Oso Boots

Oso Boots

Coming Soon (Fall / Winter 2013). Visit Osoboots.com.

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68 Responses to “Oso Boots”

  1. Greened Says:

    Ok then ……..

  2. Anonymous Says:

    hahahahaha is it already april or what haha

  3. Straight and simple Says:

    They will rip straight away

  4. the manner Says:

    i asume those objects to be something like fingerskates at least for the unproportional buckle …

  5. Diaz Says:

    I secretly hope this is the inner boot and what they will really come up with is a custom rigid plastic structure you can change and replace for ever, no even better, you can mould yourself ! But hey, I think it’s just me dreaming anyways..

    I will wait till they make an official announcement with real photos and proper edits to judge this, new companies and new creative stuff never are a bad point for our industry.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    one soul zipped -> naked boots hahaha

  7. Anonymous Says:

    nothing new….it`s like the overbootthing that we had in the 90s ! nobody wanted to buy that shit and i will not buy it now ether!

  8. Anonymous Says:

    looks like a medical shoe, as if your industry was sick…

  9. Lol Says:

    What a joke. Valo wana be? Tv 2s on crack

  10. Clemounet Says:

    You get the point Diaz.

    Perhaps this is the best thing to skate with. Therefore there is no reason to complain until you haven’t tested it.

  11. Eli Says:

    This is kind of joke ?

  12. Anonymous Says:

    Are u serious bro?

  13. frammme Says:

    Anyway, if it is featherlite frames there is no improvement. Boot is overhype

  14. Ben Shelbourne - Real Says:

    Haha you better all be joking, these are the first boot company to come out of Manchester, UK.


  15. Anonymous Says:

    It looks like Toms made a pair of skates! haha

  16. Anonymous Says:

    Very early concept/prototype surely….!?

  17. awaii Says:

    and also tht gona be destroy in 2 days it looks like you do a shuffle and boom where is my skates but intersting

  18. Anonymous Says:

    I thinlk this model is still missing bits and piaces.
    but looks interesting
    Would be nice to have another company starting up

  19. Ross Says:

    It’s good that new a company is starting, and I wish them the best of luck because it costs a lot to just make a prototype.

    But you’ve got to get the Promo shot right. This material needs to be ironed and stitched consistently. If you’re going for a low profile design, you’ve got to make sure that all the basic features are perfect. I like the shape of the boot, but the first thing on everyone’s mind is durability.

    Definitely get these things sorted before you run the promo shot!

  20. Dis Dick Says:

    Haha, I was thinking the same… a skate by Toms. Maybe they’ll donate one pair of skates to a child in need for every pair of these sold.

    I’m definitely not feeling this… yet. However I will not right it off either. Let’s just see what happens.

  21. Mr Lo Says:

    Looks like somebody just wrapped a bin bag over a pair of skates. it’s awful

  22. sky Says:

    another ugly shit like carbons, valos and adapts.
    Come classic!

  23. Anonymous Says:

    I’m curious as to what these things are? I mean what are they even made out of? Whatever, yeah they look strange, and they’re probably not gonna stick around for long, but there are new companies being started. So this means that there’s a good amount of people who care about skating. So fuck it, I welcome new skate ideas, lets see what you got?

  24. Anonymous Says:

    (Activate sarcasm) i bet these will be awesome with some bake frames…

  25. Anonymous Says:

    To early to present something like that

  26. Holler Says:

    These are fucking sick.

  27. funny shit Says:

    Toms!! ha. Funny shit. Wait for this skate company coming out with a all new concept. You get high while getting high air. It’s called crack feign straight outta DC. shit gonna be gravy son. First three models coming soon are called 8 ball, yayo, and tyrone biggums. Comes with the new all power white bake frames with paul john’s scribe wheels.oh and comes with a free house arrest gps ankle braclet for the buckle area. Cook it up.

  28. Anonymous Says:

    I think they look good, clearly just a prototype model.

  29. Kaleb Giddeon Says:

    ^^^^^^^^ Obviously, if you think his is the actual skate then you’re fucking retarded. It’s a prototype for a reason.

  30. wompa1 Says:

    better than wrapping fake leather around outdated peice of crap. all of us haven’t fallen asleep, creativity rules even if they look like a hobos shoes.

  31. Anonymous Says:

    How can you tell if this looks good.its a liner with black fabric warped round it with a badly shaped soul plate.shouldnt of released this picture way to early.

  32. Anonymous Says:

    The bag I get my groceries in looks more durable than the shit wrapped round these things.

  33. taf Says:

    saw on facebook thought it was a joke….still think its a joke

  34. Bottom Line Says:

    so confused by this…. is that the boot ? Or a cover to hide the actual product ???

    When are Seba’s coming already ? And was Haffey on new Remz at Bittercold ???

    What happened to that skate co out of NY making skates ???

  35. Kev from O?O Says:

    Hot dog we have a weiner you are correct bottom line, after trying many materials we have settled on a highly rigid fabric for our boot, and yes what you are seeing is merely a cover, they will be coming boot only at the moment but we are working on getting youth co on board

  36. NO! Says:








  38. gas Says:

    na na na come one, this is a joke

  39. .Fx Says:

    Not sure if fake or just a taped/packed/censored prototype shell.

  40. Ricky Says:

    Are you havin’ a laugh? Is he havin’ a laugh!?

  41. Anonymous Says:

    Material is the bulletprufe denim material… Phillip gripper is sponserd by them. Thus the colab. Tried em on at bittercold… soooooooo comfy!!

  42. Anonymous Says:

    when the first valos and xjados came out many people said they were uglys…so let the future show us

  43. Anonymous Says:


  44. Anonymous Says:

    These were for sale at the BCSD tradeshow. Not a joke, and they’re not just the prototypes. These are THE skates.

  45. Anonymous Says:

    at least these guys are trying.

  46. PictureMeSmokin Says:

    Oso Ugly…………………………………….

  47. Anonymous Says:

    If the outer material is really thick it could work.

  48. Anonymous Says:

    Christian Bale wore these is the Dark Knight Rises.

  49. Anonymous Says:

    Can’t go wrong with the trust liners! They look military, give us more info roller news!

  50. The Truth Says:

    I hear Colin Kelso is the first Oso pro. This is the first skate designed to tippity tap curbs and what better pro than CK to do that?

  51. Anonymous Says:

    Ladies and Gentlemen, the first ever Duct Tape skate!!!

  52. Will Peezy Powell #ATL #BG Says:

    id rock them or at least try them out. no complaints over here.

  53. Anonymous Says:

    Okay, if they actually use a durable material then it’s cool, but sure doesn’t look like it. Aesthetically they don’t appeal to me. Maybe they’ll look better in edits. My main concern would be pricing: if it’s low enough to be made accesible to kids from low-income families, great. Not much point otherwise.

  54. rollerblading is gay Says:

    the first sets of remz….

  55. jerk Says:

    Who gives a fuck if they are Valo wannabes? Valos are skateboarding shoe wannabes. New boot companies are never a bad thing at this state in the industry.

  56. funny shit Says:

    Sorry but this is a “oso” bad idea. At least make it look good. Then change your name to something that can’t be easily made fun of. Like naming your child moonbeam or your skate company oso. Hell kore is a better name and you both look the same. Only way this wins is if its like android apps….. free

  57. mossie045 Says:

    by jaysus theres some serious benders on this thing

  58. Anonymous Says:

    that’s the finnished product…
    didnt spring much for aesthetic design i see ….

  59. Anonymous Says:

    they definitely were not trying to sell them at Bittercold you trollin faggots. It was a prototype.

  60. amaze Says:

    What?! Why?! they look like fcking Origami!? Or karate slippers or some shit. Plus guys, having more boot companies is not that great. I think we have just enough. any more and then we start to potentially dilute the already minimal potential sales. Same with wheels. WAAAAAAAYYYY too many wheel manufacturers.

  61. Oso my arse Says:

    Calling this a prototype is a cheap excuse for having a bad idea.
    I understand this is not the full product, but a model should at least resemble in some form the later outcome…if this is already the case I’d say with much certainty that this is shooting itself in the foot…and Kevlar is not gonna help either!

    another thing: The quality of the model, the logo typography and the fact that they release a photo at this stage to public a new thing tells me they haven’t done their homework…let’s have a quick look at the website…ok…nothing to see…so let’s just all pretend this never happened

  62. Anonymous Says:

    They actually were selling them at Bittercold for $160. As a matter of fact, the guy at the booth had a cardboard sign that said “Oso Boots: $160. Willing to negotiate.”

  63. Anonymous Says:

    I would not put my foot in that.

  64. jdouggie Says:

    pics from bcsd tradeshow? i wasnt there. this all seems fake

  65. Anonymous Says:

    These a a prototype. Everyone chill out! These are coming out from carolinas! Theyre gunna look completely different for the finished product!

  66. krusty Says:

    i think they look cool

  67. 70Sav Says:

    Roller news is the worst place to show some half-assed, unfinished products. It will get clowned to all hell. Just hold your horses and give up the goods when it’s ready. I say that because there is no way this skate would sell looking like it does, so I hope it’s a prototype. Give some info, and something remotely done. And the soul plate needs work, I know some skaters like the minimal soul, but this is pretty skimpy. Props for starting your own shit though, it’s good to see. Good luck.

  68. Luck is... Says:

    …the last thing they need, they need a designer