Velvet Couch (Australia): Clutch on the Magnum Edit

March 10th, 2011

VC Rolling Crew, 2011 Edit with a sneak peak to some of the 2011 designs. Filmed in Brisbane, Australia.

Featuring Lauri Harle, Lachlan Burke, Simon Kelly, Kieran Deans, Gerard Ahrens, Nat Ogden, Kalil Stenning, Luke Stonebanks, Nick Weston, Barrett Burke, Alex Lipohar, Sam Bradley & Rhys Bell.

velvet couch australia

Leon Humphries: BHC, Filthy Hooligans Section

March 9th, 2011

Leon Humphries

Leon Humphries

More BHC, Filthy Hooligans Sections.

Brett Dasovic: Tripod Edit (MN hit 40 degrees)

March 9th, 2011

Brett Dasovic
Photos: 01 | 02 by E. Mill.

We got a day of warmth earlier last month and I had to go out and put on the blades, it was just too nice out not to skate.

Here is an edit from one full session and a second short session with nothing but me and the tripod.

If you grew up skating in the midwest (or anywhere in the world that gives you 5-6 months of winter) you are some of the only people who can really appreciate that first yearly feeling of amazing weather. This is just a short bit of me having fun and enjoying the temp.

Video Offline.

Rollinz 2011: Edits + Results

March 9th, 2011


The Rollinz 2011 competition went down on the 5th of March in Linz (Austria). Check another short video by Roland Kluger (via).


1. Dominik Wagner (Berlin, Ger)
2. Chaz Sands (Glasgow, UK)
3. Gabriel Hyden (Tirol, Aut)
4. Philip Preuss (Berlin, Ger)
5. Matthias Silhan (Strasbourg, Fr)
6. Sanjin Hadzi (Zagreb, Croatia)
7. Chris Obermaier (Rosenheim, Ger)
8. Dave Mutschal (Berlin, Ger)
9. Andraz Nabergoj (Ajdovscina, Slo)
10. Mario Reithofer (Tirol, Aut)

Under 16

1. David Prajz (Zagreb, Croatia)
2. Sebastian Bernhard (Linz)
3. Linus Schwarzmann (Feldkirch)

Best Girl: Ursa Verbic (Ljubljana, Slo)

Best Trick: Sanjin Hadzi (Zagreb, Croatia)

Youngest Skater: Urban Verbic (Ljubljana, Slo): 7 Years
Oldest Skater: Fotr Bostjan (Ljubljana, Slo): 40 Years

Back in the days: Alex Broscoe, Real TV

March 9th, 2011

Alex Broscoe is one out of control dude! He and his buddies regularly terrorize the streets of kansas city with their hottest moves but today, Alex is gonna crank it up to a new level!

alex broskow

alex broskow
Photo (bottom right): BCSD Results.

Matthias Ogger: Divcrew catch up + Clip Section

March 9th, 2011

Matthias Ogger

Check the Matthias Ogger Divcrew catch up (photos + videos).
More Matthias Ogger Media on RN.

Bonus, Matthias Ogger: Clip Section

Bittercold Showdown XI

March 9th, 2011

BCSD XI Media: Vinny Minton comp + pre-bcsd, Brazilionaire, Valo team edit + warmups, results + raw media, more BCSD media, official website.

bittercold showdown xi
Photo: Casualty Killers.

Living Color Productions Edit

billy oneill fish

One Mag @ BCSD XI
Filmed and edited by Kris Troyer (via).

More BCSD XI Photos by Casualty Killers.

18 years: Philly Sessions, Steve Iacono Edit

March 9th, 2011

Jimmy Shuda, Steve Iacono, Colin Kelso.


Photos: Fb | Fb | Dennis Evers.

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