ONE Magazine, Issue #2 : Preview

fabiola da silva dominic sagona

Content : Takeshi Yasutoko, Fabiola da Silva, Sven Boekhorst, Ayumi Kawasaki, Jaren Grob, Patrick Zimmermann and more !

alex broskow

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21 Responses to “ONE Magazine, Issue #2 : Preview”

  1. nick Says:

    the first one was dam good. i can’t wait to get the second

  2. corsica Says:

    how can we get it in France ?!!!!

  3. john Says:

    international subscribsion ? i just bought mine :):)

  4. baron de la villette Says:

    does anyone have any news about a french mag?

  5. satan Says:

    man, this guys have some great photographers. international subscription is sounding good.

  6. Basza Says:

    first issue is a blast, cant wait for the next one!!

  7. tibo Says:

    baron de la villette, pourquoi ne pas en créer un nouvo ???

  8. tibo Says:

    Avec tes talents de styliste et mes images…

  9. wei Says:

    nice pics

  10. ian Says:

    this one’s not free (no pun intended)
    how much does it cost?

    i had paid up a full year subscription to daily bread but they went out of business so i guess they are going to keep my money…. :(

  11. matt Says:

    yea i had just paid a subscription to daily bread and then went out of business too. damn communist bastards

  12. koubis Says:

    matt : same here, i had a daily bread subscription too :/

    To Justin E. : i’m still waiting my One Issue! o_O’ errr

  13. qcsky Says:

    same here, DB took my money too.

    FYI, ONE is amazing

  14. tttt44432 Says:

    “Content:” “Jaren Grob”

    wonder what’s going on with him.

  15. Roller1 Says:

    we need more rollin mags in the us!!!!

  16. Roussel Says:

    man, DB stole my money too! i never even got one issue.

  17. allforONE Says:

    “Content : Takeshi Yasutoko, Fabiola da Silva, Sven Boekhorst, Ayumi Kawasaki, Jaren Grob, Patrick Zimmermann and more !”

    That’s not a list of people in the magazine – just the results from the San Diego ASA Vert Contest.

    Thanks to everyone for the support!

  18. marshall Says:

    I haven’t even finished reading the first yet. it’s awesome, I got it free at the hoedown. Yeah, DB took my money as well. oh well, it’s going to the industry…

  19. marshall Says:

    jaren grob was @ the hoedown. He did this sick gap from the vert ramp over the railing and a huge drop onto a quarter pipe. I don’t think many people saw it b/c they were watching the rail/death ledge section.

  20. oneone1onezero0 Says:

    Dude, where do you get the first issue?

  21. Cody Says:

    i got the first one at the hoedown
    second one is gonna be sick