Ride On LR Tour (Gignac, France): Edit + Results

September 27th, 2011

16+ Results

  1. Stephane Alfano
  2. Maxime Iangaev
  3. Jeremy Melique
  4. Baptiste Urbain
  5. Bruce Varache
  6. Benjamin Rizo
  7. Brice Bernadeu
  8. Alexandre Galanakis

Ride On LR Tour (Gignac, France)


  1. Bastien Baelde
  2. Sami Angsthelm
  3. Malcom Toure
  4. Julien Jaume
  5. Bastien Kharoubi
  6. Pierre-Guillaume Bouvard

Photos: Goulven Gonthier.

Shima Skate Manufacturing: September 2011 Montage

September 27th, 2011

Shima Skate Manufacturing

Featuring Brian Weis, Miguel Ramos, Maik Lojewski, Adria Saa, Xathen Stewart, Jeremy Spira, Michael Braud, Leon Humphries, Matty Schrock, Brian Shima, Montre Livingston, Joey Chase and Marc Moreno.

Vimeo Link.

Damien Wilson: Fester, Couch Potato Edit by Nick Wood

September 26th, 2011

damien wilson

Damien Wilson takes offense when he’s called a “lazy pro.” Just because you haven’t seen much of him lately, doesn’t mean he’s been sitting on his couch.

Damien has 2 Full Video Sections that are about to drop (Fester & Ground Control). So, this is what being called a “couch potato” means to him.

damien wilson

10 years of Life+, KFC Raw Footage (2002)

September 26th, 2011

alex broskow

It’s the 10th year anniversary of the LIFE+ Rollerblading DVD series, and I have decided to go back and dig though our vault of Mini-DV tapes for some unseen goodies.

This is footage from two tapes shot in Kansas during the summer of 2002. Myself and Carlos “Hardcore Brazil” Pianoski flew to KFC to spend a few days and shoot with the guys for LIFE+. Carlo’s footage never saw the light of day until now.

Skaters, in no particular order: Jeremy Morris, Jeremy Rockwell, Nathan Simpson, Alex broskow, Todd Blubaugh, Brenton Wheeler, Jesse Schooley, Joseph Shull, Uri Zupancic, Jeff Belzeski, Brandon Mateer. Big thanks to Adam Johnson.

More Life Plus Media


Rn x Rollerblade, Design Contest: Entries

September 26th, 2011

The Rn x Rollerblade, Design Contest is almost over. We posted validated entries here. If you entered the comp, check if your entry(ies) is correctly listed. You have 2 days to (re)post your late entry(ies).

Entry by Marcus Oliveira1920×1200 Wallpaper.

Rn x Rollerblade, Design Contest

Entry by D.O.1920×1200 Wallpaper.

Rn x Rollerblade, Design Contest

Entry by Tito Senna1920×1200 Wallpaper.

Rn x Rollerblade, Design Contest

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The Swedes: Trailer

September 26th, 2011

the swedes

The Swedes in association with Polymorph, Guerreros & Bright Images At Work present “The Swedes”.

Produced and directed by Matts Barrett & Christopher Herdman.

Featuring Joachim Wall, Kenth Ulvedal (Lill), Jocke Lundberg, Jack Ekholm, Christopher Herdman, Santiago Gende, Estellano Rickard, Karlsson Jonas, Lauria Michael & Tobias.

2011 Last Man Standing x ODNY

September 26th, 2011

2011 Last Man Standing nyc

2011 Last Man Standing comp put together by Victor Callender and Wheels In Motion went down without any problems.

Despite the lack of support from a lot of people in recent days prior to the comp, New York City still made it a great event. Thanks to all of the skaters who showed up to support and all the major crews who made appearances.

Our scene only keeps on growing and the prominent figures continue building–feels great to have everyone come together to make something out of nothing.

Final Standings

  1. Franco Cammayo
  2. Chauncey Jenkins
  3. Jose Henriquez

Visit Onedayny.com.

Alex Rudolf: Mask Incident IV Section (2006, Germany)

September 26th, 2011

The Chimera Conspiracy presents a fast production, a Harmani film, featuring Chris Weber, Ben Harmanus, Andi Doehnert, Patrick Ridder, Alex Rudolf, Andreas Wagenblast & Arne Dahlmeier.

Mask: the incident iv, written by the Frankfurt all stars. Directed by Harmani and Seby Worner, Marco Mopils, Marcel Schubert, Sven Hachmeister, Mark Heuss, Dario Soller.

Mask, The Incident IV: Trailer & Intro, Chris Weber, More Media.

alex rudolf

Bonus: Harmani Incident IV Leftovers

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