90s with Brian Bina (Revolution, 2011)

January 11th, 2011

Brian Bina has a style all of his own that is amazing to watch. Bina is a really powerful skater, everything he does is on point.

I’ve rarely seen a skater like Bina, someone who has their style fine tuned at such a young age. He gets it.

Blading needs a future, we need to present ourselves, and present blading in the best possible way. Seeing a skater like Brian Bina come up, it gives me hope that our sport is going in the right direction.

Check the Brian Bina Interview on Revolution.

Create Originals series 2 Custom Graphic UFS Frame

January 11th, 2011

create originals
Larger Picture.

The Create Originals Series 2 Custom Graphic UFS Frame

The new Create Originals Series 2 Frame Core features construction made from an all new mold, manufacturing process, and new reinforced material composition that ensures the highest quality performance and durability available.

Features & More Pictures
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OD Maloof. Queens, New York!

January 11th, 2011


The following clips were captured over the summer in the first opening weeks of the new maloof skate plaza located in flushing meadows corona park. Stay tuned hoes.

Featuring fam from all over NYC: Jordan Baez, Carlos Montenegro, Dave Ngo, Joe Dedentro, Michael Valenzuela, Sean Grossman, Angelo Ferrera, Dan Bradham, Trevor Johnson, John Stephens, and Alex Nunez.

Visit onedayny.com.

Popacid (Poland): There You Go Tour, Edit

January 11th, 2011


It’s 12 minutes advert-skating video showing popacid team on their tour. 7 days at the polish seaside in the end of the 2010 season was enough to bring you this picture.

Visit popacid.com.

Nicolas Auroux: 2009 unused tapes, FFries Article

January 10th, 2011

nicolas auroux
Photo (left): Greg Mirzoyan.

Sometimes you hear about certain projects, and then it takes more than a year before you seem them come to life.

It happened with this edit you’re just about to watch, which features clips filmed all throughout the summer.

Oh, not this past summer, but the one before. Judging by the quality of the skating though, it seems like 2009 was a good year for Nicolas Auroux. […]

Check the Full Article + Photos on Frenchy Fries.

One, Blade Life: An Interview with Chad Hornish

January 10th, 2011

Chad Hornish

What’s your name, how old are you, and who do you skate for?

My names Chad Hornish, I’m 19, and I skate for Nimh, INRI, and support Revolution Skate Shop.

What’s your job and what does it do to your blading schedule?

Well, I worked for the United States Postal Service… but I just quit my job! But it did keep me from blading for over six months. I maybe skated five times in the whole six to seven months I was working. […]

One, Blade Life: An Interview with Chad Hornish.

Leon Basin: Urban Ninja, VanAM 2010 Entry

January 10th, 2011

leon basin

Ground Control: Team Video (Summer 2011), Teaser

January 8th, 2011

Coming Summer 2011 ; An Outlook Films Production. Director: Simon Mulvaney ; Assistant Director: Chaz Sands ; Producer: Jon Elliot.

ground control

About Ground Control

Ground Control was founded by Jon Elliott in the year 2000. Jon was one of the top skaters at the time and his tall body size and heavier weight put a lot of strain on existing frame designs.

His vision was to develop the strongest and most durable frames in the industry. The first frames hit stores in summer 2001 and featured signature design elements that are still leading in the industry today. More.

jon elliott

Ground Control Team Pictures on gc-uprising.com.

Jeph Howard: Welcome to the Am Razors Team

January 8th, 2011

Jeph Howard
Photos: John Haynes.

Jeph Howard‘s been cutting up the streets with his Razor blades for a long time now, floating in that grey area, caught between flow and Am.

His dedication to his craft and his addictive personality are easily his best attributes. With a hefty backlog of quality media coverage, his newest section in Game Theory, and praise from our top Pros as well as the entire blading community, Jeph has earned a full time spot on the Razors squad.

He shows no signs of stopping, skating everyday, finding new and interesting spots in the name of keeping it fresh. Keep an eye out for Mr. Howard in 2011, it promises to be a big year.

Filmed and edited by Brett Dasovic (via).

Korey Sneaky Waikiki: Texas Park Edit

January 8th, 2011

Korey Sneaky Waikiki

A few months back Korey Sneaky Waikiki took a trip out to Dallas to kick it and blade with the gang. Lil homie is the most motivated skater I’ve met in awhile and its so refreshing to skate with him!

This edit was shot in one day. A day session plus a night session. Shot by Pat Leal and Josh Glowicki ; Chopped up by Josh Glowicki. Song : Andrea 3000 – ThrowDown.

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