Roll Models: Jake Moreau Section by Mike Franson

March 26th, 2011

Roll Models, a 2009 TSM Productions (Second to None, None, Adventures in Rollerblading).

Jake Moreau

Photos courtesy of Mike Franson.

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Rodape: Blading TV show (Brazil), Episode 10 & 11

March 26th, 2011


Rodape: Episode 10

The Tenth episode of the newest Brazillian Tv show, Rodape: the first rollerblading dedicated Tv Show in Brazil.

The show is put together by veteran rollerblader Fred Castro, with experience in the field of motion graphics and design, and more than 16 years of rollerblading.

Rodape: Episode 11

In this eleventh episode you will check out the WRS Brasil event that took place in the city of Sao Bernardo do campo, with shots by Debora Andrade, Fred Castro, Felipe Zambardino, Mano Brandao and edited by Debora Andrade.

Also including a Yuri Botelho‘s Profile, the Brazillian – Spanish legend! Check It Out!

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Nicolas Colliaux: 2011, Rouen Park Freeskates Edit

March 26th, 2011

Nicolas Colliaux

Filmed by Finocchiaro Anthony (Canon EOS 7D w/ tripod & cross). Via Sebanews.

Music: TSouL – West Coast Hip Hop vs. Dubstep. Photos: Sebanews, Larger Pictures.

Valo & 4life Tattoos

March 26th, 2011

valo tatoos
Larger pictures: Mark Anthony from Fontana (Ca) & Will Cameron (Uk).

valo 4life tattoo
Andrew Tough – 4life Tattoo (larger picture). Thanks Lewis B.

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Fise Experience 2011: Flyer + Clermont Ferrand Teaser

March 26th, 2011

fise experience

To skip the video ad, click on the cross (top right of the video). Yes Dailymotion sucks.

Clermont Ferrand, April 16-17, 2011. Plus d’infos.
Roller: Prize Money of 2000 Euros. Register Online.
Visit Phone (+33) 04 67 40 15 35.

Living Proof (Holland): Trailer II

March 25th, 2011

living proof

Starring Edwin Wieringh, Joery van de Pol, Tyron Ballantine, Adil Farhouni, Giorgio Oehlers, Erwin Bakker and many more.

Video captured by: Axel van Dijk, Remy Cadier & Joery van de Pol ; documenting the “east side” of Holland.

living proof

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Gladiator Contest 2011 (Nantes, France): Sessions, Razors & Dsprod Edits

March 25th, 2011

Gladiator Contest

Gladiator Contest: In danger ? Interview + Edit

The Gladiator Contest is almost the only famous inline contest in France. After six years of success, what could happen? Stephane Luccie, one of the two founders of the event accepted to tell us his vision of the future. Reportage by Sophie Planque.


Gladiator Contest VI: Razors Edit

Featuring Mathias Silhan, Fritz Peitzner, Josh Glowicki, Jeremy Kesler, Antony Pottier, Adrien Clariaz, Mihai Bivol, Jon Matter, Manon Derrien (2011 Women’s Champion), as well as Jeremy Melique, Roman Godenaire, Jeremy Suarez, Stephane Alfano & Adrien Anne.

Filmed by Josh Glowicki, Adrien Anne & Fritz Peitzner ; edited by Josh Glowicki.

gladiator contest nantes
More? Freemasonry on Wikipedia, Everyday Klingon Phrases.

Gladiator Contest VI: Dsprod Edit

gladiator contest nantes

Music: Beat Torrent – Target Market. Visit

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Mini Half Pipe: Amazing Long exposure photography

March 25th, 2011

half pipe
Larger Picture | Super Large (4200×2800) (via).

Photography by Ben Matthews.
Featured on

How to

  • Buy a a lithium battery + a 10mm diffused Led (makes some some Led throwies to color your town too!) ; tape them together.
  • Tie the powered led to your skates.
  • Set your camera on a wall or on a tripod and launch a timed long exposure shot (tutorial).
  • Skates 30 minutes (every moves you do will be recorded on the picture (check the stars in the sky on the photo).
  • Profit & share your photo here!

Ben Matthews: Painting with Lights, More Pictures

painting with light - ben matthews

painting with light - ben matthews

painting with light - ben matthews

painting with light - ben matthews

More Pictures on Flickr | Making of (video).

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