Ollie Czaja: Lost Clips (2015) Edit

Ollie Czaja: Lost Clips (2015)

Here’s a collection of lost clips from my travels over the past couple of years. From a holiday in Brazil to doing shows in China to kickin it with the boys in Australia, here are some clips I thought would never see the light of day, so I thought i would throw it all together. – Ollie Czaja.

Photos: Instagram.

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  • Matt Caratelli

    Style lord.
    Ollie always killing it in a unique way

  • Lui Burke

    Now this made me hard

  • risha198999

    Style is good! Loved this edit. TTP Full cab out looked sick. spins for days.

  • jesus

    anybody else think this was kid rock just based on that pic?

  • Roberts Pundurs

    At last someone with good style, baggy pants, hip-hop and full bag of tricks! Loved every trick!!!