Originals, Part V: Montre Livingston

Originals, Part V: Montre Livingston

Create Originals presents an online team video series, Originals. The fifth edition in the series showcases Create pro team rider Montre Livingston, who is from the city of Charlotte North Carolina. Filmed during the Fall of 2013 in Boston MA & Charlotte NC.

Part IV: Alex Broskow, Part III: Austin Paz, Part II: John Bolino, Part I: Sean Kelso | Visit Createoriginals.com.

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  • Anonymous

    assuming this is kelso and broskow and homies filming. they portray his skating so much better then when erod or whatever his name is films montre. that sort of goes for anyone. i just think this was really good filming.. and really good editing. didn’t like the song but that doesn’t really matter,

    this was fucking incredible. loved it.

  • Anonymous

    Part 2 of that was pure fire, end reaction by that lady was priceless

  • shithead

    i wonder what his butthole tastes like

  • Anonymous

    SO is this the edit that you robbed all of Kenny’s footage for? Arseholes.

  • Anonymous

    Progressive, modern and beautifully controlled skating. Bravo

  • Alex b.

    ^^^^ yeah bitch I took that shit what u gonna do , trick valo life , get at me , rooooof top Cuhhh

  • BallsDeep

    The reaction of the two birds at the end was great! To be fair it was a sick soyal, you don’t have to skate to know that!

  • baf


  • Martin

    WTF !!!! WOW !!!!

  • Anonymous

    that 540 over big stair set starts the section for me as I would expect Livingston’s section

  • Anonymous

    Montre – Eisler – Franky – Broskow

    Skaters of the year – take a bow.

  • Anonymous

    The ending clip is priceless! Really sick edit from a legend!

  • Owl

    great fuck ssm :)

  • Anonymous


  • Minnesota Nice

    Fucking incredible. Loved the music, editing, filming, tricks, and his positive vibes. Montre is essential to rollerblading.

  • MARC

    Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Solidifying that certain position in the hall of fame. Fucking legend, and future legend.

  • Anonymous

    who the hell does switch true wallrides

  • lol

    sweet edit, any info on the crs frames?!?!?

  • createoriginals

    sorry kenny please dont beat my ass i love you

  • Jay

    man they should have just dropped this tomorrow then he could’ve started the year by shittin on everyone

  • Jason

    phenomenal. great response by the lady at the end too!

  • baf

    tracks pleaase!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • rollernews hater

    nice,hella movtovating! cant ask for more! in my opinion i would have left the gay song to aragon! kendrick lamar=most over rated rapper of all time!

  • STFU

    to Rollernews hater. You obviously don’t know shit about lyrics or rhyme patterns if you think that King Kendrick is overrated! Why don’t you get in your pj’s and cry your wanna be hip hop knownin ass back to sleep with Drake you fag! And Montre good shit as always, nice way to end the year!

  • Anonymous

    16×9 b-roll fucking way to jarring

  • Anonymous

    Montre !!!!!!!!!!

  • NO

    That illusion zero handplant fakie rocket 3….? Was fuckin amazing.

  • avlxsjadohomiedood

    this was sick yo! got me stoked for this year. rad shit maaaaang

  • SA Blade

    God damn he is so good. Man amongst boys

  • rollernews hater

    i do read what he raps about…still worst overrated raper out to date!

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Iowa blader

    Thank you Montre…… Thank you for keeping rollerblading gangster. Illest section I’ve seen online. Simply fucking GANGSTER

  • Mike

    skating was so sick, as always from Montre.

    I hate to be that guy, but that music almost made it unwatchable for me.

    but Montre is a beast. good shit