One Day Berlin with Richie Eisler and Dominik Wagner by Karsten Boysen

One Day Berlin with Richie Eisler and Dominik Wagner by Karsten Boysen

An october day in Berlin while the traveller Richie Eisler was visiting Dominik Wagner.

Stoked about this new camera I recently got I spontaniously decided to meet up and blade/film for a day.

Well this is the result! Check some photos of this day.

Bonus: Karsten Boysen, 2012 Reel

Song: Ou est le swimming pool – Dance the way I feel.

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  • fkldglkj

    fuckkkiiinn great

  • Jason

    awesome.just wish it was longer!

  • damn

    yeah that was sick. I truly can’t get enough of Richie’s skating.

  • kaltik-con

    dope edit ! steez : )

  • Anonymous

    Richie just seems to be getting better and better. So good. Could watch him skate all day!

  • BCN Rollers

    we can’t get tired of Richie’s skating…

  • anthony rowe

    Wow!! Awesome stuff all around! Loved the skatin and how this was put together.

  • Dis Dick

    This was nice to see because Berlin has the worst skate spots and scene of any city I’ve ever lived in.

  • Anonymous

    Doesn’t this belong to Blading info?

  • Anonymous

    fuck that last spot with the rail on the marble looked amazing. awesome tricks

    hearts and stuff

  • szymon034

    richie is so fucking awesome skater.

  • Bean

    that was a great edit

  • Anonymous

    Good to see footage of Dom . He fucking rips

  • Dale

    Tame Impala is my shizniz

  • Rewind

    Beautifully shot and cut

  • 2R

    fucking sick!

    comment too short etc…

  • Anonymous

    I’m with Rewind. This edit was well done.

  • Anonymous

    both dudes are really great! always worth seeing stuff from either of them!

  • jake bennet

    sick! filmed so well too.