Team Rollerblade: Winterclash 2011 PRO & AM Edits by Greg Mirzoyan

February 19th, 2011

guillaume le gentil

Photo: Guillaume Le Gentil (Rollerblade AM): 2nd place (AM Contest) | Full Results.

Zachary Gutweiler: Scumpire Edit by Ian Walker

February 19th, 2011

Zachary Gutweiler

Filmed by Mykel Fatali, Greg Freeman & Roces clips by Ian Walker. Edited by Ian Walker.

Chaz Sands: Urban Kreation, Park Edit

February 18th, 2011

chaz sands | Youtube Mirror. Song: Nneka – Heartbeat.

Winterclash 2011: Pictures & Edits

February 18th, 2011

Dominik Wagner & Brian Aragon. Photo: Pietro Firrincieli.

Winterclash 2011 Photos

Thoughts from the Clash by 21lifestyles
Music: Stephan De Freitas (DJ Das) – Transporteur.

Winterclash 2011: Portraits by Mark Heuss
Music: Tennis – Marathon.

To provide you with a little bit more than just all the tricks that went down at this years Winterclash (which you can see in millions of other edits), the Conference brings you our friends, riders and faces behind our brands [].

The Winterclash Rollingmag Adventure by Jonas Bodtker

The final day of the Winterclash 2011. All the finals. Say no more. Thank you to Jojo Jacobi for organizing an amazing event. Music: Sol*illaquists of Sound – New Sheriff In Town.

The second day of our stay in Eindhoven, and the first official day of the Winterclash event. Featuring some clips from sessions going on and the Amateurs qualifications.

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Jeff Dalnas: 2011 Skatepark Edit

February 17th, 2011

Jeff Dalnas skating at the Rad skatepark, Skater’s edge & Greenside Skatepark. Filmed by Craig Nogler & Gabe Holm ; edited by Jeff Dalnas and Gabe holm.

jeff dalnas


John Bolino: Friends you can eat Section + Bonus

February 16th, 2011

Edited by Devan Stewart, Friends You Can Eat is featuring sections on Taylor Monnig, Xathan Stewart, Britt Myslikinski, Jonathan Rebert, Jon Bolino, Kenny Scherf, Devan Stewart and features other dudes like Luke Kimberly, Eric Gentile, Alec Gentile and other AZ bladers (via).

john bolino

Photo (right):

[Bonus] Friends you can eat: Trailer + Full Video
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Sean Darst & Gabe Talamantes: Brazilionaire Edit

February 16th, 2011

Sean Darst & Gabe Talamantes

Filmed & edited by Brazilionaire ; Additional Filming by Vince Zywczak (Freestyleculture).

Video Offline.

Mike Lilly: Revolution 90s by Jon Jenkins

February 16th, 2011

“Everything he does is gold.” Jon and I use this saying to describe certain skaters. Meaning they can’t do no wrong, every trick they do is amazing, every clip they get is priceless.

Mike Lilly is one of those skaters. His 90 was filmed in a week because of this exact reason. Blading needs skaters like Lilly, full of personality and style that is unmatched. One statement changed everything for him – “I’m not done yet.”

Mike Lilly Interview on Revolution.

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