Montre Livingston in the Netherlands, Edit by Thijs Tel

June 24th, 2011

Montre Livingston

After picking up Montre at the airport in the morning, we spent an hour or two showing him around the shop and had some breakfast. Luckily what started out as a grey day with a lot of rain turned in to one filled with sun at the end of the afternoon.

Perfect weather for the planned streetsession at the Sloterdijk train station in Amsterdam. But, before the session we still had a day to fill, so we started out skating a small miniramp and ended up skating some very sweet street spots.

Vimeo Link | Inline Mag Photos | Be-Mag Post.

Titen Bearings

June 24th, 2011

Titen Bearings

Titen high speed bearings are made of super hard carbon steel and are specifically designed to withstand the biggest gaps and maintain their performance after months of riding.

They come in different precision grades from ABEC 5 to 9. All bearings feature sealed metal shields which provide protection from wet and dusty conditions.
The bearings come in an exclusive packaging with padded foam and magnetic closure.

Team: Brian Aragon, Joey Chase, Mathias Silhan. Packaging: 8 per box. Sunshine Distribution, Inc.

Titen Bearings

Sean Kelso: USD Carbon II Pro Model, Promo Edit by Paul John

June 23rd, 2011

sean kelso

Shot & edited by Paul John (Midnight Cinema) in Downtown Chicago.

Walter Sanchez (Remz Mexico, Flow): Born To Roll Section (2011)

June 23rd, 2011

walter sanchez

Mathias Silhan: BHC Pro Wheel, Promo Edit at the Bowl d’Haguenau (France) by Dsprod

June 23rd, 2011

mathias silhan


Dave Lang: First Day Back, Edit by Richie Velasquez

June 23rd, 2011

dave lang

It’s been a few weeks since my knee injury, but the blades are back on my feet. Here are a few clips from the first day back.

More Dave Lang Media.

Usd VII 2011 Review

June 23rd, 2011

Usd VII 2011

Jrgantan from the RN Forums reviewed the Usd VII 2011:

I know a lot of people are asking about how these things skate, so I’ll try to answer a lot of questions in this review.

First of all, a lot of the curiosity is about the soulplate. Just like you can see from the pictures / videos, the soulplate is huge (bigger than the carbon plate), and has an amazing shape, especially it’s groove. Before buying the vii, I was afraid the groove was too deep (like the 2-piece plate for UFS Thrones), making royale to ao topside tricks a little less fluid.

USD adressed this, and made the groove wide and shallow, like the Deshi soulplate. This makes switch-ups, pretty easy, but doesn’t take away from locking you in. Unfortunately, although the vii plate resembles the carbon plate, it feels like it is made from a softer, slower plastic. That’s right, they are slower than I thought they would be, considering the carbon plates are pretty fast. If this is a deal-breaker for you, you might want to consider skating them with a carbon plate, though I don’t know the sizing compatibility.

Second, the shell itself, imo, is the reason to get this skate. I have med to low arches on my foot, so many skates I’ve tried hurt my feet. I combined the vii with Blank liners and Superfeet insoles, and I have never had a more comfortable skate, ever! This shell is very accommodating, so I especially recommend this to people with wide feet.

If you have a mid to narrow foot, get a liner that fits (I highly recommend blank liners), because your foot will have too much room with the thin stock liner. Or, you can downsize. The instep also flexes well, so there are no pressure points at all. Yet, with the flex, the shell is still solid and very lightweight. […]

Check the full review w/ pictures on the forums.

Roskilde Festival 2010 (Dk): Documentary by Mathias von Gostomski

June 23rd, 2011

Roskilde Festival

quoting Mathias von Gostomski:

Last year i was allowed to visit probably the best Festival in the world, the Roskilde Festival in Denmark.

10 days so crazy, you can’t even imagine. We tried to capture at least a tiny bit of its spirt by making a little documentary. Thanks to Bo Elstrup, Johannes Jacobi, Alexander Schneider, Bart Laubsch, Philip Preuss.

Roskilde Festival 2011 30 June – 3 July (warm-up from 26 June). About 170 bands. 75000 people. Erik Bailey & Alex Broskow will be there. Park Schedule.

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