Rollerblading photos on a chewing-gum package

January 16th, 2007

sportlife website

In the Netherlands there is a competition at the moment (3 days to go) to get photos printed on packages of a chewing gum package. It has something to do with freeze the moment so rollerblading photos are perfect for this.

Dominic Swagemakers submitted some photos and they’re are now battleing against breakdancing, surfing, trampoline, bmx, skateboarding, you name it and it’s there.

The photos with the highest votes will win and get printed on the packages, wouldn’t it be cool to have rollerbladers on the packages!?!?

The opponents are very strong at the moment so that’s why we want to ask for your help. It would take only a few minutes to vote and it’s good for representing rollerblading.

How to vote:

  • go to
  • click on: add your move in the middle of the screen (a new window will pop up)
  • wait till it’s loaded and search in the upper right corner for dominicbemag
  • a list will follow with the photos submitted by Dominic ( you can also scroll up and down on the right side, there are around 10 photos in total)
  • now you can click on the photos and vote for them by clicking in the bar under the photo (if you want rollerblading to win you should click on the cool side of the bar)
  • you can give your opinion for every photo (so you can vote 10 times in this case). if you’re bored you can also go and vote bad for the other photos competing!

If everybody who reads this just votes, the rollerblading photos should win easily. THANK YOU!!!

Ok so we need your votes, i allready did it ! :)

Here are some of the photos that Dominic Swagemakers sent :

Sven Boekhorst
up : Sven Boekhorst

Martin van Drunen
up : Martin van Drunen

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Video Report – Skipass 2006

January 16th, 2007

Vert Skating at the Skipass 2006.
Via Italianrolling

Pictures of the Week – 20070116 : Week 13

January 16th, 2007

Pictures of the Week
up : 1st place-raycze731

Here are the Pictures of the Week, Week 13. Congratulations to the winners :

  1. Raycze731
  2. Azrider & Million
  3. The antidote collective

Larger version of the photos are availiable here. You can check all the entries for this week here

Thanks Daniel!

Pictures of the Week
up : Azrider / Million

Essen Grindhouse Skate Battle : Edit

January 15th, 2007

Here is the Essen Grindhouse Skate Battle : edit by Tomez. You can download the edit in this topic.

Nokia Fise 2006, Official Dvd : Review

January 15th, 2007

nokia fise dvd with an erik bailey poster

Here is the Nokia Fise 2006 official Dvd. The dvd is pretty good and features a rollerblading street plus ramp edit ; in bonus you even got a street profile of the french legend Wilfried Rossignol.

8 posters are offered with the dvd and take a look above, Erik Bailey was featured for the rollerblading one. Of course as usual for the Fise, other extreme sports are featured (bmx, motorbike, skateboard, …).

jon julio

About the dvd : the language used in french, but there is an english dubbing for the dvd (not sure about the technical term, but the volume of the french language is lowered while an english voice translate at the same time).

The dvd is a kind of reportage and is really better than the previous year ; some riders like Wilfried Rossignol, Taig Khris, Jon Julio and others are interviewed.

wilfried rossignol

If you’re interestested you can purchase the dvd online for 10 euros (shipping included but i’m not sure they ship worldwide).

Nokia Fise Related News :

Discover the Dvd in pictures :

Dvd Interface :

nokia fise

nokia fise

nokia fise
up : Dvd Content

taig khris
up : Taig Khris / Ramp Dudes

nokia fise
up : Camera Boys / Sven Boekhorst, Skating the vert

nokia fise : Julien Cudot, Lamine Fathi
up : Lamine Fathi, Julien Cudot and others…

Wilfried Rossignol, Street Profile :

wilfried rossignol

and for those who missed the Nokia Fise 2006 results :

nokia fise
up : Top 3 winners – street Contest : Erik Bailey, Wilfried Rossignol and Oli Short

Street Results :

  1. Erik Bailey
  2. Wilfried Rossignol
  3. Oli Short
  4. Ilia Koutchoukov
  5. Nicolas Auroux
  6. Roman Abrate
  7. Jon Julio
  8. Pierre Akrich
  9. Tom Piekarski
  10. Etienne Montet

nokia fise
up : Top 3 winners – Vert Contest

Vert Results :

  1. Taig Khris
  2. Boja Fernandez
  3. Sven Boekhorst
  4. Otto Bolano
  5. Julien Cudot
  6. Lamine Fathi
  7. Niels Koopman
  8. Tom Piekarski

Kenth Ulvedal : One Day, Lonely Session (April 2006)

January 15th, 2007

Song: Big Boi – Got Purp Vol 2. Thanks Emanuel Sundstrom & Shogo

ONE Issue #3, coming Feb 07

January 15th, 2007

one magazine

ONE Magazine, Issue #3 :

Featuring: Chris Cheshire, Ben Schwab, Jon Elliott, Murda, Chris Haffey and more.

Sayer Danforth: Trixionary

January 15th, 2007

This was a segment on fox sports and aired in between competion commercial breaks. It was filmed and edited by Drew Bachrach. Bow to your sensei!

Thanks Jeff Blute

Stephane Alfano: Man of the Day on M6 (french tv)

January 14th, 2007

stephane alfano

Stephane Alfano was featured as the Man of the Day on M6, a french tv channel. The broadcast aired in 2004. Check below to get a transcript if you don’t understand french language.

Stephane Alfano :
I started with skateboard, then switched to rollerblading because my friends were bladers and i really enjoyed it.

Tv dude :
And Stephane started to be good at it, so good than he became number 1. Nothing can stop Stephane when he got his skates on.

Stephane Alfano :
When i was 15, i got my first World Champion title in Dallas and then i got pro.

Eric Ferrando : (Nice Roller Association President)
Stephane love the competition, where there is a challenge, he always want to win. So badly than we can hardly manage to stop him.

Tv dude :
And Stephane wins a lot! He was the first rider to launch the 1080°…

Stephane will soon compete to keep his title (note : the video is from 2004). He will run for the glory and for … girls :

Stephane Alfano :
It makes it easier with girls, you know i’m number 1. I only need a smile, and then we end the night at the hotel…

Devise Wheels : Story

January 14th, 2007

devise wheels

Created by John Plaxton (Outerlimitz Skateshop owner), Devise wheels is an australian brand, which aim was to provide good quality wheels for a price 20$ cheaper than standard products. More (thanks Night Rolling).

skating in australia

Dominic Sagona : video edits

January 14th, 2007

Dominic Sagona posted some of his best edits on his myspace (USD section, Second Regime, Eat Babiez (repost), Forest Fire + Shayne Skower & Dominic Sagona, amateur edit).

dominic sagona

Videos offline, except for Eat Babiez

Related News :

X-Mas Battle Royale 2006 : Report + Photos

January 14th, 2007

X-Mas Battle Royale 2006
up : Salim Sikha / Nouvelle Ligne

Check this X-Mas Battle Royale 2006 Report by In-line-gorica :
Report | Day Before Photos | Contest Photos

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X-Mas Battle Royale 2006

Brent Scherer, Denial Flow rider : Edit

January 13th, 2007

Brent Scherer, Denial Flow rider. Via Knowrollerblading.

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