Laying Hammers

November 8th, 2011

A story about being free (prologue) by Ed Thirteen.

Laying Hammers

Issue #2 Laying Hammers (Preview) NEW!

Story so far: Charz is back in New Kroy City after a one month vacation trip with his parents. He reunites with Fishuaii and Keyode for an afternoon session where they team up with a local crew “kids with bombs” to roll around the city. It’s all fun and games…

Issue #1 (prologue)
Posted on April 27th, 2011.

A tribute to the lifestyle of blading (aggressive inline). The story follows the adventures of an up-and-coming blader named Charz.

Colombia, Blading Finals (Yopal): Promo Edit

November 8th, 2011

Colombia, Blading Finals (Yopal)

The Finals will take place on November 11-14 in Yopal with Chris Haffey, Brian Aragon, Franky Morales & Dre Powell. Promo edit by Juan Camilo Rodriguez Afanador.

Living Color – Beast Coast, The Movie: Trailer II

November 7th, 2011

Living Color - Beast Coast, The Movie

Produced by John Greene, Beast Coast includes skaters from Rhode Island, New York, Massaschusetts, New Hampshire, North Carolina and more! Coming December 2011.

Previously: Living Color – Beast Coast, The Movie: Trailer I.

Casey Bagozzi: Sacrifice Section (2003).

November 7th, 2011

Sacrifice, a video by Steve Kerr & Casey Bagozzi (full video, 40′).

Casey Bagozzi

Young Gun: Kamonluck Kanisthanon (8), 2011 Edit

November 7th, 2011

Kamonluck Kanisthanon: More Media.

Rollerblade Newjack 3 Skates

November 7th, 2011

Shell / Upper : TRS Soft external cuff with skin.
Liner: Specialized Street Fit and footbed
Closure: Cuff with locking buckle. 45° Power Strap and laces.
Frame: TRS Street Zytel. Super-Lock groove.
Wheels: 55mm 89A.
Bearings: SG5.

Available for Holiday 2011.

Halloween Jam 2011 @ Forward Freestyle (Belgium)

November 7th, 2011

Halloween Jam 2011

Featuring Romain Godenaire, Jeremy Kesler, Antony Pottier, Francis Ali, Jeremy Suarez, Frederic Vanderbregt (M’Break), Bjorn Elias, Guillaume Debuf, Cedric Burgard (Storm), Wouter Legrand, Dries Boekhot, Vincent Dupont & Anthony Aymard.

Edited by Tony Martins.

Bonus: Stephanie Richer, Forward Freestyle Clips

Stephanie Richer

Photo. Thanks Tony (forums).

Tourniquet Video Report by 21Lifestyles

November 7th, 2011

Tourniquet Video Report by 21Lifestyles

There are friends you see every day. There are friends you’ve known for your entire existence. And there are friends that live in places far away, whom you only get to see once in a while.

Needless to say, it makes the time you spend with them that much more valuable. Here is how the group of friends known as the 5ème B. got to spend their summer together. Full article on Frenchy Fries ; edit by 21lifestyles.

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