Alex Broskow: fakie 360 alley oop negative mistrial

April 18th, 2011

Update: Video Link.

alex broskow

Alex Broskow has never done a fakie 360 alley oop negative mistrial before today. This is the showing of how it went down.

alex broskow
Song: Louis Mackey – over the hill the lie in wait.

Australian Rolling Open 2011: VC Best trick Comp

April 18th, 2011

Canberra, Australia. Edit by Black Market Films.
ARO Pro Results: 1. CJ Wellsmore 2. Rhys Bell 3. Danny Jensen.
Best Trick: Danny Jensen. Full Results Below.

australian rolling open

Australian Rolling Open 2011: Full Results


  1. CJ Wellsmore
  2. Rhys Bell
  3. Danny Jensen
  4. Hayden Golder
  5. Paulie Haack
  6. Tristian Richards
  7. Josh Nielson
  8. Brad Watson
  9. Craig Brocklehurst
  10. Michael Pedersen


  1. Tom Cowly-Sowry
  2. Robert Kellet
  3. Matthew Caratelli
  4. James McErlain
  5. Jack McVeigh

Best Trick: Danny Jensen.

True-fake: The Haters (Russia, 2010): Full Video

April 18th, 2011

evgeny leonov

Featuring Evgeniy Leonov (profile at 12’20), Trizno Boris, Valera Belogub, Egor Loginov. Saint-Petersburg, Summer 2010.


Unit 23 Open (April 2011, Uk): Edit & Results

April 18th, 2011

Unit 23 Open


1st Chaz Sands
2nd Nick Lomax
3rd Conor Harkin

Another edit of the event is available here.
Via Visit

Hyphy II (2006): Full Video

April 18th, 2011

hyphy 2 cover

A video by Vinny Minton & Ivan Narez.

Features skating from Austin Paz, Trevor Tylosky, Vinny Minton, Franco Cammayo, Quinn Feldman, Gonzo, Billy O’neil, Sneaky, Jon Schmidt, Winston Wardwell, Willie Trebach, Victor Arias, Jon Morciglio, Chris Farmer, Chaz Sands, Don Bambrick, Ivan Narez and more.

More Media: Hyphy 2 | Hyphy 3 | More Full Videos.

Courtesy of

  • Intro: Mary J Blige – Belly Soundtrack
  • Trevor / Willie / Jeff: Pete Rock – Appreceate
  • NYC: Snoop Dog – Instrumental
  • Montage: Block Party – Banquet
  • Sneak / Gonzo / Ivan: Sqeak E. Clean – Hello Tomorrow
  • SoCal Section: Cursive – The Martyr
  • Vinny / Jon M: NFL Beat
  • Montage 2: Paul Wall & Chamillionaire – True
  • Victor Arias: Sage Francis – Escape Artist
  • Credits: Kanye West & Paul Wall – Drive Slow
  • Bonus, Xsjado / Salomon: Trick Daddy ft. Lil John – Lets Go
  • Bonus, RFCC: Young MC – Bust a Move
  • Bonus, Montage: Young Nano & Vinny Minton – Whiteskates
  • Bonus, Florida: The Mars Volta – This Apparatus Must Be Unearthed
  • Bonus, Minton 1997: Canibus – Patriots

Night Blading with USD’s Billy O’Neill by Mike Torres

April 17th, 2011

billy oneil

A few nights shredding in the Oakland, CA area. Video by Mike Torres ; Music: Handsome Jack.

Visit | More Billy Oneill Media.

Kamonluck Kanisthanon (8): Thailand 2011 Edit

April 17th, 2011


Kare Lindberg: Frenchyfries B-roll by Jonas Hansson

April 17th, 2011

Kare Lindberg

Jonas Hansson makes the best looking videos in our industry, period. Be it for online release or full movies, he’s always raising the bar and his cold, nordic visuals and experimental soundtracks have definitely left a distinctive mark.

Bringing up rollerbladers like Jacob Juul or Kare Lindberg with him in the spotlight, Jonas sure is one of Rollerblading’s brightest talent […]. Full FFries Article.

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