Oscar Sosa: Take Your Time Leftovers

I’ve watched Oscar Sosa become a young blooded spot killer in the last 2-3 years that I’ve known him. He is not afraid to drop hammers or give a spot his all.

He rolls up to a spot and throws his hardest tricks down. Not to impress one, but to keep progressing. There are times when I won’t see him for a few weeks and the difference in his skating is noticeable!

Oscar Sosa: Take Your Time Leftovers

I am constantly telling him, “When did you learn that?” or “That was ridiculous!” Others have taken notice of this fact! Pros, AMs, the average rollerblader all taken notice when Oscar’s shedding on streets and skateparks. What’s more impressive is how humble he is.

What I pieced together here are mostly year old clips leftover from Take Your Time.

I didn’t want the footage to languish away on my hard drive and Oscar’s been asked why he doesn’t have an edit up yet. I hope this is the start of Oscar filming more often! – Jonathan Labez.

Additional footage by Jeremy Soderberg.

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  • Anonymous

    I see future here

  • Venice Reject

    Awesome stuff, but if you want to portray a man as humble or modest, I suggest you don’t make the still frame one of him giving the bird to all of his viewers.

    Again great section, just my two cents.

  • Anonymous

    ya man, that was way to early to receive the bird from a no body. even though it was directed at the firmer and not the viewers. eat a dick.

  • funny shit

    This kid is very humble a great skater and very young. I saw him in his own after watching the take your time premier go out to the park right afterwards and focus in and start to perfect disaster 540 soyale in ledge with barely any landing. He’s doing well. He knows the right people and will hopefully make flow if not am really soon

  • Anonymous

    lame tricks exept the last one. not cool at all

  • SSM=Same Shit Man

    Jealousy much. This kid is good. Better than JC Rowe for sure. His tricktionary is large. We as bladers need to stop hating on ourselves. You can’t do these tricks cause if you could then you’d be on RN. Which you’re not.

    His bio 7 was sick to do at the Compton Park. His disaster 5 soyale at Houghton is even sicker cause you’re seeing this kid learn these tricks on camera. In just a few tries. I’m pretty sure skateboarders don’t go onto their own site and talk shit about each other. So why do we?
    I know a few boarders come on here to spread their hate so for now on we should look at all stupid hate comments should be treated as a skateboarder just trying to separate us even further. Jeremy took the time to film him which says a lot. I even heard a few companies are interested in him.so he is either pretty good or people who pick pros suck. I’m pretty sure it’s the first one

  • Cobra Commander

    Yo, he’s a cool guy. Really laid back. Stop hating and start skating.

  • oscar sosa

    wow thank you for all the good positive comments.. means a lot to me in for the person that is hating there’s a reason y ur anonymous…

  • Snowman

    This kid is a beast. I get to skate with him every week and he has such a passion for skating it makes me feel 22 again. He truly loves everything about rolling and the blading scene.

    Nothing but love for ya Dabbinport!


    I see the future is headed in the right direction if this is any indication of the young talent that is out there. Oscar kills it. I look forward to watching him progress from edit to edit. Keep doing your thing boy!

  • rasghulktg

    To the guy crying about my boy fliping off the camera ur pussies stop hating i dont see ur edits so suck a dick.Introducing Ras bitches KTG do it all for Sosa

  • Jgone

    Seen him skate in person handful of times he’s fucken good , he skates with the lb crew who are tech as hell.

    Enjoyed !

  • Mathematiq

    SOSA! Killing the Game! Good shit dude.

    Haters eat a dick. I hope all your moms die from herpes.

  • Adrian Scoseria

    that shit was tight brotha! keer rippin it up! LA

  • Josh Petty

    that 180 safety from roof top!

  • Anonymous

    “Jealousy much. This kid is good. Better than JC Rowe for sure.”


  • SSM/same shit man

    ANONYMOUS@8:47pm. Then why is rowe off our xsjado pro team. Hmm. Jc is good but this kid is sick. Seriously who plans bio 7 in 5 tries.

  • Anonymous

    “Then why is rowe off our xsjado pro team. Hmm. Jc is good but this kid is sick. Seriously who plans bio 7 in 5 tries.”

    Shima left USD? Seriously, who gives a fuck about which team JC skates for?

    JC is still on another level than this random dude you speak so highly of and will always be.

    It’s a disgrace that you even try to compare them at all.

    Please, get off your high horse. You’re full of shit.

  • Anonymous

    JC is really really good. This kid has a lot of potential I certainly hope that his skating gets refined a bit more because he’s got a pretty good broad stroke, but if he learned to grab tighter, and lift that back foot on pornstars up just a tad I think more people would agree, this kid needs to be flow or something.

  • Class Act

    “What’s more impressive is how humble he is.”

    *Gives finger to camera*