Oli Benet, Kenneth Dedeu & Alex Rahali: Powerblading Powergrind session + Kizer Level 2 Frames

Oli Benet, Kenneth Dedeu & Alex Rahali at the 3.0 skatepark (Barcelona, Spain). Testing the Kizer Level 2 frames.

Kizer Level 2 Frames

Kizer Level 2 Frames

Why you should be hyped about Level 2 frames.
Kizer Level 2 articles on Powerblading.org & Zecoprzepraszam.

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  • Anonymous

    These frames bring nothing to our sport.

  • Anonymous

    Now we can roll around and then grind WOW!!! O wait….. thats what we do anyway yeah they bring nothing.

  • Anonymous

    Stop showing us pics of these new fucking that xsjado’s that should of been out by now. And yes those frames are eh.

  • BackinthedaywhenIwasateenager

    Lovin the oldschool USD YEAH!!

  • er

    i don’t get it!! powerblades @ a skate park? kinda defeats the purpose of having biger wheels

  • Anonymous

    LOL it’s all come full circle. Chris Edwards has to be like “wait wtf are we doing this shit again for”

  • yep


  • Anonymous

    why do people keep talking about “defeating the purpose” Is grinding the purpose for putting wheels on your feet to move around? Purpose is relative.

  • dougie Fresh

    Yeah lets wear rec frames at a skate park and pull off mediocre grinds. Aren’t these frame supposed to enhance blading, not hinder it?

  • lame

    These posers get to buzz around on recre frames while the rest of the industry waits to use the 2.0’s for what they were actually intended for…everything in this industry gets done fucking ass backwards.

    I’ve lost all interest in the 2.0’s, its too little too late, they can keep them. Most xsjado supporters I know have gone off and are now skating other brands.

  • Horst

    Just give me the 2.0 baseplate you can keep all the other pointless shit.

    Btw as long as your slapping some rec frames with 72mm+++ wheels on a aggressive boot with normal souls your looking silly how hard can it be to mount the frame in a premade 10mm slot and your not standing on stilts while having the same wheel size, man sometime i hate how ghetto blading is.

  • Schwuler Seehund

    now that was gay … fjlasjfölsadjfösdajfölsdajfölsdajfölsdajfölsdjkfösdaljfölasdjfö

  • Anonymous

    Looks like an agressive skate frame from back in the days..
    Maybe good if you put 56mm wheels in there and if you don’t like the huuuuuuuuuge space inbetween the mid wheels on all the new school frames :)

  • Anonymous

    But guise with these frames you can be as cool as Oli Benet…. >herp<

  • Kenneth Dedeu

    Funny to see this edit on rollernews! It was a chill session, actually it was the second time I used the level 2 so just wanted to check how comfortable the frames felt on grinds, trying to get used to them but definitely not ready to film an edit! hahah trust me this frames will take the inline industry by storm, skate 76mm brings much more freedom skating in the city, not only speed and when you get used to them you can basically do any grind same as with regular 55mm wheels, so only advantages, it’s not about powerblading vs aggressive skating anymore… wait until they drop and you will see ;)

  • assblood

    fuck yeah for psirus!

  • Haters gonna hate

    why is this on the frontpage?
    cause they skating a skatepark with big wheels in a frame that’s made for it??

  • Anonymous

    Powerblading is a great fun for getting around, but I hate this kind of crap. If you want to skate really fast and still do grinds without hassle just get Kaltik flat frames, simple as.

  • Anonymous

    The only good thing in this edit is the USD Psirus

  • Anonymous

    So fuckin gay. i hate the confrence, stop wasting time with bullshit doops and “level 2 frames” so stupid. all they care about is money! im so sick of it! you guys need to eat shit and die

  • Anonymous

    I’ve lost all interest in the 2.0?s, its too little too late, they can keep them. Most xsjado supporters I know have gone off and are now skating other brands !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • There’s some shooters n this hoe

    I think these are what the 1st powerblading frame shoulda been.

  • jlunger

    The Powerblading frames are a tool to make your normal frames easier and make your skating more fluent at higher speeds. I know its extremely hard to watch a park edit like this but just because it doesn’t look great that doesn’t mean that they are not making you a better roller.

  • jman

    joey L youve got it twisted, these frames are a tool for groms to learn how to royal correctly before skating for real again #trollcity

  • Ross

    actually went on a pair of “Powerblades” the other day and i really enjoyed it felt like when i first started skating just rolling around forever, getting high speeds up. but i must admit i can’t see myself using them at skateparks but fairplay to anyone who can grind in them Hblock tricks seem really hard. but i wouldn’t mind a pair to go skating around town up and down the seafront etc.

  • Ralphie

    Be smart kids, use your recreational frames to cruise around town then use your real frames to get down on some dirty tricks. Otherwise you might twist or snap your ankles trying to be “different”.

    We progressed to lower frame size and small wheels because of the stability and technical merit of it. That’s why you NEVER see big street gaps done in “powerblade” edits. This edit here is more similar to skating an old school tiny banana board at a skatepark instead of a regular board.

  • Bogdan Nitulescu

    Psyrus in this clip :D skates…

  • Anonymous

    Fuck powerblading. Drop the 2.0’s. And Matthias and Oli wonder why everyone hates them.

  • Gaggio

    I struggle to understand the advantage of this Powerblading…..Kaltik is yet the best aggressive frame to combine aggressive skating and 8 wheels speed skating

  • Mitch

    A business caring about money??? How dare they!!!

    Must suck catering a business to an industry full of fuck wit dumb shit teenagers and idiot kids. Rollernews is testimate to how shitty this industry is, and how shitty and self entitled the kids involved with it are. No wonder so many people have left blading jaded.

  • Cint

    Mmmm let’s wear giant wheels so it takes about 80% of our grinding away.
    What a good idea!
    Hype vs function. Sadly hype wins most of the time.

    Also, the song in that edit was terrible. Get with it.

  • Anonymous

    the only people w/ anything negative to say have either never skated the set up or are worried about “looking stupid” and therefore not progressive and broadening their skating ability.

  • Anonymous

    67mm is the sweet spot faggots and blank frames already do 65

    pointless and downright dangerous for newcomers in traffic with out a brake i hope you;’re not marketing this as transportation for new comers

  • Anonymous

    guize i am new roller blader and I haz powerblades… and guess what ??? I can roller blade faster than skateboards… /ultra cool story bro


  • flowskate


    Jesus..So many ill informed comments here.

    Quick question for all you haters.

    Have you ever tried freeskating?? Have you even actually donned a pair of skates with soul plates and big wheels and had a session?
    Your first and foremost missing the point that skating is actually supposed to be fun?!

    Also, saying these frames (or frames of this nature) bring nothing to the sport is really retarded..You can skate surfaces that were previously unskateable….Go way higher and bigger and have so much more control over turning circles and carving.

    No..i think you will find that skating is all merging together and in 3 years time when your all on hybrid frames that have larger wheels with profiles and h blocks you will forget about your foolish little comments.

    I mean..in all honesty when man created the wheel they made it flat at first, then the put a profile on it?


  • flowskate

    “Anonymous Says:
    October 23rd, 2012 at 5:19 am

    67mm is the sweet spot faggots and blank frames already do 65

    pointless and downright dangerous for newcomers in traffic with out a brake i hope you;’re not marketing this as transportation for new comers”


    Are you kidding me?? Listen friend i have been a skate instructor for 7 years now (www.flowskate.co.uk) and to make such comments like that is laughable. Where did anyone say these frames were being marketed towards newcomers first of all???
    All the riders in this edit are CLEARLY not newcomers to the sport right?


  • yo

    fact of the matter is Powerblades is nothing new it hasn’t brought new grinds to the game, infact everything i see people do in powerblades have been done on normal blades. truth is old skool people got bored and wanted to feel like they were young again when they first started skating so REinvented the frames that we all started on eh!

  • Horst

    You can retell the marketing shit over and over but it wont make it true…
    I have yet to see a powerblading edit that shows ppl doing shit that couldn’t have been done on any one pair of Skates.

    Besides Wheels have gotten to a point where its ridiculous to think a 72+mm wheel of such shitty quality will even remotely survive a street session toss me that frame and i have the wheels flat and decored within 2H.

    Hyper fatboys turned to shit within 1 session and so will those wheels simply because they are to big to handle real street skating.
    Fuck even Cozmo ramp/hockey 72mm´s did…

  • Anonymous

    1980s called… they want their skates back.
    i dont get it… this is for people who roll around everywhere? but then do some limited skate tricks when they get to a spot?
    i dont see this going anywhere at all.

  • Anonymous

    How stupid are people. Why the shitzu will a wheel over 72mm explode? Are you some kind of mad scientist? No sense at all, there are many strong
    80mm wheels out there. Skating is fun, shame so many of you don’t understand that.


    let me just bring fourth the must obvious point. no one needs them.

    no one is going to be at a skill level to need the features they offer.

    i have seen all the best fastest skating pros use these things in edits, and no one is is taking any mach3 turns, or hauling ass to a grind any faster than they do on current frames. in fact i have never been out skating where i was hindered because my frame-wheel combo did not let me turn tight enough or go fast enough.


    Its just like we fucking get it dude! You can do grinds with these big wheelers!!cooool brrrrraaa!! I can do the same shit only easier and looks better. You know what I be dammed if i is to say I skate just as fast too!

  • Shawn R

    i ride Valo lights, blank frames, 64 mm wheels + swiss lab. (way better build then eulogies or street artist or wtv) + anti rockers and i can do everything i could do with 57mms and any other frame.

    My skating has grown in the last 3 weeks since i got the blanks and the bigger wheels. I approach anything way smoother and faster. I can skate over new terrain and new obstacles (i skated a rock bank to rail spot for the first time)

    my grinds and switched ups r the same, my style has only improved since and i look and feel confident and the speeds im skating

    in my opinion this was super gay, but so is the noobs at the park who r tripping/jogging over there worn down 52 mm wheels and doodoo shit bearings

    what this industry needs is better taste makers. I saw the usd lineup for 2013 and laughed so hard.

    why cant u ppl think logically and make happy mediums. like “lets have super bright faggot rainbow colors”, then, lets have boring, unappealing neutrals

    here usd and other brands. uniform colors are in. jet black, all white, all charcoal,etc.. not cheap prints that wear off after one or two missed tricks
    u might as well put a flame on the cuff and make it a hotweels or my little pony edition

    or lets go from 52mm freestyle to 68+mm flat.

    of course your gunna look like a douche if u were lacing switchups and u can back royal no more. but your wheels are bigger and fucking faggot yellow


    make powerblading news for lame shit like this.

  • Shawn R

    i hate to be so negative when it comes to my passion, but damn its necessary

  • Micth



  • yo

    the future is here. hopefully people continue to keep making bigger wheel grindable set ups. skaters will go bigger and roller better!

  • yo

    bigger frames wheels and salomon wide body style plate? might work to bring the frame height down and make cess slides super easy

  • Goodmang

    So people spend years creating the perfect frame for aggressive rollerblading…….

    ….then you turn back time 15years and bring out a frame I could get at Argos/Walmart for £5/$8.

    And then to put even more shit in my mouth you want me to pay £40+/$60+ so I can have frames that dont have a h-block?

    Good one Oli Benet you fu*king munter!

  • Goodmang

    PS your still absolutely appalling at rollerblading 15years on from where you started.

    Are you ever going to get a good trick on film Oli?

    Still have no sense of style and have the imagination to think you are a professional DJ and also rollerblader?

    Have you been taking LSD for the past 12 years or something?