Roman Daricek Edit by Christian Biddle (2007)

January 9th, 2007

Video Offline.

Kingdom Mag : Updated

January 9th, 2007

Kingdom Mag

Kingdom Mag was updated :

  • Leon Humphries interview
  • Jukebox : Metric, My federation, Professor Green
  • Top 5s with Jon Elliott
  • Jochen Smuda radio interview
  • Sean Cullen Stories

Chaz Sands : Kizer pro-frame edit

January 8th, 2007

chaz sands

from the Kizer website :

Chaz Sands hooked up a video of himself rockin his pro frames. Check the clip box for some sick tricks at his local indoor skatepark.

Download : chaz frame (8 mb).

Visit | via The Conference

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Brothers In Arms

January 8th, 2007


Two skaters trying to solve the women mystery…
I love this photo, i had to share it :) Peace!

Razors Cult Elliot 3 Review

January 8th, 2007

Razors Cult Elliot 3

Long months of anticipation and they are finally here – re-edition of classic Cult skate, The third Pro Model of Jon Elliot.

End of the year, the weather sucks here right now, but somehow I menaged to skate them a few times and test how they perform.

For me the Cult skate is something totally new. Although it has been available on the market for few years now I haven`t had any occasion to check them out. Since 2003 I have been skating Genesis-type skate and I thought they are the best ones. Of course the Genesis boot is quite good but I really got bored after 4 years. So for this year I decided to give up the Genesis S7 model and try the Classic Razor E3 skate instead and you know what?? I`m not regreting it even a bit!! [...]

Read the full Razors Cult Eliot 3 review
(with more pics, and a small edit)
Thank Mirek

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JUMP video trailer

January 8th, 2007

jump dvd

Jump Video :

Skating by Keegan Smith, Andrew Smolak, Bryan Brown, Jeff Dalnas, Anthony Chen, Brandon Ford, Kyle Couture, Johnny O, Sean Money, Gabe Holm, Alex Theroux, Ben Strout, Austin Paz, Casey Geraghty, Jeremy Pawlowski, John Schmidt, Ross Anthony, Mike Telo, Nick Whitmore, Joey Muder and many more…

jump dvd

Thanks to Kyle Couture for mailling me.

jump dvd

Kaya Turski : after-wipeout story

January 8th, 2007

So.. immm back! Well, back home. I finally got released last fri (nov 17) so that was a nice 13 days in hell. I flew back from san fran on sat and got home late that nite.. so nice. So for all of you who are curious and want to know exactly what happened.. heres the downlo:

so i ended up lacerating my kidneys slightly, which wasnt that big a deal so they didnt have to fix that. i bruised my lung (or lungs?) and that was another thing they were just going to leave to get better. The worst part was that i completely tore my pancreas in two. In the beginning, they just put in some stent cuz they didnt think it was torn all the way through, but the next day i had surgery to take out the torn piece out (the end of my pancreas) cuz they had realized it was in two pieces. [...]

Read the full story + extra photo on

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Bivol Mihai : Ambiance Season Dvd Profile

January 8th, 2007

bivol mihai
up : Bivol Mihai in the Ambiance Dvd

Bivol Mihai finished his new Dvd called Ambiance and decided to share the video with Rollernews first.

The Dvd will feature a Militaru Mihai and Bivol Mihai profile, a Milano street battle edit plus several montages with skaters like Mihai Militaru, Stefan Ene, Mathias Silhan, Diego Guilloud, Laurent Calame, Michael Muhlemann, Stefan de Freitas, Nicolas Schopfer and more.

Here is the Ambiance profile of Bivol Mihai, take a look, it’s pretty sick. And check Rollernews for the rest of the Dvd next week.

Download : AmbianceSeasonMihaiBivol.wmv (65 mb)
right click / save as

bivol mihai
up : Bivol Mihai in the Ambiance Dvd

Inline Warehouse : Skating Photo Gallery

January 7th, 2007

skating photo

Check the Inline Warehouse, skating photo gallery : page 1 | page 2

Guido Rosenkranz : HeyDude section

January 7th, 2007

Guido Rosenkranz

Ucon alley Guido Rosenkranz is skating since over 13 years. He is one of those guys never really got too much attention. But no doubt he is one of the best street skaters in Europe.

His style and attitude to rollerblading is unique. Guido was featured in the first issue of “Hey Dude videomagazine” – a magazine concentrating on the german scene and talents. Check out his section, and I guess you won’t have any more questions. Enjoy.

Check out the Hey Dude section of Guido Rosenkranz, published by Ucon.

Download (mov/21,8mb)

Most Popular Extreme Sport

January 7th, 2007

most popular extreme sport

Quoting the Guinness World Records Book :

According to a survey conducted in the USA in 2004 by the Sporting Goods Manufacturing Association, Inline Skating is the most popular extreme sport, with 17,3 million participants.

In second place is skateboarding with 11,6 million, and paintballing is third with 9.6 millions participants per year.

Thanks Tropicology

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Murda : 540 alley oop top soul 360 out

January 7th, 2007

Thanks Juju-Power.

Jeff Linett : Old Skate Fashion Portfolio

January 7th, 2007

Rachard Johnson on Tour. Photo by Jeff Linett.
up : Rachard Johnson on Tour with cuts and bruises. Photo by Jeff Linett

Here is the Jeff Linett Old Skate Fashion Portfolio. Be sure to check the full post for all the pictures.

Aaron Feinberg for Mindgame. Photo by Jeff Linett.
up : Aaron Feinberg for Mindgame. Photo by Jeff Linett

Murda for Jug. Photo by Jeff Linett.
up : Mike Murda Johnson for Jug. Photo by Jeff Linett

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