Originals, Part IV: Alex Broskow (2013)

2013 Repost.

Originals, Part IV: Alex Broskow

Create Originals presents an online team video series, Originals. The fourth chapter highlights Create pro team rider Alex Broskow, who resides in Kansas City Missouri. Filmed in Boston & Kansas City.

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Part I: Sean Kelso, Part II: John Bolino, Part III: Austin Paz, Part IV: Alex Broskow, Part V: Montre Livingston | Visit Createoriginals.com.

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  • Anonymous

    that disaster mute back roy the double set, ridiculous! eat that shit trolling fucks!

  • Anonymous

    everything in that edit was amazing. the weakest trick was a backslide on a drop rail. some of these comments are so blind. that half cab roll the kink ledge to gap to fakie 180 to forward was boss

  • Anonymous

    that was beautiful to watch. perfect execution of every trick. total mastery.

  • Anonymous

    Lol…how much does CO and Valo pay these trolls to come in here and suck Broskows dick? Tell Broskow to grow a pair of balls and go wipe Nils ass since he shits all over Broskow.

    Still laughing at the tippity tap summary of clips. So accurate, hilarious.

  • lol

    For those who don’t want to waste time watching this shit, let me summarize the clips….tippity tap…..tap tap….5 stair “hammer” gap…tippity tippity tap, toe roll, tap tap tap , hair flip, ankle high rail tap to dead arm hair flip… Flip middle finger at camera…..friends wearing tight pants and pirate hats suck his dick…


  • Razors Rider

    bahaha it must suck if you ride Valo and have to support this joker. He couldn’t make Razors AM team. Abrate destroys this hair flipping douche.

  • El chavo

    Get out with that haircut, straight shifty stale airs, and fakie fives of curbs

  • Julian F

    That last trick.

  • Anonymous

    If I could get rid of any website in the world, it would be rollernews. It is really disgusting to come on here and read the comments.

  • all time GGG

    Basically Broskow has done every trick “these tip tap” haters are wanting to see. From huge kinks to HUGE gaps, he has successfully done them. Its probably a lot easier for him to do that shit again than anything he did in this edit. What do these haters want? To see the same shit over and over and over. So many people can do huge kinks rails and huge gaps. Why? Because it doesn’t take much skill at all, but I only know one person who can do the tricks done in this edit and that is AB. Im not gay so I could give a fuck how he looks or dresses. But I am a fan of skill and I know that most of these tricks took more balls than the ones these haters be suckin. He is a seasoned vet as mentioned early and no longer needs to prove himself with stone age tricks. this edit officially evolved skating into a charizard

  • all time GGG

    for the record, abrate is excellent at big air tricks and I personally find that somewhat boring and repetitive. With that said, abrate is still amazing and should be praised for his hard work just like AB. Any genuine roller knows quality skating even if its not their style. Why bother hating on any skater if they are into the same hobby as you?

  • Whatttt

    Nice edit , always a pleasure to see how easy you make it all look,

    Was it me or wer theses v13 a dark green color ,,,

    Ab pro v13?

  • Anonymous

    That was filmed in only a week. Wow!

  • Vetty

    For all those unfamiliar with what he did as a teenager and why he doesn’t need to go big because he already went the biggest, what this:


    ALSO, 112 comments before finally someone mentions the green skates – right on! Anyone remember the old green Roces Majestics with the low cuffs in the 90’s? 15 years later and green Maj’s are back in season. Wow!

  • Anonymous

    These dark green skates are beautiful, back in the day, JJ influence…
    We want them Mr Julio !!!

  • Tien

    all you bitch ass annon posting disrespectful chumps need to learn respect…

  • Anonymous

    I guess Valo probably does pay trolls to come in here and suck his dick. Fanboys. They are always the first to criticize skaters like Abrate but then always admit Broskow used to do similar tricks. He can’t anymore, cause he’s old, so he taps curbs. The Fanboys try to act like tapping curbs is something special, when we all know its gay. Talk about boring. This clown does the same small tricks every edit. Now he’s added a hair flip to his phony dead arm landings.

  • LDM

    All the angry haters, maybe you’re pissed of because AB tippity tap your mothers! he? I would recommended go to the psychoanalyst and work through it with him.

  • Anonymous

    Dead arms to hair flip. Does that qualify as a new trick?

  • Anonymous

    Best of Alex Broskow came a bit too soon.

  • Soulja boy

    Dear Rollernews, can you keep this post at the top of the first page so that we are reminded what skating is. Thanks

    Yours truly,
    SOulja boy tell’em

  • Anonymous

    I guess i’m getting old (26) I just don’t understand this new generation of blading. Great to see Broskow still skating but I guess i’m just nostalgic for the old “stunt generation” of skating that I grew up with

  • Posers don’t know whats hard

    The best thing about these comments is the haters who clearly can’t do the most basic tricks so they think drop rails are hard. Funny cause drop rails only take balls if you are too pussy to do them. It’s always the worst bladers who talk the most shit, just like how the worst skateboarders talk the most shit.

    Its very simple. The more you suck the more you talk shit whether you are a blader or boarder. The common denominator is they’re all posers. Yup thats right we know all you haters are trolls and or posers.


    Agree with the above comment. Rollerblading ruled when skaters did riskier tricks. This new generation is more worried about getting the hair messed up and their pants scuffed. They have turned aggressive rollerblading into figure skating.

    As soon as you start skating small obstacles and place style and control ahead of risk and athleticism, you lose a generation of kids who gravitate to riskier sports like bike, skateboard and scooters. Hate to say it but France has figured out the right way to build rollerblading back up again.

    Go big or go home.

  • Anonymous

    Valo teaches the Fanboys to run into forums like this and drool over anything Broskow does, call anyone “haters” if they don’t like Broskow, and shout “bad style” for any edits by Abrate, Cudot, Nils etc……the guys who will take money out of America, even though they are clearly superior skaters.

    It’s all about the money. Valo has to defend Broskow, he’s their top rider, so they preach style and control and tippity tap skating. You won’t find that shit with USD or Razors or Remz. They have pros who still do big tricks and have a pair of big brass balls.

  • Blader Power !

    ^ lol at the above hater… you don’t have throw yourself down a flight of steps to do a “BIG” trick of do a figure skating or gymnastics style air to go “BIG” …

    just watch CJ vs Roman in blade and you can see who has more skills.

    AB would prob rape CJ in a game of blade… so there you have it !!!

    AB > All fuck the haters

  • Anonymous

    Go big or home and drink a Mountain Dew while you are at it!!!. Yeah bruh!

  • Anonymous

    Fanboys. Gotta love em. They all have pieces of .broskows dick stuck in their throats.

  • Anonymous

    Are those Roces?!?! Pretty cool he made an OG edit with OG skates