Ground Control : Formula 1 Frames, Press Release

November 13th, 2007

Ground Control Formula 1

As the inventor of the deep H-block and pioneer of the freestyle frame concept, Ground Control decided to take the concept to a whole new level: Center piece of the Formula 1 frame is an oversized H-Block which extends over 80 % of the frame and provides a true cost efficient solution to replace it when worn down.

This concept was made possible by a patented 3-point attachment system which secures the h-block all the way through the base of the frame and the sole of the boot. This creates a frame which is unmatched in stiffness, strength and durability. Special sickle shaped axle bolt heads increase the crucial material thickness below the axle holes and allow convenient one hand operation.

Both versions got raving test reviews by Brian Shima, Jeff Stockwell and Chris Haffey.

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Jochen Smuda Interview

November 13th, 2007

Jochen Smuda

Ucon Co-Founder Jochen Smuda explains in his interview why Ucon moved to the german capital Berlin and tells you which other sports he is into beside rolling.

Also you can read about what you can expect to see in the upcoming Clip Issue 4. Download the Jochen Smuda online interview here (pdf 3Mb). enjoy.

Thanks Jochen.

Fabiola da Silva : FHM Interview

November 13th, 2007

fabiola da silva

Fabiola da Silva : FHM Interview. Link
Thanks Lvroller

Fabiola was featured in new Zoo, an Australian mens mag too.
Thanks Ray

fabiola da silva


November 12th, 2007

Well not the pool you expected, but anyway … ^^
Thanks Joe

Colorado winter/spring edit

November 12th, 2007

Featuring: Danny McCabe, Chris Burlingame, Kevin Carey, Chris Walker, Ty Jones, Roilen!, and Greg Freemen.

Filmed and Edited by Greg Freemen. Thanks remzroller16.

Inland Empire All Out

November 12th, 2007

The first annual Inland Empire All-Out was held on October 20th. The competition began at Chino Skatepark and made it’s way to Rancho Cucamonga. Thanks ilsk8.


1st: Quinn Feldman
2nd: Winston Wardwell
3rd: Steven Cortez

Martin Benza’s Day in the Life by marce

November 12th, 2007

Another saturday in Madrid featuring Martin Benza, Chicago, Laurent, Nena and Diego aka “Me cargo travelos a palosa”. Thanks Marce.

Video Offline.

A Day In Austin (With Avi)

November 12th, 2007

A day in Austin, Texas with a few unexpected guests…
Filmed and edited by Mason Richard.

Featuring Featuring Avi Wechsler, Cody Sanders, Mason Richard, Alex Harlan, and Brian Freeman.

Kevin Padou (15, France): Frejus Edit

November 11th, 2007

Taktika Photos

November 11th, 2007

Taktika Photos. Link
Thanks OskarsP.

Weekend With Avichai Wechsler and Fabio Enes

November 10th, 2007


Brazilian Fabio Enes and Avichai Wechsler from Israel come to visit Cali, some beers, some burguers and some steep rails.

Download: AviFabio_46.m4v (70 mb) /
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roccityskate: A Weekend in HD

November 10th, 2007

A weekend of testing out my works new Panasonic HVX-200, turned into what might be one of my most epic edits to date. Here I follow the Roc City Skate Crew around with camera rolling at all times. This is closer to a documentary than a skate edit. This is what goes down in Rochester NY.

A Weekend in the Roc, Quicktime 7, 640×360, 9:46, 117mb

Thanks Snake_rol. More:

Always wear your Helmet, tour trailer

November 10th, 2007

Thanks B-industry

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