Paco Montano: Scumpire x Denver (2015) by Ian Walker

My man Paco came to visit us for 10 days this June and what he encountered out here was something he could have never imagined or planned for.

Paco Montano: Scumpire x Denver (2015) by Ian Walker

He was treated to many great Denver traditions and VHS classics he never knew existed. To name a few: Mighty Ducks 1 and 3 and cult hit Demolition man.

Even with the vibes of Darkness himself pulling for us, Yung Gwuap took a horrendous fall within the first 48 hours of his trip, rendering him FVCKED UP for many moons, but just like the great Simon Phoenix he rose from his ICE grave and pulled off his first part. Congrats my dood, there will be many more.Ian Walker (

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