Chris Hack: 2011 Park Session by Mark Heuss

October 14th, 2011

Filmed by Mark Heuss & Jens Kufner. Edited by Mark Heuss.

Hive Life: Official 2011 Trailer

October 13th, 2011

Hive Life, The Hive Team Video

Hive Life, The Hive Team Video volume 3. A New Film by Krzysztof Dziuba.

Starring Nils Jansons, Mateusz Kowalski, Lukasz Mazur, Krzysiek Dziuba, Bartosz Kidacki, Lukasz Malewski, Marcin Kopiec, Bartek Zgrzeblak.

Premiere: November 26th in Cracov (Giraffe Hostel).

Cameron Card: Early Edit filming for Dayshapes

October 13th, 2011

Cameron Card

Quoting Cameron Card:

From The Vault. Erik Bill had asked me to start filming for a part in his future release he was calling Dayshapes.

I immediately jumped on the opportunity to have a part in another project with the NDN crew. This is just a few clips from the beginning of my adventure filming for dayshapes.

Visit & ; the Dayshapes DVD is available for 10$ here.

Andres Chicago (Spain): Serueda Summer Session 2011 by David Moreno

October 13th, 2011

Andres Chicago (Spain)

Young Blood: Domenik Koch (11), Tony Hoggan (10) & Daymian Ruiz (9)

October 13th, 2011

Young Blood

Domenik Koch (11): Miniramp Weekend Session

Skating in Waterfront, Bremen (Germany).

Tony Hoggan (10): Street Sessions, September 2011
Another edit of Tony is available here. Thanks Anon.

Daymian Ruiz (9) At Pier 25 (Manhattan)

Filmed and Edited by Harison Hadzovic (via).

Blading & Music: Oli Benet, Dominic Sagona (Ble3k) & Ben Schwab

October 13th, 2011

Oli Benet: DJ Mixes

Oli Benet

Dominic Sagona (Ble3k): Drum and Bass & Mixes

Dominic Sagona (Ble3k)

Visit |

Ben Schwab – “Where is the sun?”

From the album “Oh No” ; featuring Barrie Rose. Directed and Edited by Lonnie Francisco.

Visit (down at the moment) ; you can buy the album here. Ben Schwab also wrote a song for James Short (RIP) (via). More? Ben Schwab and the Driftwood Singers (live). Thanks homer54o.

Semi offtopic Note: to the guitarist / singer who sent us a mail. Can you recontact us? Thanks :)

Jon Fromm: Scribe Industries AM, Edit II

October 13th, 2011

Jon Fromm has been a staple AM rider since the re-establishment of Scribe in 2008. His solidity and vocabulary are impressive benefactors in his rollerblading talent. Check out Jon’s second AM edit.

*This is a re-edit from a previous version we took down. Edited & Filmed by Ez-Goeazy ; Music By: Pretty Lights.


Cody Sanders: Tainted Youth Section

October 12th, 2011

Cody Sanders

Previously: Tainted Youth: Teaser, Preview, Trailer.

Warren Digne: Madrid 2011 Edit by Guillaume Chanaud

October 12th, 2011

Warren Digne

This edit is the result of a short trip in Madrid during September 2011. Hot temperatures and sick spots were here for us.

Thanks to Laurent Gabas for the second angle in the skatepark. Filmed with a 7D and a 550D. Directed by Guillaume Chanaud.

Oleg Nechaev (Denial Flow, Russia): Edit

October 12th, 2011

Oleg Nechaev

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