Ramp Building

January 4th, 2007

ramp building

Basic construction techniques and materials to assist you in building your own ramp.

Trasher Magazine posted their 12 first issues from 1981. The Issue 08 (August) might interest you, there is a guide (2 pages) to constructing your very own ramp (check page 12, low resolution preview here).

Direct Link to the Issue 08 | Check the other issues.

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Skating in Canada + Orkus Skatepark

January 4th, 2007

The Raf collective posted 2 videos of their trip in november 2006.
Thanks Etienne.

up : Trip + Skating in Canada

up : Orkus Skatepark, Montreal. Edit by Ben & RAF MTL

Brian Shima & Jeff Stockwell Wallpapers

January 4th, 2007

brian shima

Brian Shima & Jeff Stockwell Wallpapers on One. Link

jeff stockwell

Robert Lievanos : naked!

January 3rd, 2007

usd robert lievanos

Hardcore photos of Robert Lievanos USD Skates.

More photos on The Conference or in this topic (Thanks Fufu).

usd robert lievanos

Henry Kay : Treat your mother right Edit

January 3rd, 2007

Henry Kay Profile, Edit by sk8king.
Song : Mr. T, treat your mother right.

2006 RFCC Industry Awards : Razors Edits

January 3rd, 2007

2006 RFCC Industry Awards

Razors released 2 videos from the 2006 RFCC Industry Awards, the quality is pretty bad, but the content really worth watching them :

Skater of the year :

2006 RFCC Industry Awards Judges: More than 40 industry insiders and company representatives Nov. 4, 06, Escondido, CA Courtesy of RFCCAllStars.com.

Download : rzrs_01.m4v (30 mb)

Team of the year :

2006 RFCC Industry Awards Judges: More than 40 industry insiders and company representatives Nov. 4, 06, Escondido, CA Courtesy of RFCCAllStars.com.

Download : rzrs_02.m4v (37 mb).

The .M4v files can be played with Quicktime Player.

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Jim Jones interview with The Source

January 3rd, 2007

jim jones

Put your biases aside and really read this interview. Maybe it’ll help some of y’all to understand what The Diplomats are really doing. It’s more than music, baby.

Check this transcription of the Jim Jones interview with The Source.

Jim Jones, who recently announced the creation of Dipskate, a rollerblading team. Don’t miss the comments at the bottom of the page!

[...] When it comes to Jim Jones, expect the unexpected. “Some people look at him and say he’s a criminal,” explains Hip-Hop mogul Damon Dash, who has known the artist since Jim was 7. “But he has an executive job, he directs his own videos. He can take care of his own destiny, and he’s always up in somebody’s school.” Some didn’t think he’d ever leave the ‘hood, but eight years ago Jim Jones became the co-founder of The Diplomats with Cam’ron.

Two years later, he started directing Dip Set videos, and in 2004, he unveiled his purple liquor “Sizzurp”, which came with its own mixtape, Sippin’ on Sizzurp Vol. I: Getting Drunk on Music. Jones released his own DVD, signed to Koch Records as a solo artist, put out two back-to-back albums (2004′s On My Way to Church and 2005′s Harlem… Diary of a Summer) and now a third, Hustler’s P.O.M.E.

Last year he founded a new label, Byrdgang Records, and also recently announced his sponsorship of his extreme sports team, affectionately called Dipskate. Next up in 2007 is a family line of clothing called Nostic.[...]

Joey Chase: Shadowed From Society (2004)

January 3rd, 2007

Shadowed From Society : Joey Chase

Best Use of a Waterpark : Rolling on Yahoo Tv (the 9)

January 2nd, 2007

yahoo tv the 9

Black Market was featured again on the 9, a yahoo video broadcast (last time was in July, 2006).

Vote 4 for Doug Urquhart, the ATL WaterPark Tour 2 (from Black Market) is ranked 2nd with 17% at the moment.

ATL WaterPark Tour 2 (Black Market)

T-man Edit, by the same author as Game of Life

January 2nd, 2007

t-man comic

T-man Edit, by Deakricsi, the same author as Game of Life : a guy reads a cartoon about his failed tricks. He gets angry, and go try again.

Here is the translation of the hungarian text:

“2 months earlier” (tap tap)
“i can do it in royale” (wush)
“second try”
“now i will do it”
francba= oh shit

on second page:

“aah, that cracked”
hajajj = phew (or smtng like that)
” **** it.cant be. i HAD a frame.”

Download the video : tman.wmv
right click / save as

By the way if you like the Game of Life edit, a download link for the video have been added into the dedicated news.

Extreme Ice Skating

January 2nd, 2007

extreme ice skating
up : Pictures from xtremeiceskating.com

Dan Perceval, the founder of Xtreme Ice Skatingâ„¢, has been skating in the style of Xtreme for 13 years. He brings you a new style of ice-skating; a new Extreme.

It’s like street skating.. but on the Ice. It is THE hottest thing to hit the Ice!” Don’t just be aggressive, be Xtreme!

Thanks Sukeats!

extreme ice skating
up : Picture from xtremeiceskating.com. Photo : Ron from Baldwin PAL.

Piotrek Combrzyński Profile

January 1st, 2007

10 MINUTES: With Kaya Turski

January 1st, 2007

kaya turski

Check this interview of Kaya Turski, pro skater and freestyle skier.

What’s going on with your rollerblading career and how has it helped your skiing?

Women’s rollerblading is really slow right now, so I’m taking it easy in the skating world. Lately I’ve actually been skating vert, something I was never really doing seriously, so I can try to bring that to skiing pipe.

Rollerblading helps me a lot for skiing with balance on rails and landings. If you can land on skates, chances are you can land on something 20 times the size of skates. [...]

Read the full interview on powdermag.com

kaya turski

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