Ignition Dvd #1 : Trailer 3

December 2nd, 2006

ignition dvd

Check the trailer for the Ignition Dvd. Edited by Marcel “Burnt” Schubert. Here is the Content of the Dvd :

Main Dvd :

Enjoy sections of IMYTA Winners, Shop Owners, Girls who can skate, Party Boys, Valley Tourists, Ignition Slaves and even more….

Profiles: Benny Harmanus, Leo Donhauser, Frieda Reisch, Jonathan von Kralik, Thomas Thellmann and Jojo Jacobi.

Tour Dvd :

Skating, parties and experiences in Stuttgart, Dresden, Berlin, Copenhagen, Hamburg, Hannover, Essen and Frankfurt.

Stunt Performer: Dominik Wagner, Carlos Pianowski, Andreas Wagenblast, Gabriel Hyden, Frieda Reisch, Stefan Horngacher, Jojo Jacobi, Chris Obermaier and our friends from everywhere.

Download the video : ignition_dvd_trailer3.mp4 (11 mb)

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Photo Set by Jonathan Sarago (France)

December 2nd, 2006

skating photos by jonathan sarago

Jonathan Sarago updated his website. Don’t miss his rolling photo set starring Mathias Silhan, Adrien Anne, Denis Gul, Chris Haffey and a lot of west france riders.

Direct Link to the photo gallery

mathias silhan
up : Mathias Silhan, Fakie 720 TS Mizou in Rouen

photos by jonathan sarago
up : Warren Digne, disaster top acid / Denis Gul, rolling to royal up

MYCK Wheels x Team Carat

December 2nd, 2006

myck wheels carat team
up : Myck Wheels with Team Carat Labels

You surely know the Myck wheels (photo below), and what we got here is a funny (strange ?) story : The wheels you can see above are basically Myck wheels with a new label on it.

The Team Carat (Korea) who sell them just bought some Myck wheels, decided to put a design on them (the concept of the Myck wheels is to be sold ‘blank’, without any design) and sell them as their product.

Wheel Love who is producing Myck Wheels found the idea great ! What an original reaction to what we could called a rip. Read the story on their blog.

myck wheels carat team
up : Myck Wheels

Creative Insight (Dvd Trailer) by richard williams

December 1st, 2006

Trailer for Creative Insight, a Dvd by Richard Williams featuring upcomers from Atl. Out in january 2007, sold in limited quantities at Skatepile.

Alchemy – Frames from UK, New model (?)

December 1st, 2006

alchemy frames

Here is a photo of the Alchemy freestyle frames. Alchemy released a white model and a black model of the freestyle frames, this one seems to have a new ‘wing’ carved artwork. Any feedback about the frames for those who tested them ?

Thanks Ehehe.

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Jeff Dalnas: Slideshow Dvd Profile

December 1st, 2006

jeff dalnas

Avmedia published the profile of Jeff Dalnas from their Dvd Slideshow.

jeff dalnas
up : Jeff Dalnas, top acid transfer royal hop lil kink in boston. Photo : Scottylib

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Kaya Turski severely injured

December 1st, 2006

kaya turski injured
up : Kaya Turski. Photo source : newschoolers.com

Kaya Turski, the female rollerblader and freestyle skiing champion sponsored by Salomon was seriously injured.

Female skiing phenom Kaya Turski was severely injured last Saturday night during the second annual ICER Air event in San Fransisco.

Upon landing a 540, Kaya veered off to the side of the landing, catching a ski on a wooden quazi-stair case that ran the length of the landing. She was sent tumbling down the steep wooden slope until coming to a stop at the bottom.

She was then taken to a near-by hospital for treatment. Last night (Monday), she underwent surgery to repair internal injuries. Details of the surgery are not being released to respect her privacy until more details are known about the extent of her injuries. source

up : Lauching ramp at the ICER Air. Photo source : newschoolers.com

kaya turski wipeout
up : Kaya Turski Wipeout. Photos source : Jim M. Goldstein

Update on Kaya Turski :

I spoke with Kaya today and she is in good spirits and eager to get out of the hospital and back to her home in Montreal after completing surgery last week and overcoming some minor complications.

Doctors have told her that she’ll be back in action and 100% in two months. She’ll rest at her home with her parents until then while she finishes up school (a sort of “junior” college, called CEGEP in Quebec).

Kaya sustained serious internal injuries after crashing down the wooden stair case set up along the sides of the landing at Icer Air in San Francisco November 4th. She finished in 2nd place at the contest with her first run and crashed on her second.

Everyone at Freeskier wishes Kaya the fastest of recoveries. Keep your head up and your stick on the ice.

You can send Kaya cards, flowers, chocolates or love letters to the following address, and they will be delivered to her when she gets back to Montreal in the next couple of days :

Kaya Turski
c/o D-Structure Montreal, 2043 St-Denis, Montreal, Quebec, H2X 3K8 Canada

source : freeskier.com

Videos of the wipeout :
Read the rest of this entry »

RAF : Photos & Video from France

December 1st, 2006

skating in france

The RAF website was relaunched, new interface, new photos, new videos. RAF is a group of skaters from Annecy / France.

Don’t miss their gallery, the navigation is a bit hard, but some shots really worth the effort. Featured on this news : photos of Yann. (Link + personnal blog of Yann).

skating in france

And a little RAF Video Edit :

French rollerblading edit, presenting many skaters members or friends of the RAF association, which goal is to represent rollerblading in Annecy.

Spots are in Geneva, Annecy, Chambery, St Julien en Genevois and more.

Thanks Etienne !

Radius Media Mag, Issue 1 Trailer 2

December 1st, 2006

Radius Media Mag

Here is the second trailer of the Radius Media Mag. The first trailer is availiable here. The mag + dvd is now shipping. More infos about Radius Media Mag.

Download the video : RADIUS_MEDIA.mov (10 mb)

Radius Media Mag

Thanks Shawn.

X-mas Battle Royale : Promo Edit

November 30th, 2006

xmas battle royale

Check this promo edit for the Battle Royale Contest that will took place in Switzerland on the 16th of December 2006 (more infos here).

A lot of people will be here, here are just some names of registered riders : Nicolas Schopfer, Jojo Jacobi, Avichai Wechsler, Men Cheung, Mathias Silhan, Salim Sikka, Jon Matter, Cosimo Tassone, Matthias Ogger, Stephane Alfano, Warren Digne, Laurent Calame, Jochen Smuda, Becci Wallace, Aurore Costabile, Romain Abrate, Adrien Anne, Adil Farhouni, Mauro Moi, Tyron Ballantine, Benny Harmanus.

Download the video : battleroyalepromosmall.mov (119 mb).
Thanks to Joe & Studi

Ucon : Video Ad & Erik Bailey Interview

November 30th, 2006

erik bailey

Check this short interview of Erik Bailey on Ucon. Link.

Here is an ad produced by Ucon, featuring Jochen Smuda, that you may allready see if you got the Clip 3 Dvd :

Download the video : uconAD_s.mov (8 mb)

Rachard Johnson & Friends : Concentration Edit

November 30th, 2006

Here is an edit starring Rachard Johnson, Mike Murda Johnson and more.

Austrian Fall Tour Gallery

November 30th, 2006

Austrian Fall Tour Gallery
up : Gabriel Hyden, Topsoul. Photo : Pete Bender

Austrian Fall Tour Gallery on Austrianinline. Link

Austrian Fall Tour Gallery
up : Antonio Tavic, FS Nugen / Gabriel Hyden, Fishbrain. Photos : Pete Bender

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