlinson Rivera

    worst thing is AJ’s probably sitting back and laughing because everyones talking about his videos, i havent bought anything from your collection since generic tour and thats because your an immature 30 something, with the sense of humor of a retarded 7 year old, take some notes from Julio, cant imagine that dude grabbing his dick, yet i still respect him and want to buy products from him!

  • very nice

    OMG my dudes!!! AJ you are so immature because you make rollerblading less “acceptable” in our society. At the rate you non-professional tricksters are going with our “sport”, I’ll never be able to come out of the closet and admit I’m a “freestyle-roller” to my Dad because we as united “rollers” will never get the exsposure of the Super Bowl, like we should. If you professionals don’t start acting like nuns, rollerblading will never be as cool as wheelyboarding!!

    Seriously, where the FUCK did all you kids come from? Who cares where rollerblading goes as long as there is still skates companies making blades to use. If you’re into rollerblading for society’s acceptance, fashion, or money – you’re in the wrong place. If you ever think rollerblading is gonna “blow up” into the mainstream – you’re just straight up delusional.

    NEWS FLASH- No one outside of rollerblading could give a flying fuck what we do on what they see as plastic shoes with wheels, outside of watching taig khris for five seconds on T.V. and not remembering it the next day.

    Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE rolling – I’m 22 and have been skating since I was 11, and will do so until I can’t anymore, but if anything – the reason the “mainstream” doesn’t give a shit about rollerblading is because of whiny ass kids who think they can talk shit about people they think they know because they’ve seen them in a edit. Anyone who thinks this edit is immature probably cries during sex, turns their hat foward in front of cops, and skateboards on the downlow.

  • LAPD

    Wow, I didn’t realize America was such a homophobic country, it frightens me… soon back to the stone age… lame country…

  • pcp

    when will the dvd be available in europe? don´t want to pay 35$ for shipping just to get it

    oh and, the funniest thing about this edit are all the queer fuckers complaining how gay this stuff is hahaha dudes you made my day, seriously!!

    just read an article that says that about 80% of homophobic guys out there are actually gay hahahaha think about coming out suckers!

  • LAPD

    pcp buy it at intuition skateshop, the shipping is lower

  • Shane C.

    This little joke edit was 100% NOT a trailer! There is no “dick grabbing” in Pariah. Pariah is the best video since BFG, a real game changer!

  • Not Sure Why I’m Doing This

    This comments section is a shining example of what Haffey talked about in a recent podcast with the mushroom blading dudes. It’s so tempting to bring yourself down to these haters’ level. I’m quite surprised how many morons had such an issue with this. You don’t like it, fine. I find it somewhat understandable. I thought it was kinda funny. Not oh my God roll on the floor laughing funny, but whatever. Some of you guys are acting like it ruined your day. Like AJ was trying really hard to impress people with this goofy little piece. You know what I bet happened midway through touring? He thought, ha we already got a bunch of clips of some guys dick grabbing (I’m guessing Exline started it). Ha a few more of these clips and I could have a full edit. HA! I’ll make it a trailer. HA! Kids on rollernews will have a ball. Yay!

    On a serious note, it really scares me if most of you guys aren’t trolling when you act so offended by this edit. Seriously. Scares. Me.
    -John Hepp

  • Suckers


    84 Comments, yet no real tricks = AJ WINS AGAIN

  • Anonymous

    “these assholes just want to seem like theyre having fun but really theyre so stuck up and tight assed in their image of being aloof, counter culture and ultra cool”


  • Youre just Dumb ^

    Oh yeah you sure nailed it by reposting some lame comment. All in all you know who they are and they DO NOT know who you are.

  • the rock

    for all you high minded pricks who think you can come onto my forum and start bashing on my fellow rollernews retards, shame on you, shame on you and your whole family, you are now part of my h8 crew and i will forever masterbait to that thought

  • horst

    its funny how this made so many ppl comment… its so easy to get attention just need to grab some dicks and the idiots are all over.

  • Anonymous


  • Adam Johnson

    This isn’t the trailer, this is what played in the theatre while drunk people came in to sit down. I wasn’t going to post it online, but several people asked me to. I didn’t submit this to rollernews for publication either. In fact, all these epic comments about how immature I am and how much our video sucks are just driving views and page loads that give rollernews money. Well played rollernews, well played.

    Also, if a dick grab edit is really the reason why you wouldn’t be buying the video, then I feel bad for you. Just admit that you wouldn’t buy it anyways, doesn’t bother me, because my friends and I do what we do out of love.

  • Scott Loper

    If you guys care so much about what other people think of you, you probably should not be rollerblading.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t care what other people think of rollerblading at all. I care about how I feel about rollerblading. I just wish you needed to have half a brain to be a professional in this industry. At least most football players get drafted out of college.

  • Fred Castro

    “Grab your dick” ha ha ha ha ha!!! This shit was soooooo Hilarious! so much fun!! Come on guys, who never did whatever dick grab for fun??? just to fuck around?

    Come on guys, I´m brazillian.Wanna come down here? Wanna see some REAL bad shit?? Really? I guess Dick grabbin for fun in an edit ain´t that much of a big deal is it? and it ain´t on ESPN or something is it? it´s just fun!!! haha! I laughed so hard, it was so much fun! Aren´t you guys saying rollernews ain´t supposed to be taken seriously? So why so serious? I have this new friend, who happens to be the owner of a MAJOR skate company tell me this: “Hey Fred, what´s changed nowadays is that rolling is too serious right now… It used to be all about fun and fuck around, and yeah, avoiding regular jobs and living the good life… now it´s all so serious… So again… I ask you… WHY SO SERIOUS???

    Come live in Brazil, I double dare you, hell I triple dare you…


  • Anonymous

    rollernews kids are gay, and rollernews is the fucking cancer of rollerblading. Rollernews kids are fucking retarded and jealous. GO and suck AJ DICK’S


    Make a grab Her Pussy edit for Redemption