One Minute with Brandon Nguyen (15) by Mike Gags

Brandon Nguyen

Brandon Nguyen has been killing it lately and I have been fortunate enough to shoot some of it. Enjoy this quick First and Lexington Minute.

Song: Chip Tha Ripper, I Cant Wait (freestyle).

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19 Responses to “One Minute with Brandon Nguyen (15) by Mike Gags”

  1. tom Says:

    sweet! lexington, ky?

  2. Anonymous Says:

    where’s your reed huston razors ? THIS kid has style and tricks get him

  3. Aric Leach Says:

    Spins one way, even in the streets he skates park obstacles, weak style and cant hardspin

  4. Wolfgang Says:

    very nice, big talent !!! nice edit too!

  5. Anonymous Says:

    hes 15 man, dont fucking hate on him.

  6. DanRuyf Says:

    Big props from dj dolphin and mix master mulletar!! you keeel that shit! love the fishbrain on that curved rail. we might hafta skate in the snow wednesday. jk

  7. pork Says:

    i really REALLY want to true mistral that curved rail, you lucky mo fo

  8. Jorge Says:

    This edit was siiiiickkkk! This kids got plenty of potential for a 15 year old! Hope to see him kill shit at some contests!

  9. Street slop Says:

    Anyone else notice that either the kind grind or the sweat stance was switch? Nice edit

  10. moonman Says:

    NAME OF SONG!!! sick shit kid u look like the type that would like nyc street

  11. WTF ! Says:

    I guess he is an gay fan of aragon ….

  12. justinthursday Says:

    So awesome, Brandon!

  13. big nutz Says:

    man this kids better at park and street then all of you. and his dick is prolly bigger

  14. First and Lexington Says:

    WTF ! Is clearly a “gay” fan of grammar? Hater’s gonna hate…let them eat cake. Brandon, nice work homie, well earned team spot.

  15. MF Says:

    this kid is pretty damn good. i’m impressed

  16. sweeeet peter Says:

    dang. 15 and obviously has awesome style and is smart enough to wear a helmet all ready.

    keep it up dood and make sure your learning how to just rollerblade good. not just tricks. your fakies don’t look too comfortable (thats just from this video) just keep it up man. i liked your skating

  17. filip Says:

    fucking sick! 360 makio was so laced. and to the dudes hating, can you switch tru topacid any obstacle? didnt think so

  18. Chance Bentley Says:

    My lil nigga Brandon is a beast!!! True mok., True aicd, and 3 mok. were super ill!!

  19. Anonymous Says:

    way to go brandon awsome job!