Brut de Pomme – Trailer

September 26th, 2005

Trailer - brut de pomme

trailer_Brut_De_Pomme.avi : xvid, 10mb

vidéo exclusivement normande avec Hugo renard, Lilian
puisset, Cyril Daniel, Nicolas Eymery,Pierre
Lelièvre,Thomas Guillochet…, avec des contests
(Imyta amsterdam, destroy the way2 Rennes, byt reims,
RISC Rouen)

Skaters :
– Remi Meister
– Gregory Breger
– Mathias Silhan
– Chaz Sands
– Ilia koutchoukov

et bien plus !

Havok Clothing, Website online & new Clothes

September 26th, 2005

The Havok Clothing Website is online !

Havok - daily bread ad
Joey Chase, in a Havok ad featured in the Daily Bread mag

More Clothing goodies :
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Jeff Dalnas, Big Drop Kink – Omg of the Day

September 26th, 2005

big drop kink rail

Check this footage of Jeff Dalnas : a trick on a HUGE kinkrail
source : | thanks Eric & Wacek

Custom Xsjados – Making of

September 25th, 2005

custom xsjado skates

english Check the making-of of this custom Xsjado Skate (in french but the photos speak for themselves too)
francais Jetez un coup d’oeil a ce making-of de custom xsjados (en francais)

Tom Hyser – Soul With Epoch Frame

September 25th, 2005

epoch frames

More infos about the Epoch Frame (photos and explanation).
Thanks Xaeon.

LG/ASA Action Sport Tour – Video Edit

September 24th, 2005

lg skatepark

Download :
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Kizer Stefan Horngacher Fluid 3 Review

September 24th, 2005

Kizer Stefan Horngacher Fluid 3

There is not too much to say about this Frame, because of the simplicity of the frame, the durability and the perfect grinding performance, even the previous model was in my opinion the best frame ever built.

The Fluid frame really proved to be amazingly good! With the new model it was made possible to keep all the good old features and to even improve some of them.

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and check this little edit, seeing Gabriel Hyden in action with this frame

Genre Wheels – AK 47

September 24th, 2005

Genre Wheel got a new model :

genre wheel
AK 47, 47mm 100a, $28.00(4pk)

other genre wheels models :
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Able Clothing – Sept05

September 23rd, 2005

able - short brim cap

Check the new Able Clothing on ignition skateshop

vinny minton

more photos of Able Clothing :
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Martin Benza – Photos & interview

September 23rd, 2005

martin benza

Photo Profile & Interview of Martin Benza.
Deshi Spain Team rider.

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