Oso Boots

Oso Boots

Coming Soon (Fall / Winter 2013). Visit Osoboots.com.

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  • Anonymous

    Ladies and Gentlemen, the first ever Duct Tape skate!!!

  • Will Peezy Powell #ATL #BG

    id rock them or at least try them out. no complaints over here.

  • Anonymous

    Okay, if they actually use a durable material then it’s cool, but sure doesn’t look like it. Aesthetically they don’t appeal to me. Maybe they’ll look better in edits. My main concern would be pricing: if it’s low enough to be made accesible to kids from low-income families, great. Not much point otherwise.

  • rollerblading is gay

    the first sets of remz….

  • jerk

    Who gives a fuck if they are Valo wannabes? Valos are skateboarding shoe wannabes. New boot companies are never a bad thing at this state in the industry.

  • funny shit

    Sorry but this is a “oso” bad idea. At least make it look good. Then change your name to something that can’t be easily made fun of. Like naming your child moonbeam or your skate company oso. Hell kore is a better name and you both look the same. Only way this wins is if its like android apps….. free

  • mossie045

    by jaysus theres some serious benders on this thing

  • Anonymous

    that’s the finnished product…
    didnt spring much for aesthetic design i see ….

  • Anonymous

    they definitely were not trying to sell them at Bittercold you trollin faggots. It was a prototype.

  • amaze

    What?! Why?! they look like fcking Origami!? Or karate slippers or some shit. Plus guys, having more boot companies is not that great. I think we have just enough. any more and then we start to potentially dilute the already minimal potential sales. Same with wheels. WAAAAAAAYYYY too many wheel manufacturers.

  • Oso my arse

    Calling this a prototype is a cheap excuse for having a bad idea.
    I understand this is not the full product, but a model should at least resemble in some form the later outcome…if this is already the case I’d say with much certainty that this is shooting itself in the foot…and Kevlar is not gonna help either!

    another thing: The quality of the model, the logo typography and the fact that they release a photo at this stage to public a new thing tells me they haven’t done their homework…let’s have a quick look at the website…ok…nothing to see…so let’s just all pretend this never happened

  • Anonymous

    They actually were selling them at Bittercold for $160. As a matter of fact, the guy at the booth had a cardboard sign that said “Oso Boots: $160. Willing to negotiate.”

  • Anonymous

    I would not put my foot in that.

  • jdouggie

    pics from bcsd tradeshow? i wasnt there. this all seems fake

  • Anonymous

    These a a prototype. Everyone chill out! These are coming out from carolinas! Theyre gunna look completely different for the finished product!

  • krusty

    i think they look cool

  • 70Sav

    Roller news is the worst place to show some half-assed, unfinished products. It will get clowned to all hell. Just hold your horses and give up the goods when it’s ready. I say that because there is no way this skate would sell looking like it does, so I hope it’s a prototype. Give some info, and something remotely done. And the soul plate needs work, I know some skaters like the minimal soul, but this is pretty skimpy. Props for starting your own shit though, it’s good to see. Good luck.

  • Luck is…

    …the last thing they need, they need a designer