Nicolas Auroux: Irun Skatepark Session

September 7th, 2011

Irun Skatepark

Irun’s Skatepark (France / Spain). A Taryf + Arcena Edit.

Julian Bah: GC, California 2011 Edit + Bonus

September 7th, 2011

Update: I just got some updates from Chaz Sands, Matthew Dearden & Simon Mulvaney. The video was stolen & leaked from the upcoming Ground Control Dvd. Video Removed.

Julian Bah

Julian Bah

Bonus: Julian Bah – I’m Mean (Song)


Hayden Ball: Inri Rebirth Leftovers

September 7th, 2011


This was Hayden Ball’s section for Rebirth. It didnt make the final cut for the video so we are releasing it online.

Filmed by Sean Sea, Kevin Yee, Mike Choley, Thomas Mcgovern, Thomas Bistro, Mike Burke and Jon Vossoughi. Music by local SF band: The Stranglers.


USD Phoenix Liners

September 7th, 2011

Coming up: USD Phoenix Liners: Where function, comfort and quality open new doors in the liner market.

In our yearly board meeting with our big cat investors and the guys from the stock exchange we made some huge corporate decisions and a conclusion was made – USD would now have to take over the liner industry.

USD Phoenix FL Liner (89,95 euros)

USD Phoenix Liners

USD Phoenix Liner (59,95 euros)

USD Phoenix Liners

Phoenix liners: Better performance liners

The idea was to make something functional, comfortable and simple. Below you can find just some of the great developments we have worked on to make this the best liner available in rolling.

USD has been speeding ahead of the pack when it comes to evolution and technology and these liners follow this path. Not only does USD provide the most advanced boots in skating, but it now also is about to drop the industries most advanced and functional liner.


  • New 1 piece sindie latex foam padding, for optimum anatomical shape and better fit as well as highly improved heel lock.
  • New 1 piece tongue, as developed for the Carbon 2 – perfect cushion, flex and comfort.
  • Fast lacing system with clip fixture.
  • Simple and clean new look – efficient and functional.
  • Full neoprene toe, slim but effective for maximizing fit on Thrones and other narrow / small fitting skates.
  • High-end outside nanoleather material
  • Perfect shape – lasted to perfection. This is no sloppy, fat looking liner, just perfect shape and fit from the beginning, with 0 break in time.
  • New Shocksole outsole with EVA – Not only a functional walking boot, this also means it has a built in shock absorber. A further gel cushion sits under the heel for unbeatable shock absorbtion.
  • Rear carry strap is now also a pull strap, fixed right into the bottom of the liner

Available this week.
Photos: Grindhouse. Thanks Domi.

Maik Lojewski (Germany): 2004 Profile

September 7th, 2011

Warning! If you don’t like sweatpants, please visit this website first.

Maik Lojewski

Thursday Night Skate (July 2011) Tempe Park: Edit

September 7th, 2011

Thursday Night Skate (July 2011) Tempe Park

Revolution’s TNS 7-29-11 ledge session @ Tempe skate park. Filmed & Edited by Derek Stanton.

Featuring Mason Richard, Scott Wells, Chad Hornish, Ben Karris, Kris Troyer and James Johnson.

Julian Bah: M1 Urethane Session

September 6th, 2011

julian bah

Just a quick session @ Carmel Valley Skatepark with Julian Bah doing his thing with his new M1 Urethane pro wheel. Available now in 2 colors. Technically the smallest pro wheel on the market.

Look out for full length sections of Julian coming up soon! Filmed & edited by Celerity.

Gabriel Hyden: Chimera Edit

September 6th, 2011

Gabriel Hyden


A Day in Our Lives, Episode 14: Teaser

September 6th, 2011

chosen few

You thought we were done? Hell no, A Day in Our Lives is one the most important things we do at Chosen Few.

We have been locating skaters all over the world who are now filming a day in their lives. What’s rollerblading without the life style that comes with it and we want to expose all the unique life styles the world has to offer.

A Day in Our Lives epsiode 14 features full days with Adrian Scoseria skating all over the streets of Mexico, Los Angeles local Ricardo Marquez tearing it up and then we head to the other side of the world to see how Tom Scofield from New Zealand does things. This episode also features skating from Alan Shepard, Joel Haro, Jon Pino and more.


Dirt Box in Paris filming for ‘Too Faded’ in 2008

September 6th, 2011

Dirt Box

Featuring Lee Mainland, Umberto Toselli, Neil Ingall, Sam Currie, Anthony Zinonos, Frederic Simcic, Klemen Barbazof & Sean Santamaria.

Visit Ca, c’est fini!
Song: Sonic Youth – ca plane pour moi (Plastic Bertrand Cover).

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