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September 29th, 2005


Erik Bailey has been in Boise for the past month. After finishing his “INSANE” section for “WE ARE VALO”, He has quickly jumped back into filming a section for his new wheel sponsor HEAT!..Be sure to look out for that one when it comes out..Erik is also designing his PRO model skate for 2006!WHAT!!

Mike Martinho has been in Sacramento skating and working on some design work for VALO.

Sean Keane has been filming for Casey Bagozzi’s new video..

Michael Braud is getting ready to organize an ATL “We Are Valo” Premiere in Mid October….he also just sent me this hot clip ..check it out (quicktime, latest version needed)

Jon Julio has been working on VALO 24-7 in Santa Ana,Ca..Some serious Santa Ana sessions have been going down with neighbors Jess Dyrenforth and Arlo Eisenberg. There will be a sick Santa Ana story in the upcoming Crazy Roller featuring all the Santa Ana heads.Shot by Jess D. Jon has also been seen skating in Hollywood with Mike lilly and Charles Dunkle shooting with Be-mag photographer Phillip Forstner.

Web exclusive! Look out for a special project that Jon is filming for that will be exclusively seen here at, so stay tuned in!

Oveja Negra – Skating Flash Anim

September 29th, 2005

oveja negra
Oveja Negra (black sheep?)

Here are some spanish flash animation on the theme that mindgame used for its clothes :
the black sheep who rollerblade amongst white skating sheeps.

The anims are fun, take a look :
Episode I | Episode II

thanks Guille!

X-Battle Vitoria Picture Gallery

September 28th, 2005

x-battle got a really nice photo gallery of the X-Battle Vitoria 2005 :
Direct link to the images | photos : Andres Miguez
– Check the Results and a Report here

thanks Guille !

Can’t Resist to show you two awesome samples of the gallery :
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Chris Haffey mini edit

September 28th, 2005

Chris Haffey, doing a backslide to budget ao pornstar. just uploaded a small edit of Chris Haffey, showing off his skills on both vert and in the streets

Click here to view (Requires Quicktime)
and don’t forget to check the Nick Wood Edit as well !

from remz :

allright.. i would accept to be called ‘a bitch’ by only one person in this world of rolling, and this would be the one and only Chris Haffey.

why? the reason is simple: as soon as he puts his remz on, he makes us all look like bitches.. straight up, he’s better than you (and me)! :)

ok enough jokes, enjoy haffey’s latest mini-profile filmed exclusively for you

HAVOK – Eric Foust Edit

September 28th, 2005

Justin Posted this sick edit on Rollingedits of Eric Foust.

DIRECT LINK (wmv, 27mb)
Check out the Havok Clothing Site for more Havok Hotness…

England Clothing – The Blighty Tour Stops

September 27th, 2005

oli short

England Clothing will be touring with guest’s the week after the world finals in manchester they will be stopping at some parks which still have to be named and will also be at the slam jam weekend at liverpool.

For more informations,
check the european contests section | Direct link to the topic

Skaters which will be coming on the tour and infos :
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Kizer Type M Carlos Pianowski – Press Release

September 27th, 2005

kizer type M carlos pianowski

All the infos of the Conference Press Release :
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X-Battle Vitoria 05. Results & Report

September 27th, 2005

Ivan Malvido (USD Spanish Team) won the X-Battle Vitoria 2005
Check the Flyer of the contest

X-battle Vitoria

check out a review from one of the best European competition (spanish language but nice photos)

Full Results :
1. Ivan Malvido
2. Oli Benet
3. Juanito

Brian Shima – Razor Skate First Pro-Model

September 27th, 2005

razor brian shima
Remember this Razor Brian Shima pro-model ?
A brand new pair is availiable on ebay, the bids start at 180 dollars :/

Vous souvenez vous du premier promodel de Brian Shima ? (Chez Razor je precise, comme le skater americain a d’abord roule pour Usd).

Et bien ce modele est disponible neuf sur ebay ! Les encheres commencent a 180 dollars (environ 150 euros).


September 27th, 2005

l'art du roller

Teaser : teaser_kryptomaniak.mpg, source : pellomag

Il existe peu de D.V.D. dédiés au roller qui aborde une grande variété de pratiques. C’est maintenant chose faite avec “Kryptomaniak” qui fait découvrir 7 pratiques du roller : du street, au slalom, en passant par la rando caisse, plus extrême. Voici un rapide aperçu du contenu de ce D.V.D.


Freddy a invité quelques anciens du roller de la scène pour réaliser son premier DVD, et pas des moindres : Wilfried Rossignol, Taïg Khris, Bruno Lowe, Marc Dubied…
On regrettera les transitions entre les “part”, qui sont un peu trop l’occasion de montrer le sponsor du D.V.D. La qualité des images est assez inégale selon les séquences mais l’ensemble reste agréable à regarder.
L’intro du D.V.D. nous plonge directement dans une ambiance underground, au sens propre et figuré du terme. Les hostilités commencent avec une session freeride dans Paris et passe ensuite au slalom. – lire la suite

Photos& Details :
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