Oli Benet: 13 Years of Aggression

oli benet

quoting Oli Benet:

I wanted to film a complete profile and so I started with the smaller maneuvers, intending to compliment the profile with a few hammers to finish it off. I wanted to have it completed by the end of September.

However, I tore my ankle on a stupid warm-up trick and 3 weeks later it still hurts even to walk on.

I will be going on tour to Singapore at the end of October with X-mini and I want to be 100% for that, so I decided to put out what I had done and will start filming again as soon as I get back – shoulders and ankles willing.

I want to give a shout out to all my Conference family at Conference & also to Inercia, X-mini and a big thanks to Tony Cheetah for being Barcelona’s favourite cameraman – skater – editor and for going out of his way to film and edit this.


Oh and the title! I have been skating freestyle, aggressive stunt (or whatever you want to call it) skating for about 13-14 years, and picked up my first skates at the age of 8, making it a whopping total of 20 years on skates ; thought it might fit as a title for this ‘lil edit.

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  • Biz

    Oli is so dope its ridiculous

  • Rhianna

    haha whattt that was so bad?!? Oli benet has the worsstttttt style, its actually cringe-worthy to watch him skate.

    the only reason its even on front page is because hes conference manager or whatever.

    the skating was poor for 20+years skating.

    swear steve bass could do a better section.

  • oskars

    pleasure! good job oli! :)

  • Self involved much?

    Edit = pretty cool little section. Blurb in the description and shots of you talking to camera = epic fail.

    Not coming over well here…

  • Chris R

    feelin it for sure. full tts was sooo easy. always tight to see what mofos who’ve been doin it for a loooong ass time are droppin.

  • niqo

    Name of the song plz!!!????

  • hoax34

    Haha! Steve Bass Vs Oli Bennet?!? Thats a battle worth seeing…err, I think.

    Nice edit.

  • Oli benet

    I’m actually well shit at skating

  • Lee Doig is all about carbon 2’s

    that was pretty jokes you got my vote ;D


    @Rhianna – your a complete dick

    Olis been at it for years. Capital Rolla’s etc. He’s done more for the industry than you ever will. So shut the fuck up

  • Juan Mosqueda

    Oli is sick!!! thats really all there is to say..

  • Anonymous

    i notice rollernews post a lot of conference stuff but not really the other brands, probably because of banners ads i guess
    look at other brands they have so much shit out that rollernews misses, i think rn is falling off

  • the real truth

    That was really sick…keep it up oli

  • Dude

    Damn fucking haters that was sick! I would love to see haters skate at olis age and having a big carreer in blading…fucking suckers! Good Job oli!!!!

  • Anonymous

    that didnt make anyone happy. we wanted to see you throw yourself off a cliff WITHOUT A PARACHUTE!! nice try though

  • Aaron

    Oli has a lot of skill. His skating style isn’t the best, but i’ve never seen him perform a sloppy trick

  • Stu K

    I just want to throw this out there for the be mag crack…

    Oli> style than CK, in my opinion, would rather watch this section than CKs truth 2 one, the fact he doesn’t talk himself up or take it too serious makes it too, he’s just skating, not trying to waiter on tables at the same time

  • Anthony Maik

    quit hattin, i love to see shit like this i remember this guys section in the undercover promo video was the first real rollerblading i ever saw, Oli’s the fuckin man and xsjados fit his style so well, we need Og’s like Oli

    p.s. to all your little cyber bully bitches put your real name

  • wow

    Oli is not shit lol are u dumb? that was mainly chill stuff anyway.

  • Queer eye for the straight guy

    Dear Oli Benet,

    baggy jeans – eeeew too sloppy and sooooo 2001

    full beard/untrimmed stubble > trimmed up beard/goatee

    fohawk, mohawk = no.

    Hope that helpths, and you have a faaaaaaab daaaaaaay!

  • Ryan

    It’s a **fauxhawk^ btw.
    Oli, you’re certainly not bad, but I’ve been skating for two years, and could duplicate a VAST majority of the tricks seen here, no, I don’t want you to throw yourself off a cliff, but keep doing your manajurial things, noone wants to see this? lol & As far as watching this over CK’s section, ARE YOU JOKING RIGHT NOW? Nice A/O SOUL ZERO SPIN OFF A FOUR STAIR BRO. SICK TOP PORN HAMMER. Gtfo with that shit, let’s see tech, or kill yourself hammers, or shit that oozes style.

  • http://www.myspace.com/djwrekshopmusic www.myspace.com/djwrekshopmusic

    You kids on here criticizing are dumb as fuck. Ya’ll probably aint got but 2 years of skating under your belt and you are trying to give Oli advice. Eat a dick.
    Keep on killing it Oli!

  • http://www.olibenet.com Oli Benet

    Thanks doodz.

    Ryan I also could do more tricks 2 years after starting than I can now, you can check some of my older stuff theres a bunch of profiles out there.

    Thing is, 10 years later and 15,000 falls and 3 memory losses and 20 hospital visits influences you to tone down the risk a little, and I had planned some bigger stuff which I still intend to do. I still love skating and it’s fun to aim to produce an edit, it gives you some kind of focus, even if its just for yourself.

    Sadly at 29 years old I can’t see my style improving or my hammers getting bigger, haha, but I’m gonna keep on rolling.

    Anyway, gracias amigos.

    P.S. Ill see if Steve Bass is up for a joint profile.

  • Internet is fun.

    Why would you even justify the trolls by answering back on the internet?

    I really dont understand it. When someone is badmouthing a professional athlete or musician on some random website or forum, those professionals dont waste time in their lives to respond.

    This gives me the impression that the “industry” is tiny. The thought that on some lame website our Shop Owners and Team managers of some of the largest companies in the “industry” actually posts responses to childrens comments & critisism on the internet.

  • steve bass

    Yeeeah i’d love to do a joint profile Oli.

    I’ll do my infamous BASS-UE!!

  • Salt

    ugliest xsjado set up, white, black, green,
    and red do not blend. thats the only thing that i
    really did not enjoy about this edit. skating was alright.

  • wow

    @ internet is fun; I like it its good to talk to the actual people not like you can do that in pro sports.

  • Dude101

    @ Internet is fun

    wow get’s it man. The industry IS tiny dude… How have you not noticed that? There’s not too many of us these days so team riders care what other rollerbladers think, that’s what’s so fucking cool about it. If you want to be involved in a scene that does not give a shit about you, fuck off and buy a skateboard. Or better yet some golf clubs. Idiot.

  • nick davis

    Good to see you rolling brother! Wen kids get to our age they’ll either drop out but the ones that keep rolling will know its for da love. Keep it up oli peace.

  • TooCool

    Dude101 please proceed to place my nuts within your mouth under the twinkling stars tonight and always.

  • scorpion king

    How interesting. I typed it submitted my comment yet it’s not here.
    I’ll retry.
    Dear Oli. I feel for you. I’ve been skating aggressive for what 18 years now, so I understand your situation. I’ve always been to broke to go to the hospital and so my 33 dislocations in my arms and 2 dislocations in my knee just made me show my age. BTW I’m 32, definitely older than you. I still skate and yes I can do every single trick in this section. That being said Nice job.

    As far as my comments. I stated earlier that Tyler was on another level and someone said that You could beat him in tricks and styles. I disagree. Now I know that you feel pain when you jump, you probably hesitate doing anything that you know might be dangerous after hitting your head a few times, but even here you agree. I remember when you use to ride for Razor after you left RB and you were throwing down hammers on everything. This section had no hammers, but it did have 1 nice techy trick that reminded me of the old you. the grind up switch to grind down.

    BTW how old are you. 25-26 maybe. I started in my teens, 15.

  • http://www.olibenet.com Oli Benet

    I’m 29 in a month Scorpion King, and I appreciate your comment, thank you for your thoughts. I don’t doubt you can do all the tricks, even though I’m not sure who you are, there’s nothing groundbreaking here!

    Yes, “internet is fun”, the industry is small, and on top of that we are people that really do care about rolling and are passionate about the whole shabang, that’s why you tend to see us all on here, real name or not.

    Still gonna skate till i can’t skate no more, part of the reason I’m really getting into freeskating now too.

  • schtooves

    damn you kill shit oli! your gonna be 29 and you still skate amazing with your own great signature style.i enjoyed watching this and really hope to see more edits from you, but one thing…why no carbon II’s???? i wanna watch you put them to the test!

  • schtooves

    oh yeah and what camera you used?

  • wow

    I am only 24 so this makes me happy lol

  • Internet is fun.

    There is a 36 year old shredder skating flow for Remz who just put up an edit that is quite better than yours. Lets compare the age bracket across other extreme sports:

    Dave Mirra is 37
    Matt Hoffman is 33

    Tony Hawk is 43
    Bob Burnquist is 34

    I think age limitation doesnt apply to anyone, definitely not you at 29, so dont use it as an excuse or disclaimer for your skating dude.

  • Please Kill Yourself


  • hmm

    this guy is like the p diddy of rollerblading. always up in the videos looking like an ass with talented dudes all around him. cool you work for conference, sick that you still blade, but just dont film it

  • reality

    Internet is fun.

    Those guys you mentioned get paid millions to continue to destroy their bodys. Use your fucking head idiot. Go fuck yourself.

  • Anonymous

    who’s the man? she’s the man! you know i love ya ms. bennet!

  • http://www.myspace.com/antigravfusion nino

    Hey Great Oli
    its nice to have all stuff from history, im a 35 now..
    i was make few old school movies cause i m rolling 25 years now.
    i remember all great moments of this part of my life.

  • none of your bussiness

    Sick skating right there oli! And all these hates, ye, you may be older and better, but are you the famous one who’s been in loads of sections? No. If you’re that great then why arent you up there with oli? because youre probally just chatting shit on the internet. Still, who even gives a shit if your better, no one. Stop hating, this industry is never going to grow if your all the bitching like little girls, why the hate? We need to bring the lurve back to skatin ( :D ) ! tight skatin oli.

  • danbond

    Internet is fun:

    You are missing the point. You are comparing Oli with groudbreaking masters of their sports – Oli is not one of those.

    You are comparing him to millionaires who have their own practice facilities and most likely private healthcare and teams of people around them. Oli, as far as I know, does not.

    Like most of us who grew up around skating, he never became “the best” and took his falls which have taken a toll on his body. That can happen at 29 or, or at 18. Or, for some of people, never, and those people are very lucky.

    His skating is cool to watch, he has certain tricks beyond locked and he obviously has fun skating and is better at it than most.

    I enjoyed that oli.