Eugen Enin (DE): Rollschuhlaufen Section + Bonus

April 27th, 2011

Eugen Enin

Eugen Enin: Rollschuhlaufen Section by Daniel Gourski
Filmed on a Canon 550d.

Bonus: One day in Germany (Herten, Essen)

Evgeny Leonov (Russia): The Haters, Remixed Section

April 27th, 2011

Evgeny Leonov

Evgeny Leonov rocked the blading scene for almost a decade, even had his USD Pro Model in 2005. He is now USD Flow. It’s such a pleasure to see him skating (thanks to True Fake) and he is stronger than ever.

Eito Yasutoko: Square Park (Tokyo)

April 27th, 2011

Eito Yasutoko

Eito Yasutoko visits our skate park in Tokyo. Hardware: Canon EOS 5D Mark II with SIGMA 12-24mm F4.5-5.6, SIGMA 15mm Fisheye, EF28-135mm F3.5-5.6 IS USM.

Australian Rolling Open 2011 by Craig Smith

April 27th, 2011

Australian Rolling Open

Australian Rolling Open 2011 by Craig Smith. Saturday 16th of April in Woden, Canberra, ACT. Thanks to Guy Owen and Robbie Pitts.

Kal Crew: A Weekend in Tasmania

April 27th, 2011


When you have enough people all down for the cause great things are possible. Enough people for everyone to get excited, enough people to organise flights, enough peope to take care of cars, enough people to know of good skate spots, enough people for there to be space to stay, and places to shower, and tools to fix skates, enough people for there to always be a crew of locals to roll with, enough people to have tricks at every spot and enough people to film it all.

And when you have enough of these people you have enough footage to make 2 edits from the one weekend in Hobart. Enjoy. Credits to follow in subsequent edits.

Featuring Steven Walker, Jeremey Dalbis, Robbie Calvert, Tom Sawyer, Joel Gajda, Rob Ham, Chris Pullar, Thomas Dalbis and many more.

Filmed & Edited by Thomas and Jeremy Dalbis. Additional Filming by Joel Gajda, Chris Pullar & Chris Fehlberg. Text by Chris Pullar.

USD VII 2011 Team Skate

April 27th, 2011

usd seven

Comeback of the year? The new VII 2011 Team Skate.

The VII was originally created as a pricepoint skate but after it was drastically improved both in comfort, hardwear and looks skaters on the team began to take an interest.

Simply put, this skate can battle any skate on the market. Its liners are high quality and exceedingly comfortable, and the cuff and boot combination is a perfect balance between support and flexibility. The new soulplate is a variation of the enormously popular Carbon soulplate with a brand new groove.

The skate really can be considered one of the most comfortable and accomodating skates on the market with a full lightweight soulplate to compliment the boot as well as a lowered heel for better anti-shock. As if all these improvements were not enough, the brand new Kizer Type-M frame will be making its premier exclusively on this skate.

Ideal for beginners thanks to its tantalizing price but also great for experts thanks to its hi-spec features, this skate is bound to be one of the best-sellers of 2011 (via).

Denis Wolf (USD Flow): USD VII 2011 Team Skate, Promo Edit

Albert Hooi: Skating the Ledge

April 26th, 2011

albert hooi

USD Imperial Black & White, Out Next Week

April 26th, 2011

usd imperial

With the desire to make this new skate available to a lower budget we took the time to talk to companies about making special plastic blends that could serve to re-create the Carbon effect at a more affordable price.

After two meetings with DuPont we were told that they had the perfect plastic for us: DuPont Hytrel TPC-ET Thermoplastic polyester elastomer.

Hytrel, a thermoplastic and elastomer in one. Hytrel thermoplastic polyester elastomers provide the flexibility of rubber, the strength of plastic and the processibility of thermoplastics.

Hytrel is also available in a full range of Shore D hardness (30D to 82D). Special grades are heat stabilized, flame retardant and blow molded. Concentrates include black pigments, UV protection additives, hydrolysis resistant additives, heat stabilizers and flame retardants.

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