Originals, Part III: Austin Paz

Originals, Part III: Austin Paz

Create Originals presents an online team video series, “Originals”.

The third installment, Part 3, features Create am team rider Austin Paz, hailing from New York Citys’ Staten Island. Filmed in New York & Arizona.

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35 Responses to “Originals, Part III: Austin Paz”

  1. howey Says:

    not even that good

  2. nnnnnn Says:

    austin paz is great. so stylish

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Thats how its done.

  4. soul2roll Says:

    Amazin! Makes everything look so good! Loved the last trick!

  5. Rolling since 1864 Says:

    That was shit!!…where were the hurricane top souls…Sorry #That was the shit……. Such a talent on and off skates. we need more guys like him in the industry..

  6. wow Says:

    I’ve often wondered why Austin hasn’t advanced past am. His style is unbelievable and he’s had a few epic video sections as well. Imagine, if he was pro, he could have entered WRS Uploaded.

  7. Psouk Says:

    nice edit! style, spots and tricks were perfect

  8. Anonymous Says:

    wat’the music?

  9. saa Says:

    he is actually not that bad of a drummer. For the amount of time he’s been playing.

    Would like to jam out with that guy.

  10. Orsteezy Says:

    That was the tits PZA!!! Proud of you young OG…

  11. Hoax34 Says:

    Think thats some of the best skating I’ve seen him do. Some of those switche ups were nuts. More Originals please…

  12. Diaz Says:

    Some people like PAZ just have style coming out of nowhere, and I mean it positively. This guy has done nearly every existing trick or switch-up, spin grinds, weird grinds (top pornstar on the bottom of the skate for miles..) and always with STYLE. I am happy to see he didn’t prostitute his clothing as well.

    I don’t know how old he is but he still keeps to amaze me, I wish more people could do the same in inline skating !

    Great edit !

  13. aenimadoll Says:

    Great! New style much better then ever!

  14. Joey Says:

    Great Skating + Great Drumming = Austin Paz!!!

  15. Rewind Says:

    finally – some progressive skating from austin paz. last time i saw any progression was in his bunique days.. keep it up brother. getting into your flow now

  16. John Gleeson Says:

    I enjoyed it unlike that John Paul one. This one, you see a guy that rolls and has a real vibe. His tricks are top notch, he has the finesse gained from years of actual skating. Unfortunately, he has no mohawk mullet with dirty as shit fucken rat tails, so we may not get to see him in Pariah wearing some gy as fuck vests!

  17. Anonymous Says:

    what the fuck… how was that so awesome. ender was perfect. thanks guys. this was great.

  18. Adrian Scoseria Says:

    Good shit man! Valo for life!

  19. DJ WREKSHOP Says:

    Austin Paz is so damn good. Perfect style as always. Great edit, thanks!

  20. forward Says:

    stay in arizona, new york needs help…you can see the difference…

  21. oscar Says:

    very good ! original indeed

  22. danny Says:

    style for days !!!!

  23. Sholto Says:

    This is what skating’s all about! Amazing!! Reminds me a bit of Walt Austin too.

  24. Spasibo Says:

    Thank you Austin for amazing skating!

  25. Anonymous Says:

    truespin top porn everywhere, every foot.. great job there.

  26. Marsel Says:

    Dude still has some of the cleanest style in the game after all these years!!!! Give the man a pro skate already. He has been killing it for way too long now.

  27. kboos Says:

    such a unique style, really loved that edit, reminds me of stylish skaters from back in the day. much love !

  28. hey create Says:

    give that man a pro frame

  29. meat head Says:

    that was so good! props to austin

  30. Vetty Says:

    So cool with the soundtrack too!

  31. Zack D Says:

    Should be pro. Nuff said.

  32. TheTruth Says:

    Mah boi PAZ the MANZ! Always keepin shit real and legit!!!!

  33. Derek C Says:

    I’ve had the pleasure of blading with this kat for a long time..never misses a step, always puts 1000% into his blading and everything else he puts his mind to.

  34. Anonymous Says:

    So smooooth & stylish !
    I love !!

  35. 456 Says:

    yeah thats was the best edit i saw from him!