Oli Benet: RIOT Dvd Profile


Thanks Oli Benet.

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  • slayer696

    thats a nice profile!

  • nononono

    Dont ever come back to england

  • Smashing Dumplings

    He does have a lot of skills on skates thats for sure, but it is hard for tall guys like him and myself to look stylish on skates.

  • mr M

    when was this edit filmed where r the carbons at

  • seamus

    that was so SO ………..so boring………….and ur english

  • Johnny_

    100% Grind session… pas mal mais il pourrait fair quelque chose diferent apart de glisser.
    Saludos Oriol!

  • firth

    i liked it! some very hard tricks in there. good stuff

  • charles

    “Impose ton style !!! rien d’autre a dire pure balance sur les rail !!! Master on rails, nothing else to say !!!

  • DarthRoller

    Oli’s clearly skilled.

    Great balance for a tall fella as well.

    Personal taste: not a fan of long intros, not a fan of grind-only edits and not a fan of not being able to see what trick is occuring (especially if it’s the last “killer” trick of an edit).

    That’s purely constructive criticism, no hate.

    Very solid.

  • jim

    song was sick! love how it kicks about half way in

  • Thomas

    Some nice tricks, but it’s too long in my opinion
    I don’t use to like over edited profiles but this one goes really well with the music.
    Not bad overall.

  • Tek

    I agree with Darth Roller. night skating more often than not is not nice when filmed. This might be because it is dark and you can’t see a f**king thing!
    Other than that pretty good, his shifty section was better.