ONE Video Rochester, NY: Submissions (2008)

April 23rd, 2011


quoting Mike Torres.

Here is an edit I put together in January of 2009. All of this footage was filmed for the ONE Magazine blade video which was produced and directed by Conner O’Brien, and released in December, 2008.

The edit was only made for the eyes of my friends in the WNY scene, so they could see the clips we filmed in an edit since not all of them made it into the ONE Video.

The edit was then released as a last minute bonus feature on “The Best of” DVD which was released and distributed at the 2009 Bitter Cold Showdown in Royal Oak, MI.

Filmed & edited by Mike Torres ; featuring Steve Bruning, Dan Barnes, Tim Adams, Grant Hazelton, Chris Walker & Mike Torres.

Just thought I’d throw this online. You know… Before It’s Too Late.

90s with Matthias Ogger by Jon Jenkins (Revolution)

April 22nd, 2011

matthias ogger
Photos: Awall.

Matthias Ogger is a skater who’s earned his respect. He’s been skating hard for years, and he’s paid the price.

Ogger is a skater you enjoy being around. He has a fresh attitude, and he always says the funniest thing at the right moment.

Matthias has no delusions about skating, he knows what he wants, and skates the way that feels right. His approach to skating reveals what you like best about him – Matthias has a style like no other.

Matthias Ogger: Revolution Interview.

Oeteldope 2011: Finals (Den Bosch)

April 22nd, 2011


Dutch Champion Rollerblading crowned in ‘s-Hertogenbosch

Last Saturday the third and final round of the Dutch Championship series toke place. The best Dutch riders were present to compete for the final points.

The junior winner became Tasheed Zaalman from Rotterdam and the senior title was taken by Dick Heerkens from Amsterdam. Although both were in the top of the ranking before the final round already, it was still a round full of excitement. After two prelims in Rotterdam and Eindhoven, the exiting showdown toke place in ‘s-Hertogenbosch.

In the senior competition two guys, both Rollerblade team riders, Dick Heerkens and Adil Farhouni, had the biggest chance on winning the overall competition. Both showed that they both came to win, unfortunately Adil Farhouni slammed hard in the prelims of the day which made it impossible for him to compete in the third round final.


Without Adil Farhouni in the final, it was almost sure that Dick was going to win the overall ranking. But of course he still had to impress the judges to obtain some more points. Dick succeeded, with a lot of style, technique and some big tricks, he easily toke the overall title. Despite of not competing in the final, Adil Farhouni still had enough points to end up third in the overall ranking.

The second place in the overall ranking was for Rik van Huik from Zoetermeer, who won the third round.

In the junior contest the battle between the first two riders, Tasheed Zaalman and Sem Croft, in the overall ranking was even harder. Both riders obtained the same amount of points in the two prelim rounds. Also in the third round the difference was so small that it was very hard for the judges to decide. In the end Tasheed won the third round which made him the overall winner in the junior competition.

Unfortunately Tasheed broke his wrist with his final trick in the third round. Therefore he had to go to the hospital which made it impossible for him to be at the winners announcement.
Just a few points behind Tasheed came Sem Croft on second place. The third place was for Tom de Boer. Both three riders on the junior podium come from Rotterdam, so a strong scene is building up there.

After the finals a small best trick contest was held, easily won by another guy from Rotterdam: Martin van Drunen.

Overall Oeteldope, Dutch Championship Rollerblading, was a great succes and will definitely return in 2012.

It will be bigger again with more rounds all over the Netherlands. In the meantime the organization will keep motivating the skaters to be part of this growing sport and lifestyle. The next event, they are organizing, will be the Mind the Gap contest at the Hiphop in Duketown event on the 25th of June.

TL/DR. Results
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Matty Watky: MW Media + Website

April 22nd, 2011

matty watky

MWmedia specialize in contemporary, innovative and industry-leading Music TV and Online Commercials, as well as TV Title Graphics and Music Video Promos.

We work in partnership with our clients to understand their brand, business and long-term vision. With a passionate and dedicated in-house team of highly skilled producers, directors, motion graphics designers and editors, we are a one stop shop for taking high-end concepts from brief to delivery, in a cost effective and efficient way.

Visit | More Matty Watky Media.

TIME, a 2011 TARYF prod.

April 21st, 2011

“TIME” is a Taryf collaboration of several french filmers, graphic designers and skaters.

Featuring Guillaume Le Gentil, Raphael Pique, Greg Breger, Sam Hontabat, Chris Bortolaso, GiGi, Eddy Gobeaut, Mathieu Dahu Fretault, Lowik Verges, Romain Dejean, Laurent Gabas and many more.

Filmers: Tristan Barathe, FX Pergola, Greg Breger, Corentin Noyer & Jim Torre. Shot with Canon 5D Mark II, Canon 7D, several Canon Rebel T2I and so much lenses.

Previously: Time: a 2011 TARYF prod, Teaser.

Alex Miranda (32): Roll for the Love

April 21st, 2011

Alex Miranda 32 years old and still rollin strong!

Alex Miranda: Amateur Section (1999)

Alex Miranda: Senate “Day of the Rope” Section (1996)

USD Carbon II Sean Kelso, USD Black & White Imperials, Xsjado Chris Farmer 4.2

April 21st, 2011

USD Carbon II Sean Kelso

usd sean kelso carbon 2

USD Black & White Imperials

USD Black & White Imperials

Xsjado Chris Farmer 4.2

Xsjado Chris Farmer 4.2

Xsjado Chris Farmer 4.2

Pictures source: azninabeyance, bakerized (via).

Fise Xperience Clermont Ferrand 2011 (France): Utopie Association Edit + Full Results

April 21st, 2011

Fise Xperience Clermont Ferrand 2011

Featuring Daniel Molinari, Taylor Latouche, Anthony Avella, Stephane Alfano, Romain Godenaire.

Filmed by Anthony Avella, Benjamin Theurier, Romain Godenaire ; edited By Benjamin Theurier / Utopie Association.

Results Pro: 1. Romain Godenaire, 2. Jeremy Melique, 3. Stephane Alfano. Girls: 1. Amandine Condroyer, 2. Mathilde Monneron, 3. Manon Derrien. Full results below.

Bonus: Official Edit, Day 1 (all disciplines).

Full Results
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Better Than Baseball: Park Killaz

April 21st, 2011

better than baseball

The legendary park video originally included on the Better Than Baseball two disc DVD set.

Better than Baseball: Full Video + Extra Edit.

Kaltik: 2011 Paddy’s Day Jam (Dublin, Ireland)

April 21st, 2011

Best all-around: Donal Glackin. Best trick: Bela Tasnadi.

2011 Paddy's Day Jam

Filmed by Gary Caughlin & Morgan Lynch ; edited by Morgan Lynch. Filmed with a Canon 550d 18-55mm kit lens. Dublin Ireland.

I had a few problems with exporting the final edit, the audio can be off at parts but fuck it. enjoy! Music: The Herbaliser- Battle For Bongo Hill.

Kaltik Paddy’s Weekend Street Comp

Kaltik – Paddys Weekend Street Comp 2011

Thanks Pothead.

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