Michael Tew: Fragmented Networks, Remixed Sections

March 21st, 2011

Produced by Geoff Davies & Stuart Kinghorn.

fragmented networks

More Fragmented Networks Media.
Dvd now available for £4.99.

Evgeniy Leonov (Russia): True Fake Edit

March 21st, 2011

Evgeniy Leonov

Visit true-fake.ru.

Brett Dasovic: 2010 Online Compilation

March 21st, 2011

brett dasovic

Collection from online edits released this past year.

One day with Dave Lang, Chris Calkins and Nacho Romero by Daniel Scarano

March 21st, 2011

hug life

Saturday March 19th 2011. One Day with Dave Lang, Chris Calkins, and Nacho Romero. Filmed and Edited by Daniel Scarano.

Dustin Diamond: Roll Models Section by Mike Franson

March 21st, 2011

Roll Models, a 2009 TSM Productions (Second to None, None, Adventures in Rollerblading).

roll models Dustin Diamond

More Roll Models Sections.

USD Seven Black

March 20th, 2011

usd seven vii

The VII skate has evolved into a secret weapon. Already known for being lightweight and extremely comfortable it now comes with a completely renewed soulplate, very similar to its Carbon counterpart which has proven perfect. The shell has been reworked for better compatability with UFS allowing for a lower center of gravity, more control and more space for the Sifika shock-absorber.

This brand new VII also comes with a harder plastic shell for better support.

The all new VII skate is as good as any hardboot out there, if not better – and it comes at the fraction of the cost. Perfect for beginners and professionals alike, this skate will satisfy your every aggressive need.

The skate includes the brand new VII soulplate, USD liners, an all-new 2011 Type M frame and USD wheels and bearings.

For comfort, price and quality you simply can’t beat this skate.

USD Official Website.
Thanks Jon Christopherson.

Montpellier Fise 2010: Photos by S. Ballet

March 20th, 2011

Fise 2010 Photoset by S. Ballet.
Via the RN Flickr Photo Pool.

montpellier fise franky morales

montpellier fise roman abrate

montpellier fise cj wellsmore

Fifty-50 Presents Juice2 (Official Trailer)

March 19th, 2011

juice 2

Featuring Rachard Johnson, JC Rowe, Alex Nunez, Anthony Williams, Victor Gallecia, Erick Rodriguez, Ramelle Knight, Anthony Gallegos, Jeremy Soderburg & Richie Velasquez. Edited By Erick Rodriguez.

Cody Lampman (AZ): Scumpire Edit + Interview

March 19th, 2011

Filmed by Mykel Fatali & Ian Walker ; edited by Mykel Fatali.
Song: J. Stew – Knight Rider.

1. where are you from, and is there grass?

CL: I’m from Page, Arizona and the only grass we have is dead grass. We live in an ocean of sand.

2. Your planning on moving out here, what atracts you to the renfer life style? and it better not be the spots

CL: The Spots ha ha ha Na the Denver scene is just super refreshing! Everyone is just trying to skate, get drunk and have a good time. I’m sick of most of the scenes where the only reason anyone seems to skate is to get clips! […]

Cody Lampman: Full Scumpire Interview + More Pictures.

Talking to Strangers: Brian Freeman @ SXSW

March 19th, 2011

Sxsw: annual music, film and interactive conference and festival held in Austin (Texas).

Brian Freeman
Photo: Tommy Kearns.

How many times have you heard the joke…

“What’s the hardest thing about rollerblading?” Every time you have skates on. People just don’t understand it because they haven’t seen it, so it’s kind of like a lost art I guess you could say.

And then when people see it, they’re like, “Damn, this is tight as shit!” You see skateboards so much it’s like drinking water. But when you see rollerblading, people stop, like, “Oh my God, people still do that?” [to female friend] You think rollerblading’s tight? You think skating’s tight? You think what I do is cool? [Friend: “I didn’t recognize it til you did it, Brian. But I recognize it now.”] People just got to see it, you know?

Has rollerblading gotten you laid?

Yes. But… not because of that. I think it’s a personality thing. If you didn’t know that I rollerbladed, you’d probably think I was a fuckin’… rapper, straight out of prison, like, tattooed, black motherfucker [laughs]. People judge shit all the time. […]

Check the full Talking to Strangers: Brian Freeman @ SXSW Interview.
Bottom of the Page. Interview by Kelly Bourdet.

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