French TV: Urban Spe (Blading Serie): Pilot Online

February 15th, 2011

urban spe

Mid April 2009: the french tv recorded in Paris a pilot for Urban Spe, a serie featuring the story of a rider’s crew.

A lot of know skaters were involved in the episode: Fabrice Guyont, Momo Sylla, Antoine Borsik, Denis Gul, Aurore Costabile, Stephane Zuber & Sami Bendjeddou.

The serie is written by Yves Lamusset (ex Ootini Shop).

The Serie won’t be produced so enjoy this unique episode.

Part II
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Winterclash 2011: Sessions & Carpdream Edits + Photos

February 15th, 2011

Winterclash 2011: Back to Basics – Report
(french language | google translation).


Carpdream Edit + RAD Photos


Amsterdam NDSM afterclash

On sunday some dudes still had enough energy to skate after the Winterclash. This how they did.

Featuring Josh Glowicki, Edwin Wieringh, Toms Krasovskis, Bojd Vredevoogd.

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One Day NY: The Beats + Alex Ryerson Edit

February 15th, 2011

As of lately, I’ve been on a overall mission to get rid of all my footage before the summer starts. The following clips are a mixture of very recent material or footage that has been shot within the past three years.

We started ODNY really small with just a handful of local skaters in Queens, NY and have had the pleasure of expanding the crew and friends beyond the scope of our own city.

While we continue to grow in very tiny increments, this edit is for everyone who has supported us from day one.

If we’ve filmed with you before and have yet to see any of your footage in our edits, don’t worry you shall see your stuff soon. We have much bigger plans in stored for the summer like a new more user friendly site and possibly our first very own video production. Stay tuned.

Cool’n out in NY: Alex Ryerson

Alex Ryerson from Brooklyn, NY keeps the clips rolling w/ more previews. The following was filmed over a two day weekend featuring spots in both Brooklyn and Queens.


Jeremy Soderburg: Undercover AM 2011 Edit

February 14th, 2011

Undercover is proud to welcome Jeremy Soderburg to the 2011 Am team.

Jeremy Soderburg

More Jeremy Soderburg Media.

Mike Murda Johnson: No longer Professional

February 14th, 2011

Mike Murda Johnson

After seeing the Adam Johnson’s Post (picture above),
I contacted Mike Murda Johnson, here is his answer:

I’m gonna nip this before this becomes something else….

I AM NO LONGER A “PROFESSIONAL” skater. Meaning…I don’t ride for anyone, I don’t skate contest (never did really anyway), I don’t have to film sections if i don’t want to, I don’t have to travel to places if i don’t want to, and I can wear ANY products i would like to ride/ wear.

Razors and I split ways being that I haven’t skated “Professionally” in over a year and I have a steady job which keeps me from skating everyday. I’m simply not available enough to be a “Pro” Skater.

The people on the team, (Dre, Aragon, Julian) are my best friends / family.They will always be my friends with or without skating and I will always chill with them. Same goes to anyone thats become my friend through skating.

I will always skate because it is an extension of myself and i will continue drop some sections if i feel the need to. But from now on in my life, skating will just be a PLEASURE for me and not business / a job. (Not saying that it is for anyone else, Just speaking for myself). Along this long journey in my “Career” of skating things changed drastically from pleasure to business. I just would like to skate for fun again like it was in NYC when i was kid.

Hope I cleared it up and there’s no hostility.

Don’t get me wrong, being pro in skating is exclusive! I’ve traveled to so many places, learned so much and met so many good friends its made me evolve as a person. Had I not skated, I wouldn’t be the man i am today. It was just my particular roll as a pro that made it very business like and tiresome. It came to a point where if i wore a certain pair of sneakers or said certain things, i had to answer to people. And if you know me i speak my mind and do as i please. I’m the type of pro where, if you look up to me I’m not going to filter myself or act like someone else. If you love me you love me, if you hate me then skip my section or don’t talk to me. No biggie. But i will always be myself.

In a nut shell it was a combination of things. My injuries for one, to which made people doubt my abilities as a skater and they showed their true colors. That is what made think whats next in my life? I need a plan B. Then all the politics in skating I just got tiresome of it. So now I’m in a position where I don’t need to skate for money anymore and i can just enjoy the pleasure of it. So why not? Why not go back to when it was just fun to session with your boys. Not stress to get clips for a section because if you don’t your check will get cut. Ya dig?

So don’t get me wrong. Being a pro and being a skater in general is the shit. Its just all about your perception on it and how you go about it. This is just MY story. Everyone is different and everyone can change everything.

Ya boy, Murda.

More Mike Johnson Media:

A Grindhouse View on Winterclash 2011

February 14th, 2011

Edited by Daniel Prell for Grindhouse.


Brett Dasovic: Summer 2008 Edit

February 14th, 2011

brett dasovic

Skating from an old project from the summer of 2008. Some of the best times of my life were on these two trips to Philadelphia.

Skating ranges from Philadelphia, New York City, New Jersey and even some stuff from the homestate of Minnesota.

This edit was more about the nolstalgia for me, the memories behind each different trick from the random days out skating with out of town friends, rather than the actual skating itself.

Filmed by Adam Killgore, Steve Iacono, Ricky Serret, Mikey Peluso, Hawk Trackler & Michael Garlinghouse. Music: Starfucker – Boy Toy & Biggie Smalls.

Video Offline.

Xsjado: Avoiding the rain with Victor, Q. Lamb and Obe

February 14th, 2011

Featuring Victor Galicia, Quintin Lamb & Michael Obedoza. Edit by Brandon Negrete. Bonus clips of JC Rowe.


Quintin Lamb was in California for a rainy week only. We had 2 dry chances for skating, indoors at Woodward West for a sesh and then drive as fast as we could to Arizona before the rainstorms hit there too.

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