Tyron Ballantine: Razors Podcast by Adrien Anne

October 29th, 2010

tyron ballantine

Nemix Tour 2010: Edit

October 29th, 2010

nemix tour

A bunch of friends, 1000 miles and a lot of abuse. August 2010. Featuring Dill Higgins, Jay & Dano Gorman, Donal Glackin, Greame Pollard, Rick Murphy And More.

Filmed & Edited By Donovan Delaney. Song: Cee-lo – Fuck You.

Nemix Tour 2009 | More Nemix Media.

Nick Lomax: Undercover Pro Wheel Edit

October 29th, 2010

Nick Lomax and Tom Ashmore test out the new Lomax pro wheel from Undercover. This is Nick’s first edit back after time out with ankle injury. Filmed by Loz Badger (via).

undercover nick lomax

Psyko Clothing: 2010 Fall Line

October 29th, 2010

psyko clothing
psyko clothing

Larger Picture of the Tees + Full 2010 Psyko Fall Line (via).
Available Mid November.

Ripstyle: Johanny Velasquez + AIL Finals Edits

October 28th, 2010

Johanny Velasquez


Videos Offline.

Hedonskate, Not For Sissies: Dvd Montage

October 28th, 2010

not for sissies

People are awesome

October 28th, 2010

A compilation of awesome people doing incredible things. Music: Mecha Love by Hadouken.

All the clips used (not in order):

Flybar 800 flip variations, joe murrell pistol flip, 20 foot frontflip, amazing juggling – amsterdam, impossible basketball baseball shot, shallow dive record, 40 bmx bicycle pool jump stunt with slow motion version, words most talented man, impossible back flip basket ball shot, top 10 biggest and best jumps ever, master of business card throwing, best parking ever – 6 year old girl, something you cant just watch once because you just cant, the greatest bowling strike ever – over the barstool bowling trick shot, jack nicklaus 100 foot putt, professor long hair big chief, abene bm chez kiki pt 1, huge bike jump into a pond 30 feet in the air, 66 inch jump by adrian wilson, extreme freerunning, paul basagoitia in his backyard, terry price – mini video, epic skateboard video, backflip darkside, world record quaterpipe jump – simon dumont goes huge, dave bachinsky el toro 20 stair kickflip, damien walters 2010, thinkbikescom – mountain bike trails street video, guiness world records highest bicycle bunny hop, shaolin monk balances on 2 fingers, crazy trampoline stunt, holy backflip, insired bicycles – danny macaskill april 2009, kevin robertson sets bmx work record 27 feet, insane chair balancing, bmx flatland best rider, highest waterfall diving, extremely high backflip, high dive, historical skateboarding tricks, urban ninja, impossible soccer shot, amazing roger federer trickshot on gilette ad shoot, the 200 yard gong shot, taig khris saut tour eiffel official record, walk on walter liquid mountaineering, the worlds farthest basketball shot, most impossible bowling trick shot, kaka joga bonito, crazy basketball trick shot, lebron james best basketball trick amazing, some awesome things, backflip penalty kick, federer tweener, awesome cheerleading stunts, triple backflip 60 foot rope swing.

Thanks Mitchell.

Flyers: Hoedown 14, WRS World Finals, Boneyard Jam

October 28th, 2010

Hoedown 14, Double Rainbow Box

Hoedown 14 / Double Rainbow Box

quoting Arlo Eisenberg:

The 14th Annual Hoedown Weekend will take place Oct. 29-31, with the main event Showdown taking place Saturday evening October 30th.

Chris Haffey, CJ Wellsmore, Roman Abrate and Diego Guilloud (who just won AIL Pro and Amateur last weekend!) are a few of the notable names already confirmed.

We will also have new GOST x Eisenbergs T-shirts that I designed with the “double rainbow” graphic available at the contest.

World Rolling Series: Nov 6, 2010 – Rye Airfield Skatepark
More Infos about the World Rolling Series.

world rolling series

Boneyard Halloween Jam Promo (Oct 30, 2010), UK
Boneyard Skatepark (Tattenhall). More infos.

FootageTape: The Vinny Minton Interview

October 27th, 2010

vinny minton

up: Vinny Minton and his daughter Faith. Photo: Johana Minton.

Vinny Minton is one of those guys that oozes swagger. I still remember the first time that I saw Vinny skating in person. We were in our mid teens at the ASA World Finals in Las Vegas and he was skating a pretty hairy down rail, crushing farfig switch-ups in some blue flats.

Vinny was a true professional and was never selfish or lazy in his prime. While he traveled the world and could have just skated and collected checks, he used his recognition to create a video series that highlighted both well-known and underground bladers.

Vinny has changed professions and become successful in another field but he still does more for blading than most. Vinny is now working with large production houses and penning deals with companies like RedBull and Glidecam, Vinny shows that “going out to screw around with your friends” can actually teach you a great trade. […]

Full Vinny Minton, FootageTape Interview.

Conference Hungary Tour: Edit

October 27th, 2010

Conference Hungary Tour

Featuring Bela Tasnadi, Krisztian Szilagyi, Adam Osvath, Gabor Szabari & Mate Kiss. Edited by Gergo Guba.

Music: punnanymassif.hu & mikrofontos.hu.


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