M1 Urethane: New Wheel, Sneak Preview

July 7th, 2011

m1 urethane
Right: New Wheel. Left: Franky Morales Wheel. Thanks Wally.

What we do: Documentary by Nick Friend

July 7th, 2011

What we do: Documentary by Nick Friend

This documentary is about the history, underground presence, and the unknown future of aggressive inline skating, or as most people call it, rollerblading.

This film won the award for best cinematography / editing at the UTC Student Documentary Film Festival in 2011.

Rollerblading is an international sensation and is steadily bringing many more skaters to the sport, but is still only on the cusp of becoming a popular sport.

Ground Control: Formula 1 XS Frame

July 7th, 2011

Get right into the groove with our newest redesigned Formula1 XS frame. Ground Control has combined the mobility of flat rocker with the grindability of anti, all in one package. You’ve now got the option of a 56mm wheels setup with a 4 finger H-block split! Try it with anti rocker and get all the benefits of a freestyle frame, but with a smaller, more precise groove.

GC engineered the XS frame with a slightly harder plastic for a longer, faster, smoother grind feel, also allowing for a stiffer, more responsive ride. We’ve incorporated the Featherlite 2 smaller axle head, increasing plastic around the edges, lengthening the life of your frame, and improving the feel while grinding. Overall strength and durability, meant to take the beating you’re ready to dish out.

joey chase

This is also the introduction of the first frame for GC Pro Rider, Joey Chase. Known for doing some of the biggest gaps and incredible stunts, we feel that Joey was the perfect guy to receive this as his signature frame. After all, if he can trust them, so can you.

“Light but solid as sh–! I don’t really trust any other frame, and with the bigger groove I can grind anything without getting caught up.” – Joey Chase

Ground Control: Formula 1 XS Frame

Frame Colors: Solid Black, Solid White (Joey Chase Pro Model), Solid Red.

Sizes: Size 1: recommended boot size: 6-7, Size 2: recommended boot size: 8-12, Size 3: recommended boot size: 13-14.


  • Extra wide split
  • Deeper recessed axle bolts
  • Super thick center groove
  • Additional material around axles
  • Maximum wheel size outside 60 mm
  • Maximum wheel size flat 56 mm

More Pictures of the frames on Gc-uprising.com.

Dano Gorman: 3 Days of Skating in Dublin

July 6th, 2011

dano gorman

Kirill Galushko: one day in south port (Moscow)

July 6th, 2011

Filmed & edited by Korneev Rodion.

Kirill Galushko

Previously: Kirill Galushko (Russia): Razors Edit.

Andrey Zayzev (Russia): Street & Park Edit

July 6th, 2011

Andrey Zayzev

Street Edit

Krasnoyarsk Park Edit

Taig Khris: X-Games Golden Medalist (2001, Philly)

July 6th, 2011

Taig Khris: X-Games Golden Medalist (2001, Philly)

Family Matters II by Guillaume Latrompette: Daniel Millar Short Teaser

July 6th, 2011

family matters

Family Matters II is a video project from Montreal by Guillaume Latrompette. It will be online in october 2011.

Every week we are putting teasers online to introduce the skaters in the video. Here is Daniel Millar who’s actually now working in China doing demos in an amusement park.

Family Matters started of as a video project with a crew of gypsy skaters from Montreal. The video was filmed with a VX2000 Between the months of April and July 2010 and edited in a day or two. Montreal is a multicultural city with all kinds of people, the skaters here all come from different backgrounds working different careers; French baker, architect, stuntman and plain Gypsies. Skating is the one passion that managed to gather all these individuals together and with it grew friendships behond skating. After sessions are always good times, the night life is really exciting and you can always find a group of the skating scene out partying and most times all the original Family Matters crew out together enjoying this amazing city.

After a not in HD DVD and a Canadian tour, in 2011 Family Matters is growing into something bigger than just a bunch of friends filming. This year Family Matters is a big project for the montreal scene. The guys are putting different events together such as a bowl contest at Le Taz, a street contest, BBQ sessions, video premieres just a ton of motivation for the kids. Giving back to skating what they have received from it; a lot of love. To this “Family Matters II” is a bigger more serious project, involving the entire montreal skate scene. This time filmed in HD with more riders, this will be a real representation of Montreal summer 2011.

Chris Webby Sporting a Jug Tee

July 6th, 2011

chris webby

Larger Picture. Thanks Oram Abo.

Bonus: Track 15 off of Webster’s Laboratory
Originally by Hilltop Hoods.

More Chris Webby Media at Chriswebby.net (Free Mixtapes).

Arsenio Patterson: Archive Footage 2006 – 2008

July 5th, 2011

Arsenio Patterson

This all footage of Arsenio that we shot about 5 years ago for one of his friend’s videos, the footage wound up never getting used and just sat on the back burner until now.

This edit is compiled of about 70% of unseen footage of Arsenio and is all pretty radical.

Visit Ideasforlions.blogspot.com.

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